TweetDeck is a Simple, Fast Solution
October 21, 2014

TweetDeck is a Simple, Fast Solution

W. Aaron French | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with TweetDeck

Specifically, I use TweetDeck to monitor Twitter feeds that are important to the work of our Internal Communications team. These include keyword searches that mention our public podcast, news coming from our different regions, and our own internal communications Twitter account. TweetDeck also allows me to seamlessly marry my own personal account to those important to our team, allowing for greater amplification of messages through easy retweets and replies.
  • Ease of use. It's truly plug and play. Anyone with any kind of tech savvy will be able to pick it up and get going almost immediately.
  • Array of features. I can search by Twitter handle, keyword searches, mentions, replies, direct messages. Pretty much any feature that Twitter allows - and then some - is available in TweetDeck.
  • Familiarity. It looks like a Twitter feed. There's no need to get used to another platform.
  • The free version is pretty bare bones, but we don't need much. It's my understanding that the paid version includes the ability to schedule tweets.
  • No analytics with the free version. There are other Twitter schedulers and aggregators out there that offer pretty basic analytics; TweetDeck isn't one of them.
  • No alerts. I keep TweetDeck open on my iMac for the entire day, but the window isn't always active. I'd love to see functionality where I'd get a pop-up or a audible alert whenever something relevant filters through my settings.
  • Honestly, we've scored some major guests for our podcast simply by monitoring feeds in our industry. TweetDeck makes it easy to scroll through that information quickly and easily.
  • UI is fairly seamless, allowing for easy adoption and no training time for me as a user. I was able to pick it up, run with it, and immediately start engaging.
  • TweetDeck allows me to more seamlessly connect with other Twitter users; I have the option to quickly reply using our organizational handle or my personal one. I like the ability to switch back and forth to make a tweet more personal or more organizational.
I have no plans to switch; TweetDeck is the perfect solution for me.
TweetDeck is perfect for my small team and for my individualized work. I'm unaware of how this would scale for a larger organization, so it would be important to understand all the additional features available. The user would have to clearly understand the intersections of data for which s/he is looking (i.e. do we want to see data when X is mentioned along with hashtag Y or do we just want to see data for when hashtag Y is used). Depending on how deeply you mine data for social media, TweetDeck may not be the appropriate solution.