Remote Desktop Software

Best Remote Desktop Software include:

BeyondTrust Remote Support (Legacy), ConnectWise Control (formerly ScreenConnect), TeamViewer, and LogMeIn Rescue.

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Remote Desktop Software Overview

What is a Remote Desktop Software?

Remote desktop software allows users to access and operate a computer without a physical presence.

Users are typically IT professionals performing maintenance, or support personnel providing training and assistance to end-users. The software gives the same level of access as being physically present to manipulate the computer’s keyboard and mouse.

Remote administration tools allow IT professionals to be deployed remotely. Users can perform IT tasks without leaving their physical desk. End-users can receive help and updates to their machines more quickly and efficiently. This can save companies time and money.

Remote Desktop Features & Capabilities

While specific features and capabilities will very from product to product, the best remote desktop software will be able to support all of the following features:

  • Screen capture and viewing

  • File management

  • Registry management

  • Instant message

  • Access to sleeping/powered off computers

  • Initiate remote access from mobile

  • Monitoring and alerts

Some advanced or specialty features include:

  • Annotations on the end user’s screen

  • Cross-platform access

  • Access from mobile devices

  • Reboot and power control

  • Screen mirroring or sharing

Use Cases of Remote Admin Tools

The most common use case for remote admin tools is for IT staff to provide maintenance and support services, both within and across a firewall. Other common use cases include:

  • Salespeople giving demonstrations

  • Educators for teaching and monitoring computer usage at school

  • General web conferencing

Vendors often offer different editions for these varied use cases. They also offer multiple versions or editions of their core product for enterprises of different sizes.

Pre-built integrations with 3rd-party software applications are also an important consideration. For example, integrations with help desk ticketing systems and IT service management systems allow remote support sessions to be opened directly from a trouble ticket. Once the session ends, session information is automatically sent back to the ticket. Integration with password management systems and other security tools can also be helpful.

Remote Desktop Software Comparison

To compare different remote desktop software, consider these aspects of each product offering:

1. Operating System: Remote desktop software is not one-size-fits-all. One of the first steps in choosing a remote desktop tool is making sure it supports the operating system your devices use whether it’s Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, or Ubuntu.

2. Security: Look into each tool’s design and processes for keeping your organization’s data safe. Not only should each tool comply with local and international security regulations, they should also have a proven record of data integrity. Reviews are a great way to find out if a tool’s advertised security lives up to its promises.

3. User-friendliness: Some people consider this a no-brainer, but this particular attribute becomes more important in tools that will have users who are not experts in what the remote desktop software does. Remote desktop software needs to be understood by end-users the administrator is assisting. Easy setup and navigation is a must for remote desktop software.

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Pricing Information

While there is free remote desktop software on the market, they are not geared towards larger businesses and enterprises. Enterprise remote desktop software can be priced as a perpetual license for on-premise products. It can also be set up as a subscription model. The subscription model is priced by user and number of unattended machines. Prices run between $55 and $500 per month depending on the number of users.

