Veeam B&R, allowing me to sleep at night.
February 02, 2021

Veeam B&R, allowing me to sleep at night.

Robert Crooks | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Veeam Backup & Replication

Overall Satisfaction with Veeam Backup & Replication

In 30 years at in my position, I have used various iterations of all the big names in backup software, with varying levels of success.
Over the past decade as workloads have become more and more virtualized, none of the packages i used were specifically designed for virtual environments and I found that issue to create a big hole in my DR preparedness.
Some of the other divisions in my organization were using the Veeam [Backup & Replication] solution and our corporate office decided that we should all standardize on this platform.
My virtualization is centered around Hyper-V clusters, so I decided to license Veeam [Backup & Replication] around the sockets that I use. This proved to be the right solution as I have 200+ guests hosted on 4 servers and I am not limited by the number of guests.
I now have 100% protection of database, line-of-business applications and factory floor loads.
Because of Veeam technology, my backup window has shrunk from 12 hours to 3-4 a day, even with an air-gap backups to a tape library.
In the past weeks I am also using SOBR to the cloud for additional reassurance that I can restore from an encryption event.
Veeam [Backup & Replication] has given me confidence to consistently backup and restore any loads or data to keep my business running.
  • Virtualized workloads
  • Endpoints and physical servers running Windows & Linux
  • Cloud-hosted VMs within AWS or Azure
  • Application-centric recovery using Veeam Explorers (for Exchange, SQL, Sharepoint, etc)
  • Capacity Tier to store data within object storage for longer term retention
  • Immutable storage to protect against ransomware
  • Capacity Tier to store data within object storage for longer term retention
  • The ability to perform transaction and redo log backups on a constant schedule give exceptional point-in-time restore ability.
  • That Veeam still supports air-gap backup to tape is invaluable. Also that it manages retention policies between disk and tape is a life saver.
  • Veaam's ability to compress data as it backups saves both time and space on both capacity and performance storage.
  • The ability to include Transaction and Redo logs as part of a SOBR would be a very important option to have.
  • Perhaps it already exists, but some way to automate a scheduled restore from all tiers of storage (Performance, Capacity and Tape) would give the admin the security in knowing that in the case of an emergency all the components were working.
  • Some method to make Performance-tier backups immutable.
I have about 200 virtual workloads. When I first licensed Veeam [Backup & Replication], I was not sure of the solution when it came to production servers and database loads, but tested it out and it's performance was far and above what I was expecting and the backup operation has a minimal impact on my operations.
  • The impact has been exclusively positive in that I can (and have) demonstrated a consistent MTTR for all my systems.
The reason I adopted Veeam [Backup & Replication] was two-fold. I was uncomfortable with the solution I had at the time, and did not know where they were heading with virtual workloads and asked my colleagues in the larger organization what solution they were using.
Once I trialed [Veeam Backup & Replication], I was satisfied that it would meet my requirements as I adapted and changed my infrastructure to meet the business needs.
We have benefited from Veaam's agility to leverage cloud providers at the capacity level. We have adopted SOBR across our organization as a way to provide immutable backups.
This ability to integrate could-storage give us the means to satisfy both when the organization audits our DR plan as well as that of our insurance companies requirements for business continuity.
I only use this functionality as part of a virtual workload backup. To date, I have had only limited opportunity to restore corrupted non-structure data as that (fortunately) has become a less common occurrence.
For virtualized workloads, Veeam [Backup & Replication] is the only solution. It's performance is un-paralled in that space.

Even the Community edition provides a sub-set of tools that a SMB could use to protect it's IP/assets before committing to a full set of licenses.