SoapUI, Your Mileage May Vary (YMMV)
September 23, 2016

SoapUI, Your Mileage May Vary (YMMV)

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Overall Satisfaction with SoapUI Pro

SoapUI NG Pro is being used for creating regression tests for rest web services and soap services. The QA and development teams have used it to build and execute tests.
  • Ability to read in endpoints for a restful web service via a Swagger page of definitions file. You don't have to figure things out directly or rely on specs to build out your requesrs. When the endpoints change, just reread swagger.
  • The addition of groovy functions is very useful. The ability to use a programming language with Java libraries gives you much more flexibility in how you process results and build followup requests.
  • Auto generation of testcases. Soapui can give you a good head start on your testing by building a set of tests that will at least give you the happy path scenarios.
  • Test case gui in the pro edition is a nice visual guide to how your suites and scenarios are structured.
  • Xml tests. It's just painful to update these things from a source control standpoint.
  • UI can really slow you down if you're an sdet type tester. If you're used to building code that works directly with apis, building automation with this can feel cumbersome. You're doing things visually and it just can feel inhibiting, due to the strict structure of the ui.
  • Documentation feels incomplete, disjointed. It is difficult to get to certain details of the groovy language functions. JMeter is an open source, free tool...finding info on its internal beanshell libraries is much easier.
  • Some of the flow among endpoint/request discovery, test case creation and test run execution is not intuitive.
  • Getting environment variables, globals, per suite and test case settings also feels cumbersome. With the nice tree structure for testcases and suites in the ui, you'd expect the same for globals and environment settings.
  • Cost for pro license...seems a bit much for an annual license, if you are only getting a couple of licenses.
  • Got us a baseline set of tests running quickly, before we developed a frame work of our own.
  • Great for discovery of service requests in early testing.
I didn't select soapui. The company selected because the original team was most familiar with it. I prefer a tool, like REST assured, where I define the scope and depth of my automation. But it's got a value that can only be measure by your skill set, company culture, software development process and budget.
For experienced soapui users, it's know the ins and outs. For non developer qa engineers, I'd recommend.

If you don't have a heavy focus on using the same tools, frameworks in a ci environment, it's a good choice.

If you want your tests to run in a particular language, soapui might not be a good choice.

If you have top notch SDETs, forcing them to use this might inhibit innovation and flexibility.