Best social media management software I've used.
January 23, 2013

Best social media management software I've used.

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Overall Satisfaction

  • Sprinklr allows larger companies to streamline their social media efforts, grow business functions through organized and governance-centric functionality, and most importantly study and analyze the effect of your social media efforts on business objectives.
  • The platform is highly flexible and customizable. By comparison, both Sprout and Radian6 feel a lot more constrained. For example, we went through many workflow design iterations until we found a workflow that works perfectly for our team. This was a huge advantage for us, even if there was a significant investment in time. It took almost 5 months of constant iteration to get the workflow we wanted, but that investment was worth it in terms of operation efficiency down the line.
  • Scalability: We grew our team from two to 9 relatively quickly. It was quite easy to manage assignment of incoming messages to individual team members and subsequently manage the entire process to message archival across a large tea,. While other products also have team functionality, this is a particular strength of the Sprinklr platform.
  • Additionally, I have been very happy with the governance aspects. It's easy to build in approval workflows such that outbound messages are routed to me for approval before they are posted.
  • There are still some user-friendliness issues, however those seem to be getting worked out with the release of a new version.
  • The new user interface (which was just rolled out) solves some usability issues by simplifying message classifications and allowing us to do more self-service customizations. In the previous version, we were more reliant on Sprinklr to build out some of the dashboard customizations we needed. Things are definitely improving in this once problematic area.
  • Through the use of this software we have been better able to tailor and manage our messaging to passengers in order to drive sales. We usually see an ROI of at least 20:1 per month. This measurement does not include the ability it gives us in terms of customer service recovery as that is tougher to measure.
  • It's not so much that Sprinklr does things here that Radian6 did not do. It's more that Sprinklr allows us to track things like click-through rates at different times of the day, and to track performance of geo-targeted messages in an automated way. A big issue for us is understanding when to segment messaging through geo-targeting and when to push out blanket messages. Sprinklr has allowed us to test many different scenarios and to better understand what kinds of messages work best for what kinds of offers.
  • As a result, our messaging is now a lot more targeted than it was resulting and we have established a direct correlation between more targeted messaging and higher revenue. We are now able to track the ROI on each specific offer direcktly from the Sprinklr dashboard.
The relationships I've built with Sprinklr are the main reason I would renew our contract. Every employee is passionate about social media and passionate about helping big brands engage with their community. In addition, this is the best software I have used. The amount of data available on the back-end allows me to pull reports for any scenario I can dream of and tie them into our other marketing and customer service efforts.

Product Usage

8 - Marketing, Advertising, Social Media, Customer Service/Customer Relations, PR
  • Direct sales
  • Customer Service
  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Social Media Management

Evaluation and Selection

We looked at Sprout Social, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, & SocialEngage.

Sprout Social and EngageSocial are good products for mid-market organizations with relatively simple needs. They have excellent monitoring / listening capabilities, but less robust reporting capabilities.

In general, Sprinklr's technical functionality far surpassed the other products, especially for larger organizations such as my own. Reporting is particularly important to us because we collect data from a variety of sources, including our ad serving technology, and want to be able to report on it in detail. We need to understand not just simple metrics like number of followers, number of re-tweets,etc. but also more complex metrics like impressions / unique views and reach.

The Sprinklr reporting dashboard allows us to track all of these metrics and to customize the dashboard in exactly the way we want. The almost limitless customizability is great, but comes with a price: There is a steep leaning curve. Platform flexibility comes at the price of some user friendliness - Radian6 was definitely a bit more intuitive.

Also, SocialEngage was a relatively new offering following the acquisition of Co-Tweet by ExactTarget and we did not want to be the guinea pigs for this new product.

Sprinklr's client base spoke for itself and once testing of the software began I was extremely pleased with the governance, ease of use, and robust functionality of the program.

Another important reason emerged during the sales process. I picked Sprinklr largely because the sales team was extremely thorough in addressing all of my requirements and was interested in building a relationship with me instead of just selling me a product.


Implementation was painless. Once I gave Sprinklr my wish list of functionality they worked hard to meet those goals and then subsequently train me and my team on them.


Through multiple webinars, easily accessible training documents, and ad-hoc sessions with my account manager I am never left in the dark when I have a question.


Customization was mainly to improve workflow and reporting. It helped us match our current process flow and lessened the uptake time for our agents. Also, the customization allowed us to track and report our results to the fullest extent.


Customer service is great and a real differentiator. The service team is always available, and will work to resolve your issue quickly, efficiently and fully.
No - To my knowledge, all clients get access to the same level of support.


Usability was somewhat less than completely intuitive, although he training provided by Sprinklr at implementation as well as ongoing was quite effective. Customizability implies a real learning curve, but we have always found the Sprinklr team to be more than helpful. In addition, usability is gradually improving with each new release.


Uptime has not really been an issue. They are hosted on Amazon and we did have one major downtime event that was caused by Amazon. But since this affected many other vendors, iit is not really a Sprinklr problem.
Perfornace is not aan issue. The issues/bugs with this software are few and far between. And when one pops up the 24/7 support team is helpful, quick and informative.

Vendor Relationship

The easiest I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. They are always available, pleasant to work with, and truly put the client first.
1 year contract, with an opt-out option given with notice. There was nothing much to negotiate as they identify your needs and usually come back with an offer that you will be happy with. Make sure to be upfront and honest about your business objectives and they will deliver what you've asked for.