Another Outstanding Offering From Devolutions
Updated September 14, 2020

Another Outstanding Offering From Devolutions

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Overall Satisfaction with Wayk Now

I'm currently using Wayk Now in my business mainly for remote assist sessions with clients that call the helpdesk and need remote support via a remote session. It allows quick access to the client's machine after running them through where to download it and then to run it and read out the ID code so I can connect to their Wayk Now from mine.
  • Wayk Now has 3 authentication methods to use when connecting in to a remote Wayk Now instance - Secure Remote Password (the app password), Secure Remote Delegation (the OS credentials which is used to gain elevated rights should they be required) and finally Prompt for Permission which is very handy if your client isn't IT literate so they just get a prompt to click on to authenticate with the app that way. From what I've seen in other remote assist apps, this is fairly unique.
  • Another new feature that I think gives Wayk a slight edge over the competition is a new graphics codec for the video feed from the client app called GFWX. Again its certainly a unique take on this problem of streaming the video to the client ends app. Basically it means that the image quality is a lot better for a lot less bandwidth because of the codec's compression.
  • The last point that Wayk Now does well is its integration with the other Devolutions products such as Remote Desktop Manager in which you can create Wayk Now session entries so that you can build up a DB of your clients/your own unattended Wayk Now instances that you can open from within RDM.
  • I will say that Wayk Now is still a very young product so it's still a bit rough around the edges, but Devolutions is updating Wayk Now with fixes and improvements and new features at an incredibly rapid pace. So it's worth sticking with it even if you feel its lacking in some areas.
  • We still do not have the ability to start a remote assist session from a web page/URL like you can with some of the competition's products. But I'm hoping that will come very soon.
  • Wayk Now has been a lifesaver for a freelancer such as myself as I was never able to afford TeamViewer as I'm still working on building up my client base so money for software always was an issue which is why I was overjoyed when Devolutions posted on their blog that they were making Wayk Now free for commercial use!
  • Wayk Now has now been added to my daily arsenal of applications I use for daily work (almost all are made by Devolutions). This means I am able to efficiently respond to calls or tickets from clients which leads to word slowly getting out that I am able to do this, which has a knock-on effect to income, which is slowly growing in my case because clients are telling their friends or clients that I'm good at responding to their problems which is because of apps such as Wayk Now. So you can be sure even if you do buy the enterprise license that it will pay for itself in less than a month or two.
  • Obviously, where Wayk is still early in development stages compared to the alternatives it does stumble now and again but that's when I've been able to turn to Devolutions other products to cover the gaps in Wayk Now's abilities.
Wayk Now was lacking as you might expect when it was released but it's now at the point where its caught up with competitor's products feature-wise. Also, Devolutions is a company I have used for years now starting with Remote Desktop Manager and as I've never had any issues what so ever with that and I'm still using RDM to this very day I knew Wayk Now would be a product that I could trust that it would be as good if not better.
Devolutions have multiple methods of getting support for Wayk Now, ranging from tickets, phone numbers, direct email, forums and live chat on their web site. So you're not short of ways to get help, I generally use the forums which at most I've had to wait for 2 or 3 for a staff member from Devolutions with a response to my query. Other times it could also come from another user which is why I like the flexibility of community forums. You can get feedback/answers to your questions from Devolutions support or the community itself.
I feel Wayk Now is very useable as it's still a very simple concept packaged basically the same way that the competition does with their remote assist type apps.

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Wayk Now keeps up with its competition really well seeing as it's so much younger than the majority of those products. Also, it's cross OS/device support is extremely good so you should be able to connect to any OS required from Wayk Now. The star point that for me puts it ahead of the alternatives is that its now free to use commercially on OS's such as Windows Server 2016/2019 without any restrictions, TeamViewer was a nightmare in that respect because as soon as it detected you were connecting to a remote instance installed or running on a Server OS it capped your session time to 5 mins until you paid for it.

