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What is VEGAS Pro?

MAGIX Software headquartered in Berlin offers the VEGAS Pro line of video editing applications which combines the company's Sound Forge audio editing suite and a wide range of movie production features and effects.

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Vegas Pro 18 Edit Suite



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What is VEGAS Pro?

VEGAS Pro Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo

Frequently Asked Questions

MAGIX Software headquartered in Berlin offers the VEGAS Pro line of video editing applications which combines the company's Sound Forge audio editing suite and a wide range of movie production features and effects.

Reviewers rate Support Rating highest, with a score of 8.1.

The most common users of VEGAS Pro are from Small Businesses (1-50 employees).
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October 14, 2021

You're on your own kid.

Bob Heazlit | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 1 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
VEGAS Pro is currently the primary video editing software for my company. However, after this latest upgrade (to VEGAS Pro 18 Suite) [we hoped] that this new version would fix some of the stability issues of the previous version. [In my experience] the upgrade did not solve these issues. The great power of VEGAS Pro [in my opinion] is overshadowed by a lack of stability and a lack of an ability to complete a project without multiple freezes and shutdowns oftentimes losing dozens of edits due to a less than intuitive auto-save function.
  • Edits and transitions are simple and effective
  • Powerful audio editing function beyond what you find in comparable software
  • [In my experience] there is no customer support after purchase
  • [Again from my experience] auto save [is] not intuitive enough to recover all edits after a crash
  • Crashes on simple projects and gets worse with complexity
VEGAS Pro [in my opinion] has so much potential to be great. So many powerful features for audio and video editing. Unfortunately, after the sale from Sony to MAGIX [I believe] the software has become less stable even on CAD-certified workstations. [From what I've experienced] there is no customer service telephone number or support email address. All support requests must go through their website and my last requests have gone unanswered after a month. When Sony owned the software I [was] able to get on a live chat with a tech who would solve issues in minutes, not days. Not true today [per my experience]. With the decline in reliability and lack of customer support, I can no longer recommend a MAGIX product.
July 01, 2021

VEGAS Pro Review

Carlos Acosta | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our company is located in the real estate sector, therefore, having the facility to design videos for advertising or for our publications to be more attractive and attract more public, has become a really easy task thanks to VEGAS Pro. In our Marketing sector is where VEGAS Pro is being used, because this platform allows us to edit our advertising videos, it allows our videos to have a much higher quality and that we can transmit the information in a better way to all our public. The advertising videos that we make in VEGAS Pro are much more professional, we can make excellent transitions and we can also add filters to the video. We are very grateful for the effectiveness that VEGAS Pro has shown since it came to our company, because previously our videos were not as high quality as they are now, before we made much simpler videos and this meant that we could not attract as many clients as now.

Vegas Pro is a program a bit complicated to use, although its interface is quite complete, I think it is a bit difficult to adapt to it, it is also important to note that although it has very striking functions such as object tracking, high quality rendering , all those functions are complicated to use.
  • One of the things that I love about VEGAS Pro is that I can do automatic tracking control to an object or image, this is a very remarkable function in VEGAS Pro, because this way you can add better mobility to the video in general, in addition , you can focus the video view to a specific object.
  • The image edits with the VEGAS Pro filters are really fantastic. For us, having a good visualization and definition of our images is very important, which is why this function has provided really remarkable results. We have been able to modify the tonality of the images that we add to the video and we have also managed to change the colors thanks to the filters available for video in general. These filters are very varied, I can add a filter to give my image a warm touch, a touch of cold or sunset.
  • At the bottom of the platform, the audio barrier is shown, where you can add several audio tracks and thus be able to modify the audio of the entire video for every second that passes, however, this function is much more impressive as it also allows you to add another audio barrier to play two audio tracks at the same time.
  • The autosave is fantastic, VEGAS Pro has an excellent autosave system capable of saving all the progress that has been made in the video that is being edited, the autosave does not consume additional capacity to the computer, so it is very easy to have it activated and not worry about computer performance.
  • VEGAS Pro does not consume many computer resources when the person is editing the video and making audio edits, the amount of RAM it consumes is very minimal, however, one of the main problems that occur in VEGAS Pro is that it has a high consumption when rendering the video. The rendering of the video is basically applying all the modifications to the video and converting it to a stable quality, however, this process takes approximately 2 hours or max, it all depends on how long the video is, and the computer cannot be used since it may be slow in operation, due to the high consumption of rendering.
  • VEGAS Pro offers translations of the video's audio automatically, it transforms the audio into subtitles, however, these subtitles are not as accurate. Being an automated function, it is not as precise and this causes the subtitles to not have a good translation then when the process is done manually.
Many of my friends from other companies have asked me for recommendations for some video editing software, and my recommendation has always been VEGAS Pro. Currently, there are many platforms that offer video editing with basic functions but that help to have an editing a unprofessional and without complexity of use, however, VEGAS Pro despite being a difficult software to use, has much more professional functions than any other platform today, its ability to add motion trackers, make image edits, make Simultaneous audio edits is awesome. The only problem that is really noticeable to me and my colleagues who use VEGAS Pro in my work area, is the rendering issue, there are many programs with less time rendering, however, the reason why we still consider that VEGAS Pro is the best option, it is because it offers much more professional editing functions, of better quality. Rendering is an issue that can be fixed by having a computer with extremely good characteristics, so that you can render the video in less time and that it does not affect the consumption of the RAM card, but in general, rendering is a problem for a large number of users.

