VEGAS Pro Review
July 01, 2021

VEGAS Pro Review

Carlos Acosta | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with VEGAS Pro

Our company is located in the real estate sector, therefore, having the facility to design videos for advertising or for our publications to be more attractive and attract more public, has become a really easy task thanks to VEGAS Pro. In our Marketing sector is where VEGAS Pro is being used, because this platform allows us to edit our advertising videos, it allows our videos to have a much higher quality and that we can transmit the information in a better way to all our public. The advertising videos that we make in VEGAS Pro are much more professional, we can make excellent transitions and we can also add filters to the video. We are very grateful for the effectiveness that VEGAS Pro has shown since it came to our company, because previously our videos were not as high quality as they are now, before we made much simpler videos and this meant that we could not attract as many clients as now.

Vegas Pro is a program a bit complicated to use, although its interface is quite complete, I think it is a bit difficult to adapt to it, it is also important to note that although it has very striking functions such as object tracking, high quality rendering , all those functions are complicated to use.
  • One of the things that I love about VEGAS Pro is that I can do automatic tracking control to an object or image, this is a very remarkable function in VEGAS Pro, because this way you can add better mobility to the video in general, in addition , you can focus the video view to a specific object.
  • The image edits with the VEGAS Pro filters are really fantastic. For us, having a good visualization and definition of our images is very important, which is why this function has provided really remarkable results. We have been able to modify the tonality of the images that we add to the video and we have also managed to change the colors thanks to the filters available for video in general. These filters are very varied, I can add a filter to give my image a warm touch, a touch of cold or sunset.
  • At the bottom of the platform, the audio barrier is shown, where you can add several audio tracks and thus be able to modify the audio of the entire video for every second that passes, however, this function is much more impressive as it also allows you to add another audio barrier to play two audio tracks at the same time.
  • The autosave is fantastic, VEGAS Pro has an excellent autosave system capable of saving all the progress that has been made in the video that is being edited, the autosave does not consume additional capacity to the computer, so it is very easy to have it activated and not worry about computer performance.
  • VEGAS Pro does not consume many computer resources when the person is editing the video and making audio edits, the amount of RAM it consumes is very minimal, however, one of the main problems that occur in VEGAS Pro is that it has a high consumption when rendering the video. The rendering of the video is basically applying all the modifications to the video and converting it to a stable quality, however, this process takes approximately 2 hours or max, it all depends on how long the video is, and the computer cannot be used since it may be slow in operation, due to the high consumption of rendering.
  • VEGAS Pro offers translations of the video's audio automatically, it transforms the audio into subtitles, however, these subtitles are not as accurate. Being an automated function, it is not as precise and this causes the subtitles to not have a good translation then when the process is done manually.
  • Simultaneous audio editing is very important, it makes the video more complete and several audio tracks can be combined in the same temporality. With this function I can add several audio tracks at the same time of the video, so that they play at the same time.
  • Rendering is also very important in VEGAS Pro. Although the rendering process is very slow, and consumes a lot of computer resources, I consider it a very important function to add a much more professional quality to all my videos.
  • The autosave system is very important to me, I can save all the information that I have integrated in my video and I can access it without having to perform a manual save. For me, it is very important because I can work on editing my video without worrying about saving my data manually.
  • My videos have been more professional since using VEGAS Pro, with a much higher quality than with any other platform.
  • The rendering has been a positive but also a negative impact, as we have to wait a long time for our videos to be fully rendered, but the quality after rendering is impressive.
  • In my sector of my company, a negative impact it has had is that we had to learn to use the platform correctly, and it is quite complex to use it.
  • Our Marketing improved exponentially, we managed to design videos that help us to attract more attention from all our clients.

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Many of my friends from other companies have asked me for recommendations for some video editing software, and my recommendation has always been VEGAS Pro. Currently, there are many platforms that offer video editing with basic functions but that help to have an editing a unprofessional and without complexity of use, however, VEGAS Pro despite being a difficult software to use, has much more professional functions than any other platform today, its ability to add motion trackers, make image edits, make Simultaneous audio edits is awesome. The only problem that is really noticeable to me and my colleagues who use VEGAS Pro in my work area, is the rendering issue, there are many programs with less time rendering, however, the reason why we still consider that VEGAS Pro is the best option, it is because it offers much more professional editing functions, of better quality. Rendering is an issue that can be fixed by having a computer with extremely good characteristics, so that you can render the video in less time and that it does not affect the consumption of the RAM card, but in general, rendering is a problem for a large number of users.

I recommend VEGAS Pro for those who own computers with features suitable for long-term rendering, with a good video card that supports the rendering quality.