Wayk Bastion Feature Ratings

Screen sharing
File transfer
Instant message
Over-the-Internet remote session
Initiate remote control from mobile
Centralized management dashboard
Multi-platform remote control

Using Wayk Now

1 - I mainly use Wayk Now for remote assist sessions or the occasional unattended session if RDP fails to connect. I try to make sure each clients site I support at least has one instance of Wayk Now set up for unattended access as a backup connection if I ever need it. Now that the Wayk Den web portal is up and running this makes getting this set-up much easier. It's just like TeamViewer with its web portal site.
1 - Self Support for Wayk Now as user is IT Consultant / Network Engineer. But generally its networking troubleshooting to iron out connectivity bugs when they do happen which isnt very often now days. Client walk throughs are also required sometimes if there seems to be a problem running the exe file at the client end, again Wayn Now is so Simple to use troubleshooting is a rare occurance.
  • Primarily I use Wayk Now to fill the remote assist role in my business. It is so I can quickly provide remote assistance to clients that call with issues that require remote support.
  • After that, I use Wayk for its unattended access features to provide a backup remote access solution that does not require VPN or port forwarding which are used with my main remote access sessions.
  • Lastly, I have used Wayk Now on occasions on a LAN by using its LAN discovery feature which will look for other Wayk Now instances on a LAN or alternatively you can use IP addresses in the target field rather than 6 digit numbers, and it works as an alternative remote desktop program that has been a lifesaver for times when RDP won't connect for whatever reason.
  • Using Wayk now as a backup remote session has really saved me on many occasions now so as a rule when I get new clients ill setup the usual VPN and RDP access but now I'll also setup Wayk Now in unattended access mode on one machine or more. As it has the ability to tunnel out of a NAT/firewall as long as the remote site has an internet connection and nothing else seems to work at, at least I can use this solution to get access.
  • I cannot wait until Devolutions release a feature so that remote assist sessions can be started by guiding a client/end-user to a URL where they can enter the session ID or vice versa on the web page itself and then the client is automatically downloaded and started. This is something some competitors remote assist apps have that Wayk is still lacking but I heard through the grapevine that this feature will be out soon, so that will open up another way to use Wayk Now.
  • One other way of using Wayk now I've considered if I should ever need to do so is to use the file transfer feature of Wayk Now. Again, several competitor apps can also do file transfers but this also is a fairly recent addition and I've yet to actually need to use it.
Considering that Wayk Now comes in a free edition that can be used commercially, even if I wasn't to renew Wayk Now for whatever reason, I would still use it, but I do actually require the unattended access feature which is available for free now with the new free business licence.

Evaluating Wayk Now and Competitors

Yes - TeamViewer - I mainly replaced this because TeamViewer had a time limit when connecting to Server OS's in the free version, and when I had to quickly provide a remote assist this was a nightmare. So when Devolutions said they were allowing commercial use with the free version I initially swapped for that reason alone.
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Vendor Reputation
Initially, it was the free edition that attracted me to Wayk Now as I had the need to provide remote assist commercially which none of the competition would let you do. Now I've moved on to the enterprise edition and I'm very happy with it and I also use several of Devolution's other offerings and they have all been outstanding too, so personally, Devolutions is #1 in my book.
I wouldn't really change a thing.

Wayk Now Support

Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
No - Wayk now free support via the Forums is what I use when a bug or technical issue arrises that cannot be resolved without Devolutions help. I have resolved issues using the forums on multiple occasions over the time ive been using Wayk Now and Ive always managed to get a resolution without further escalation.
Yes - When Wayk now was first released I ran into bugs which are common with very new apps, On the occasion i can remember luckily the bug wasnt something that would stop being able to use Wayk Now, it was a GUI bug but it was resolved quite quickly and then the next update had fixes for this bug.
As i mentioned earlier my experience with Wayk Now support are few and far between but the Devolutons Team always provide exceptional support for all there apps, also being a Force Community member im able to contribute aswell as get insider type access which ive not seen anywhere else which is why Devolutions are on my most valued Providers / Developers.