I recommend VEGAS Pro for those who own computers with features suitable for long-term rendering, with a good video card that supports the rendering quality.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our editing department uses it for most video and audio editing tasks, including marketing videos and podcast audio. We use it because it is simple to use yet powerful enough for most video projects. Why take the time to teach someone to use Premiere Pro or Final Cut when VEGAS Pro can get the job done and someone with little training can be effective using it?
  • Social media videos for YouTube
  • Training videos for customers
  • Podcast audio
  • Not for motion graphics like Adobe After Effects
  • Seems like now they don't improve the software much
If you need basic video editing, anyone can learn to use VEGAS Pro and get a great result. If you need to make something that has to be used in other tools like Adobe After Effects, then maybe VEGAS Pro is not the best choice. But for standalone editing, it is my choice.
Cedric Allen | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I use VEGAS Pro for all my edits and any presentations I put together for me and other company entities. It is easier to use for editing, prsentations, and getting the message I want out conveyed. It allows for easy professional edits while having time to be creative in a true non-linear manner--no old man linear editing, but true nonlinear editing. I also do not have to search for days for tools when they are right there ready to use.
  • It does what it says as a non-linear editor. It works that way and not as "tape-deck" in a computer program motiff like Premier and Final Cut do. Nonlinear video editing is not complicated and VEGAS Pro allows for you to do that.
  • It allows for you not to rely super heavily on graphic card performance and combines with your memory in a quick an efficient way. Render times are amazing and real-time playback has always been ahead of its competitors.
  • The interface and setup are easy to understand, which makes editing and getting started on any project quick and easy. If you have to end up pulling out the manual for help constantly to find out what to do and how to do it then the creative process is lost. VEGAS Pro allows for you to get to it and not waste a day on it.
  • It is a name in the industry you can trust to do the right thing and also the forums and the people that frequent them make the experience more enjoyable.
  • I would say outside of the software itself, better press on what they do or who uses it.
  • A lifetime pass to longtime users of 10-20 years.
  • More invites to be beta testers or advisors on the next product line.
VEGAS Pro is well suited for anyone trying to be creative and not waste time remembering or playing hide and seek to find or figure out simple to complex features. It is not overly complicated to use and can get the job done. I really cannot think of any situation where it is less appropriate to use it. If you what high quality videos with little thought or effort then VEGAS Pro is your tool.
chuck taylor | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I began using Sony VEGAS 6 in 2006 as an introduction to an affordable way to learn video for music production. I am primarily self taught and when I started using it there was for me a very slight learning curve since I had been using Sony Acid Music software. I found it to be very easy to use after a lot of trial and error. I have produced a lot of very good projects. And I found that since it was purchased by Magix they have added quite a bit of very useful capabilities that have elevated it (in my opinion) to be very reliable. I have consistently updated it and I am at version Magix VEGAS 17 Post and they have just released 18 with even better functionality than the previous version. It has the capability to open the project from multiple video editing platforms (Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, etc) which allows the ability to work on different projects. And depending on how creative the user is it is undistinguishable from the aforementioned editing platforms.
  • It is easy to learn with patience.
  • They are constantly upgrading the platform to keep up with higher end NLE systems.
  • It functions (to me) better when dual monitors are used, but a single screen is good if you don't mind moving the timeline functionality around.
  • It would be good if it was available in the Apple format.
  • It is advisable to download multiple codecs that would allow one to open different video formats.
  • Make sure that your computer has enough memory to handle the demands you put on your computer.
  • I use a Macbook Pro with Bootcamp on Windows 10.
I was working to reimagine a client's video done by another editor and it worked very, very welI. However, I had to reallocate my memory (16 Gigs) in order to accommodate Vegas Image and I still don't have enough to effectively use it the way I need to so I will have to work to solve this issue until I upgrade my computer.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Vegas Pro for creating, editing and converting a variety of video and audio projects. We use it for both internal projects and projects for clients. We make our own videos for internal use, videos for marketing and videos for educational purposes. We also do video work for clients. This ranges from creating new videos from scratch to editing, converting formats, and otherwise manipulating existing videos.

