Vendavo Review
December 14, 2016

Vendavo Review

Durai Senthil Kumar | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Vendavo

I have around 12 years of experience in implementing Vendavo for various customers in US, Europe, Asia, and Japan. If implemented correctly Vendavo is a great product to improve the [profit] margin. The Analytics module of Vendavo is a great module where it helps customers to realize leakages in the [profit] margin. It helps to identify the areas where they need to pay attention to make corrective measures. The analytics also powers the other modules of Vendavo to make the right decision on pricing.
We can provide the user with the right information on the pricing opportunities to improve setting the price or the price negotiation. Vendavo handles complex pricing scenarios with ease. Vendavo is very flexible and can be implemented to various businesses and various functionalities without more compromise to the customer's business model. In a global scenario, the pricing in different regions for products can be challenging. Vendavo will be handy if it is implemented correctly. The new optimization module takes Vendavo to the next level where once you identify the areas of improvements and act on it, you can still optimize it.
  • Vendavo has a great Analytics module. Integrity of the data is a challenging thing but if it is set correct it can identify the leakages in the margin and also clearly identify the pricing opportunities.
  • The Deal Manager module is great at negotiation. It can handle complex deal pricing. Another big strength is that it can be customized to different business and segments. Without compromising too much on your business process Vendavo deal manager can be implemented to different business units of a large organization.
  • Vendavo's new optimization module is an interesting new introduction. It combines the power of analytics price setting and helps in deal management to a great extent.
  • Vendavo has a very good workflow configuration process. It can control price variation and margin reduction with appropriate workflow process.
  • Performance can be an area of improvement when it comes to large implementations. The Deal Manager module tends to get slow when the line item size is large and if we have nested line items it gets slower. In most cases, the issues with the performance are mainly related to poor implementation practices and poor infrastructure but still there is scope for improvement in performance.
  • The reporting framework of Vendavo needs to be improved. I have seen customers requesting various reports that they need to generate from Vendavo. The users of Vendavo make some critical pricing decisions. These decisions need to be explained and backed by some reports that can be generated out of it.
  • I have heard from customers that the UI needs to be improved. It could also be a training issue but if we can simplify the UI to some extent it will benefit customers.
Vendavo is well suited for large organizations with complex pricing scenarios. Vendavo is very flexible to implement to different businesses. Global processes can be done in Vendavo with a single instance on most occasions with diverse business processes without compromising much of the current business processes.