Skybox - Studies show it is a leader

Overall Satisfaction with Skybox Security

Skybox Security is being evaluated to replace similar tools to manage, audit, and insert into change control for next-generation firewalls. We need a tool that works with next-gen firewalls which the current enterprise tool does not support.
  • Skybox manages compliance for firewalls better than we have seen with other tools.
  • Skybox integrates into standard change management tools so change control can flow through Skybox and assist with all decisions to implement a change.
  • The Skybox network map is more detailed than other management tools showing us paths other tools didn't find.
  • The management console could use work - move away from Java to HTML5 to something more lightweight
  • Dynamic objects are not properly identified in Skybox
  • Skybox is in pilot
  • Positive ROI is in change management
Skybox performs better than Tufin and RedSeal and while AlgoSec performs as well, it requires far more manual configuration and customization than Skybox.
I can't think where Skybox is not appropriate - maybe in smaller companies depending on fund availability. The developers are constantly improving and getting the system to where it needs to be for management of next-generation firewalls and audit support.