We've been using Vegas Pro for many years. It has consistently proven to be reliable, efficient and economical. It works with a very wide range of source materials in various formats. We can mix and match many different sources together on the same timeline and then output the final product in a variety of formats for different purposes, such as Internet videos, Blu-ray and DVD discs, etc.

The tools that come with Vegas are all quite good and offer many advanced capabilities. We also use some 3rd party add-ons, including NewBlue FX, Vegasaur and Excalibur. Vegas does nearly everything we've ever had a need to do. The few times we've come across something unusual that Vegas couldn't do, it was easy enough to find a 3rd party application that added the functionality that was needed.
  • Vegas Pro handles all manner of source materials, including a wide variety of video formats, still photos in a wide variety of formats, etc. It handles them all in a consistent manner and outputs everything in a consistent manner. Other video editing programs we've used in the past often had problems with mixing different sources.
  • Vegas Pro works well and performs efficiently without requiring super high-end hardware. It doesn't need a $1500 video card or other high-end components to work. Of course, it will work better with better hardware, but it doesn't require top-of-line hardware to be useful.
  • Vegas Pro comes with many transition effects, video filters, audio effects, audio filters, etc. Almost everything you need to do professional-quality video and audio is built-in. With a few low-cost add-ons, you can do even more.
  • While Vegas Pro does handle 4k video, I find that it still struggles a bit to keep up when playing back or processing 4k. I suspect this is at least partially due to the fact that the computer I am using for Vegas is not quite powerful enough to really handle 4k efficiently.
Vegas Pro is well suited for any situation where professional-quality video and audio editing, conversion, and manipulation need to be done in an affordable, efficient manner. Vegas Pro provides a great deal of power and performance at an affordable price. It's fairly intuitive and easy to learn.

