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FireMon is a real-time security policy management solution built for today’s complex multi-vendor, enterprise environments. Supporting the latest firewall and policy enforcement technologies spanning on-premises networks to the cloud, FireMon delivers visibility and control across…

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FireMon is a real-time security policy management solution built for today’s complex multi-vendor, enterprise environments. Supporting the latest firewall and policy enforcement technologies spanning on-premises networks to the cloud, FireMon delivers visibility and control across…

Cisco Secure Firewall Management Center

Cisco Secure Firewall Management Center (formerly Firepower Management Center) are a firewall policy and intrusion detection appliance management system, providing an administrative nerve center for managing critical Cisco network security solutions. It provides complete and unified…

Palo Alto Panorama

According to the information provided by the vendor, Palo Alto Panorama is a network security management solution that intends to simplify and enhance cybersecurity processes for businesses. The product's primary objective is to offer various features, including unified policy management,…

Skybox Security

Skybox Security offers vulnerability and threat management solutions.

ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer

ManageEngine offers Firewall Analyzer, a firewall security and policy management option supporting change and compliance of network security devices.

Tufin Orchestration Suite

Israeli company Tufin offers a firewall security management offering via the Tufin Orchestration Suite, including SecureApp for managing network connectivity, SecureChange network change automation, and SecureTrack multi-vendor and next-generation firewall management.

Titania Nipper

Nipper discovers vulnerabilities in firewalls, switches and routers, automatically prioritizing risks to an organization. Its virtual modelling is designed to reduce false positives and identify exact fixes to help users stay secure and compliant.Audits: Firewalls | Switches | Routers…

AWS Firewall Manager

AWS Firewall Manager is a security management service which allows users to centrally configure and manage firewall rules across accounts and applications in AWS Organization. As new applications are created, Firewall Manager brings new applications and resources into compliance…

Azure Firewall Manager

Azure Firewall Manager provides central network security policy and route management for globally distributed, software-defined perimeters. It offers centralized configuration and management of multiple Azure Firewall instances, across Azure regions and subscriptions.


AlgoSec, from the company of the same name in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey, is a firewall security management option. The service now includes the CMDB capabilities of Prevasio, which was acquired by AlgoSec.

Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Cisco Defense Orchestrator helps the user consistently manage policies across Cisco security products. It is a cloud-based application that cuts through complexity to save time and keep your organization protected against the latest threats.

ServiceNow IT Operations Management

Built on the Now Platform, the ServiceNow IT Operations Management bundle is designed to help users gain visibility across infrastructure and apps, maintain service health, and optimize cloud delivery and spend.

Check Point Quantum Smart-1 Security Management

Check Point offers security management architecture delivered from the Cloud designed to manage security across on-premise Firewalls, Networks, Cloud, Mobile and IoT. The Smart-1 security management solution is available in cloud and appliance-based editions.


FortiManager delivers unified management for consistent security across complex hybrid environments, providing protection against security threats. Key benefits include accelerated zero-touch provisioning with best-practice templates for deployment at scale of SD-WAN and streamlined…

Juniper Security Director

Security Director is a portal to SASE, bridging current security deployments with a future SASE rollout. Security Director enables organizations to manage security anywhere and everywhere, on-premise and in the cloud with unified policy management that follows users, devices, and…

Opinnate Network Security Policy Manager

Opinnate offers an automation technology that tackles policy management holistically. The Opinnate platform addresses security policy management, policy analysis, policy optimization and policy change operations, but also handles approval processes. Opinnate removes dependencies…

Learn More About Firewall Security Management Software

What is Firewall Security Management Software?

Firewall Security Management Software supports monitoring and configuration of firewalls from a central dashboard. The software may monitor firewalls, physical and virtual, as well as routers, load balancers, and switches. Through real-time event tracking the software can correlate network behavior to potential threats. Firewall security management software can send notifications if it detects changes to security policy or potential vulnerabilities created by policy change. Firewall security management software leverages best practice knowledge to minimize these security issues.

Any standalone or commercial firewall comes with some sort of management functionality. The scope and scale of the software’s management capabilities are what separate firewall security management apart as a distinct category. Firewall security management should be able to support more than a specific firewall product, and should generally support firewall technologies across multiple firewall vendors to be considered a real contender.