Remote Desktop Products

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ConnectWise Control (formerly ScreenConnect)
985 ratings
601 reviews
Top Rated
ConnectWise Control is a remote support, access, and meeting solution. With ConnectWise Control, users can utilize remote support and access to repair computers, provide updates, and manage machines. Users can also conduct online seminars and presentations using remote meetings.
1,546 ratings
200 reviews
Top Rated
TeamViewer provides software for both remote management and online collaborations. With TeamViewer, users have access to fully integrated online conference solutions for audio and video communication, including interactive screen sharing and remote access features.
BeyondTrust Remote Support (Legacy)
187 ratings
103 reviews
Top Rated
BeyondTrust says it helps support teams of all sizes improve business performance by enabling secure, controlled remote support to nearly any device or system, anywhere in the world.BeyondTrust offers deployment options that can fit a company’s business needs. The vendor says their on-premises physi…
LogMeIn Rescue
241 ratings
96 reviews
Top Rated
LogMeIn Rescue from the company LogMeIn in Boston, MA is remote administration software for IT management and support.
LogMeIn Central
111 ratings
61 reviews
LogMeIn Central is a powerful, cloud-based remote monitoring and endpoint management solution enabling IT professionals to effectively monitor, manage, and secure their endpoint infrastructure. Whether you have remote employees or endpoints scattered across the globe, the vendor promises that LogMe…
SolarWinds Dameware Remote Support (DRS)
96 ratings
55 reviews
DameWare Remote Support from Austin IT company SolarWinds is remote administration software for the remote control of desktops, laptops, and servers behind or outside the firewall, allowing registry editing, restart services, logging activity, account and password management, and more. The mobile ap…
Remote Desktop Manager
84 ratings
35 reviews
Remote Desktop Manager (RDM) from Canadian software company Devolutions is a remote administration and credential management tool for securely centralizing multiple remote connections and sensitive data.
VNC Connect
85 ratings
29 reviews
VNC® Connect is a remote access desktop. It enables users to remotely access and control their devices wherever they are in the world, whenever they need to. VNC® Connect covers a wide range of remote access use cases with a single subscription.
GoToAssist Remote Support
68 ratings
21 reviews
GoToAssist Remote Support from LogMeIn is remote administration software for IT tech support professionals, supporting remote access from any device (e.g. mobile), the ability to connect to and control unattended machines, and more. For smaller teams needing less functionality, LogMeIn offers the si…
VMware Fusion
62 ratings
18 reviews
Vmware Fusion is a virtual user session software built to run Windows applications on Macintosh to run any Windows applications.
Apple Remote Desktop
81 ratings
18 reviews
Apple Remote Desktop (ARD), from Apple, is a remote administration tool for managing Apple computers running OS X across a network.
Kaseya Virtual System Administrator (VSA)
41 ratings
17 reviews
Kaseya Virtual System Administrator (VSA) is a cloud based RMM product. It unifies infrastructure and endpoint monitoring capacities.
Chrome Remote Desktop
98 ratings
16 reviews
Chrome Remote Desktop from Google is a cross-platform remote administration and remote desktop tool that requires the Chrome browser and an extension.
Parallels Desktop
49 ratings
14 reviews
Parallels Desktop is a virtual user session solution built to run Windows on Macintosh computers without rebooting. It is designed for OS X Yosemite with one-click tuning.
Remote Desktop Services
58 ratings
13 reviews
Remote Desktop Services from Microsoft is virtual desktop and remote user session technology.
Splashtop Business Access
34 ratings
12 reviews
Splashtop Business Access is a remote desktop solution designed for business professionals and teams. The vendor’s value proposition is that this solution provides HD quality, sound, and fast connections. With this solution, users can remotely access their Windows and Mac computers from practically…
39 ratings
11 reviews
GoToMyPC is a remote administration offering from LogMeIn with mobile deployment to work on files, programs, and networks from home or while traveling.
SolarWinds Dameware Remote Everywhere (DRE)
23 ratings
10 reviews
SolarWinds Dameware Remote Everywhere provides help desk technicians a simple, cloud-based, remote-support solution to easily access endpoint devices. It features diagnostic and troubleshooting tools to help resolve issues more quickly. Using a laptop or a mobile app users can access end-device deta…
22 ratings
10 reviews
AnyDesk Software in Stuttgart offers their eponymous remote desktop software, designed to provide resilient remote access even with poor network access.
Wayk Now
11 ratings
10 reviews
Wayk Now is Devolutions' lightweight, versatile and secure support and remote desktop solution. Within seconds, you can take control of a remote computer or allow an authorized user to take control of your computer.
SolarWinds Take Control (formerly SolarWinds MSP Anywhere)
24 ratings
9 reviews
SolarWinds® Take Control™ is built to help IT service providers of all sizes support more customers via intuitive, fast remote support. Take Control provides access to deep diagnostic tools from one dashboard while also connecting to devices in seconds. It's designed to fit your technicians’ workflo…
Cisco Webex Support
42 ratings
7 reviews
Cisco Webex Support is designed to help decrease costs while increasing your support team's productivity. Address employee and customer questions, perform fast fixes, access remote computers, and upgrade software – all through the cloud.
Zoho Assist
24 ratings
6 reviews
Zoho Assist from Zoho Corporation is a remote administration tool for SMBs and outsourced IT.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is remote desktop software used for?

Remote desktop software lets users, typically IT professionals or administrators, access and control another user’s computer remotely. This allows companies to perform IT support and maintenance for specific devices without needing to have an IT professional physically present. These types of tools typically include features such as:

  • screen viewing and capture
  • ability to initiate remote access from mobile
  • file management
  • instant messaging
  • monitoring and alerts

What are the benefits of using a remote desktop tool?

The main benefit of using a remote desktop tool is that an organization can provide support to their employees, customers, or other end-users without being physically present. However, remote desktop tools can also be used to provide sales demos or training videos, provide online learning materials for students, or serve as a video conferencing solution.

What all of the use cases above have in common is that they can be performed remotely. This saves organizations the costs of needing to provide in-person support, demos, or training.

How much does remote desktop software cost?

Free remote desktop software is a great option if you plan on using it for one or two devices. However, free products often don’t have the capacity to provide large organizations and enterprises with a reliable remote desktop solution.

Prices for paid remote desktop software can vary based on the type of licensing model, the number of users, and the breadth of features included. On-premise software usually has a one-time, perpetual license fee. Cloud-based software tends to have monthly subscription-based pricing that can range from $50 - $550 per month, depending on the number of users.