Where Vegas Pro is less appropriate is in high-end productions, where there is a very large budget for high-end, top-of-line video production systems. In high-end, Hollywood studio situations, it makes more sense to stick with the video editing systems that are more commonly used in these environments, rather than try to introduce something different into the mix.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It is mostly used for advertising purposes in order to create promo videos. Mostly our marketing and public relations departments are using Vegas Pro. Besides creating promo videos, we also use Vegas Pro for colour correction and audio mixing purposes too.
  • Easy user interface.
  • Rendering speed.
  • Large variety of FX tools.
  • Price could be more affordable for individuals.
  • Sometimes while rendering it crashes.
  • More transitions would be great.
Vegas Pro is easy to use software for both individuals and companies. I liked especially the shortness of the learning curve. You can easily start editing by watching some YouTube videos. There are plenty of YouTube videos about effects and transitions.
Joseph Benton | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
This is a "Swiss Army Knife" of video editing programs with the capability to inexpensively add in Blu-Ray mastering as well as mix a live audio and video mix of media. Typically, we use it for producing web media for YouTube, Facebook and our websites for ourselves and customers as well as for educational purposes. We need something that will accept any format of media and turn it into something that can be published anywhere.
  • YouTube/Facebook videos from any source material including graphics.
  • Produce the highest quality videos for broadcast up to 4K resolution.
  • Creating video of any size for HTML output when imported into Articulate Storyline.
  • VEGAS Pro does not accept or import SVG graphics which is sad.
  • At times VEGAS Pro does not work well with the add-ons sold with it.
  • Despite its ease of use, some Hollywood-style effects are a real challenge.
There is not any situation I can think of where you can't use VEGAS Pro to solve a problem which calls for video. Many times I use VEGAS Pro to improve and master audio files for output or use it only for converting one type of audio or video to another. Where it may not really be appropriate is for 8K video editing since it does not handle that specification.
Chuck Graudins | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Vegas Pro exclusively for all of our audio and video editing, production, and mastering. It's really the perfect solution for everything we need to do in this multimedia world. We produce several advertisements for our social media accounts, we've edited thousands of professional voiceovers for a national announcer, assembled and edited three films, and are now in the process of editing the second season of our paranormal investigative television show called The Underpresence. With the exception of very few hiccups, which may be my underpowered PC, it's been incredibly stable. We switched from Premiere Pro due to its frequent crashes. We feel Vegas Pro has the most intuitive interface and is compatible with filters and effects used industry-wide.
  • Very stable, less crashes than the competition.
  • Intuitive interface, easier to learn.
  • Priced fairly for a buyout. I hate subscriptions.
  • Once in a rare while, the program will crash. Hoping an update will resolve this.
  • I'd love to see more professional titling built into the next version.
  • Also would like to see more modern transitions.
  • Would love to see an integration of an option to render video to YouTube's current video codec.
Very well suited for single and multitrack audio and video projects. Unlimited audio and video tracks. A standalone audio recording program seems to be more useful for recording and mastering audio, but the mixdown always happens in Vegas Pro.
Jonah Dempcy | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
VEGAS Pro is used by myself and by our user experience designer for video editing. I most recently used VEGAS Pro for a short advertisement video for Instagram. I also use VEGAS Pro for editing YouTube video presentations and splicing together screencasts to demonstrate bugs and UX functionality. I find VEGAS Pro to be invaluable when I need to quickly edit video for any number of use cases, ranging from production-level advertising and educational videos to product demos and bug fixes.
  • Video Editing - This is where VEGAS Pro shines. I love the user interface and hotkeys. I find it much more intuitive and easy to use than perhaps its main competitor, Adobe Premiere. Many of the user interface design choices will ultimately be up to user preference, but in my case, I find VEGAS Pro intuitive and easy to use.
  • Suite Integration - I went to school for audio engineering and had a lot of experience using Sound Forge, which is part of the same suite of software and has a lot of the same user interface design.
  • Additional video transitions would be a nice improvement.
  • Mac support would be great. I do my video editing on a Windows PC, so it's not a big deal for me, but it would be nice to have Vegas installed on my MacBook Pro so I could edit on the fly when traveling.
VEGAS Pro is excellent for beginning video editors who do not have experience with Avid or Premiere, both of which are far more complex. VEGAS Pro is also good for more experienced video editors who want to do simpler tasks. I would be less likely to use VEGAS Pro for a huge project or one which results in hours of video (like a feature film). However, for easy editing video ads, YouTube videos, tutorials, product demos, and the like, VEGAS Pro is my go-to video editor of choice simply because everything I do is so much faster in it. Say I want to pan and zoom—I can do this incredibly easily in VEGAS Pro, while it would take me far longer in Premiere. The learning curve for VEGAS Pro is just so much less steep than other more robust video editing apps and suites, while still offering more features and a professional level of quality not found in consumer-grade video editing apps like iMovie.
Emily Keener | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I had bought a license for VEGAS Pro in grad school and I have since kept it up on my computer. Since we do not have an institutional license for a specific video editing software, VEGAS Pro has come in handy for many projects where I need to trim or edit a video, add a text overlay, or splice audio.
  • Simple timeline video editor.
  • Basic clip transitions.
  • Easy audio splicing.
  • Links to programs like Audacity for audio editing.
  • Seems to be intended for novice video editors and basic projects (doesn't handle audio editing, for example).
  • Many of the clip "effects" are amateurish (crackling screen, screen spinning in a spiral, etc.).
  • Zooming into portions of the screen/panning can be cumbersome.
VEGAS Pro makes it VERY easy to make simple edits to a video - trimming, blending elements of different video and audio clips, layering text on screen. Although I wish it had a captioning feature and a few other elements that products like Camtasia have, ultimately I am a big fan of how easy it is to use VEGAS Pro. It does more than YouTube's video editor, but is easier to use.
Vince Koegle | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We utilize Vegas Pro exclusively in our production department. Vegas allows us to maintain consistent quality of the audio productions we deliver to clients. Templates, presets, and ease of use make our team more efficient.
  • We use Vegas nearly exclusively for audio production. The editing tools are easy to use. The interface is laid out well, so it's intuitive.
  • Plugins are readily available and easy to use when needed.
  • Since Sony sold Vegas, the customer service has taken a least in my experience. I've had almost no success in reaching anyone by phone and the email support is not very quick.
  • It also seems that I experience more instances of Vegas closing without notice.
  • It would be nice to have the option to save project files in formats that can be opened by other editing suites.
Vegas Pro is a great option for video/audio editors, videographers, and filmmakers. If you're only doing audio production, it's a bit of overkill. It has a host of features you won't end up using...and potentially add to the visual clutter in the interface.
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