Firewall security management software centralizes the administration of many or all of a network’s security policies. This centralized management enables more comprehensive visibility into and control of what actions, traffic, and users are allowed to enter and navigate a network. This creates more airtight digital security at scale. Many of these products have also created automated workflows based on network conditions and triggers. This reduces the need for manual tracking and management of day-to-day activities.

Firewall Security and Network Policy Security Management

Firewall security management vendors have evolved past their legacy roots. Traditional firewall security management focused specifically on traffic monitoring controls at the borders of a network. Many of these vendors would support the firewalls of a variety of 3rd-party vendors. However, with the rise of the cloud, Network Policy Security Management has emerged as unifying policy controls across on-premise and cloud-based security systems. NPSM software includes both cloud security and other non-traditional networks, such as software-defined networks. While the scope of these systems have grown over time, the consistent through-line across different technologies is the policy management core of firewall security management products.

Beyond supporting a wide range of firewalls, firewall security management software directly integrates with many related network security products. These include SIEM, network monitoring, and IT service management suites. Firewall security management software products support change and configuration across a variety of network environments. They support IoT security, as well as migration to or securing of a public, private, or hybrid cloud. They secure software-defined networks (SDN) and data centers with continuous compliance and real-time security controls.

Features & Capabilities of Firewall Security Management Software

Top vendors offer the following feature sets to manage firewall policy and configuration:

  • Support for firewalls across multiple vendors or network policies across security devices

  • Coordinate policy across firewalls & cloud security infrastructure

  • Automated network mapping, hybrid-cloud support

  • Policy planning and rule management

  • Automated policy orchestration

  • Connectivity discovery / device detection

  • Automated firewall policy change management

  • Continuous monitoring, real-time event monitoring

  • Single pane of glass monitoring console

  • Policy compliance auditing

  • Firewall rule cleanup, misconfiguration detection

  • Attack path simulation and testing

  • Anomalous event or behavior identification

  • Best practice firewall implementation, analysis

  • Automated policy optimization, workflow

  • Vulnerability detection, fix recommendation

Firewall Security Management Comparison

When comparing different firewall security management solutions, consider these factors:

  • Firewall Management vs. Network Security Policy Management: Consider whether the business needs to secure purely on-premise firewalls, or if broader network or cloud-based systems need management as well. For many more sophisticated or enterprise organizations, the more all-encompassing network security policy management platforms may be more scalable than more narrow options.

  • Vendor Inclusion: While most firewall security management products support a wide range of 3rd-party security products, there are few if any truly “vendor agnostic” offerings. Make sure that each product can natively integrate with the existing firewalls and cloud security tools that the business is already using.

  • Ease of Use: How easy is each product to manage and use? This includes both the intuitiveness of the platform itself, as well as how effectively it can scale up with a number of network devices and policies without increasing in maintenance resourcing accordingly.

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Pricing Information

Many firewall security management software vendors offer free trials of their products, after which they’re available for annual subscriptions. Subscriptions are generally designed to support enterprises with their complex networking needs but may come at different pricing tiers. Tiers vary by number of devices to be supported. Also higher tier plans may include more advanced enterprise-specific features. These might include multiple site or geographic-specific controls.

Additionally, some vendors offer some modularity, via inclusion more project-oriented products. Ancillary products more limited in scope might encompass cloud migration, IoT protection, or simpler firewall configuration analysis and compliance checking, as opposed to full-scale policy orchestration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does firewall security management software do?

Firewall security management software centralizes the policy management and rule setting for network security devices, most commonly firewalls.

How do you set firewall rules?

Most standalone firewalls offer interfaces for setting specific rules, but FSM software allows you to set these policies and rules at scale across multiple firewalls or other security tools.

What are the benefits of firewall security management software?

FSM software improves network policy visibility to ensure consistency and compliance with regulations and security best practices.

What’s the difference between firewalls and firewall security management software?

Firewalls, and the other devices that FSM software manages, do the actual monitoring and intervention, while FSM products centralize the administration and management of these end products.

How much does firewall security management software cost?

Firewall security management software pricing varies dramatically. Many pricing tiers are custom set for enterprises based on their unique scopes and network needs.