YouCanBook.Me--great for getting clients pre-booked
July 13, 2021

YouCanBook.Me--great for getting clients pre-booked

Cindy Moore | TrustRadius Reviewer
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YouCanBook.Me is used here to make it easier for prospects to book a date or time for a demo. It is mostly used in the sales department. I spend a lot of time trying to book prospects in for a demo of our product. Because I deal with Auto Repair Shop owners, it is often hard for them to pick a day or time on the spot. It is also a challenge to get through the service advisor to speak to the owner, and often the owners don't even go into the shop much, so it is hard to get a day and time from them. YouCanBook.Me helps me with that. I am able to email them a link to my calendar and block off a time and date on my schedule. Sometimes I will use it in an email when I have not even spoken to the owner yet. When I have no luck on the phone, I eventually send a last chance email and I include the YouCanBook.Me link in the email and sometimes that works.
  • Allows a prospect flexibility in choosing a time to meet
  • Saves me a lot of time with followup phone calls to book a spot
  • I can choose the times I am available for each day
  • If I block off time in my Outlook calendar, it blocks it off in YouCanBook.Me as well, so if there is a one-off time I cannot meet, I can just block it in my calendar instead of going into my YouCanBook.Me account
  • I don't like the generic email invite to a Zoom meeting it sends out. Once I get the date sent to me in my email, I have to cancel the meeting and re-set the meeting with my own personalized Zoom Invite. Sometimes that is confusing for the prospect. However, now that I write this...I see an article on the web site about creating a unique Zoom meeting invite. I will have to check that out.
  • I set my work days as 9:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. but on the calendar it shows a time available at 6 p.m. My last appointment should be listed as 5 p.m., as my appointments are in 30-minute increments and I leave at 5:30 p.m. So that is confusing and resulted in a few appointments booked when I am not actually working.
  • I book demos for a coworker, and if he is busy in another meeting, I have to block it off in my calendar as "Jack is Busy" so that prospects won't pick a time that is not available for Jack. I wish there was a way I could link his Outlook calendar to my YouCanBook.Me. Perhaps there is, but I am unaware of it.
  • That I can create a link to send out in emails
  • Allows me to have more demos booked than I could reach otherwise
  • Allows the prospect to choose a time at their own leisure. So I know if they book it through the link, they are really interested. Sometimes when I call, a prospect will book a time but not intend to attend. If they booked it, I know they are interested.
  • Unfortunately, I am not in the position to comment on the ROI, but it has increased the amount of demos booked.
I have only used YouCanBook.Me. I actually have not heard of any others. I go by word of mouth, and YouCanBook.Me has a great reputation. I did not personally choose YouCanBook.Me, but I do choose to utilize it. We don't have to use it, but it certainly makes things a lot easier for me.

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I think YouCanBook.Me would be great for getting clients pre-booked for the future. It is also great to include your calendar link in an email blast. Sometimes my list of calls to make is very long. Sending my YouCanBook.Me link in the email blast gets me appointments booked that perhaps I would not get around to calling for a week or so.