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What is YouCanBook.Me? is appointment scheduling software from the UK company of the same name.

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YouCanBook.Me has proven to be a valuable tool for numerous organizations and teams across various industries. Academic institutions have …
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Product Demos

Scheduling Meetings (Part 2) - YouCanBook.Me Live Demo


YouCanBook.Me Google Sheets Integration - Add Rescheduled YouCanBook.Me Bookings to Google Sheets


YouCanBook.Me Google Sheets Integration - Add YouCanBook.Me Cancel Bookings to Google Sheets


EDU Online Demo


How to Create Events in Google Calendar for Every New Bookings (in real-time)

YouTube Entrepreneur Demo: Save Time with a Scheduling Tool

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Product Details

What is YouCanBook.Me? aims to take the hassle out of scheduling meetings.

The solution features customized booking pages and notifications, and enables users to set specific rules for each page and offer different appointment options. Users can invite team members to join account and create booking pages for any scenario - based on location, language, or projects. Unlimited notifications, reminders, and follow-up emails allow for communication and automatic rescheduling and cancellation. Editable booking form questions ensures users are always prepared. Export booking data or integrate with Zapier to automate instant reporting into existing systems.

The vendor states their solution is GDPR and ISO-27001 compliant and regularly PEN tested to ensure data security. They boast a decade of experience and more than 66 million bookings taken.

YouCanBook.Me Features

  • Supported: Flexible schedule & availability
  • Supported: Manage the availability of a team
  • Supported: Password protect a page
  • Supported: Multiple bookings per time slot
  • Supported: Appointment padding
  • Supported: Tentative bookings
  • Supported: View booking records
  • Supported: Cancellations & rescheduling
  • Supported: Export data

YouCanBook.Me Screenshots

Screenshot of Home PageScreenshot of Connect your calendarScreenshot of Create your booking pageScreenshot of Share your booking pageScreenshot of Customers schedule appointmentsScreenshot of Bookings straight into your calendarScreenshot of Meeting takes place

YouCanBook.Me Video

How works

YouCanBook.Me Integrations

YouCanBook.Me Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo

Frequently Asked Questions is appointment scheduling software from the UK company of the same name.

Calendly, Doodle, and Acuity Scheduling, a Squarespace company are common alternatives for YouCanBook.Me.

The most common users of YouCanBook.Me are from Small Businesses (1-50 employees).
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Billy Joe Cain | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
At PBJ Learning, we work with clients and agencies in all time zones. Complicating things, we have staff and advisors across the world that have to synchronize with us. Scheduling is a fundamental challenge for anyone that works in multiple time zones, so we use YouCanBook.Me for all our meetings. I've been a fan since I found out about it years ago and have been satisfied with their service ever since.
  • Scheduling.
  • Video meeting scheduling.
  • Ease of use.
  • Basic features do everything you need!
  • Gaps between meetings as a default.
  • Setting up Zoom meeting integration could be improved.
  • Additional customization/skinning options for basic customers.
Getting people to be in the same place at the same time is a breeze with YouCanBook.Me. It is so easy to set up and customize and get a link ready that it's surprising. I use it to let clients choose their best times and it automatically adds it to my Google Calendar!
November 23, 2021

Saved us tons of time!

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We provide donations to homeless service providers throughout Los Angeles. The agencies must pick up their orders from our warehouse. We use the program to schedule our pick up appointments. Our agencies book through the site and it populates our warehouse calendar will all of the pick up appointments.
  • easy to use
  • easy to set up
  • good customer service
  • can't really think of anything at the moment
This program works for us because we can select appointment availability and easily make adjustments for holiday, etc. The information is sent directly to our Warehouse staff and they can see all the agencies coming in and get their order ready for pick up.
Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I use YouCanBook.Me to schedule demos and meetings between our company's prospects and our account executives.
  • Scheduling
  • Automated Invitations
  • clear visibility
  • timezone selection
  • moving between dates
  • faster loading
YCBM is a versatile tool to help schedule appointments and demonstrations. If you're just using a system like Google Calendar or Outlook to schedule appointments, either for yourself or for others, YCBM is a much better alternative. It's easier to see availability and YCBM can be set up to automatically send invites with details like Zoom links or online screen share details and context for the next call. I find that it's not a great solution when having to book something several weeks out for example. It needs to load each week as a new page which can be time-consuming when you are on a call with a client.
Cindy Moore | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
YouCanBook.Me is used here to make it easier for prospects to book a date or time for a demo. It is mostly used in the sales department. I spend a lot of time trying to book prospects in for a demo of our product. Because I deal with Auto Repair Shop owners, it is often hard for them to pick a day or time on the spot. It is also a challenge to get through the service advisor to speak to the owner, and often the owners don't even go into the shop much, so it is hard to get a day and time from them. YouCanBook.Me helps me with that. I am able to email them a link to my calendar and block off a time and date on my schedule. Sometimes I will use it in an email when I have not even spoken to the owner yet. When I have no luck on the phone, I eventually send a last chance email and I include the YouCanBook.Me link in the email and sometimes that works.
  • Allows a prospect flexibility in choosing a time to meet
  • Saves me a lot of time with followup phone calls to book a spot
  • I can choose the times I am available for each day
  • If I block off time in my Outlook calendar, it blocks it off in YouCanBook.Me as well, so if there is a one-off time I cannot meet, I can just block it in my calendar instead of going into my YouCanBook.Me account
  • I don't like the generic email invite to a Zoom meeting it sends out. Once I get the date sent to me in my email, I have to cancel the meeting and re-set the meeting with my own personalized Zoom Invite. Sometimes that is confusing for the prospect. However, now that I write this...I see an article on the web site about creating a unique Zoom meeting invite. I will have to check that out.
  • I set my work days as 9:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. but on the calendar it shows a time available at 6 p.m. My last appointment should be listed as 5 p.m., as my appointments are in 30-minute increments and I leave at 5:30 p.m. So that is confusing and resulted in a few appointments booked when I am not actually working.
  • I book demos for a coworker, and if he is busy in another meeting, I have to block it off in my calendar as "Jack is Busy" so that prospects won't pick a time that is not available for Jack. I wish there was a way I could link his Outlook calendar to my YouCanBook.Me. Perhaps there is, but I am unaware of it.
I think YouCanBook.Me would be great for getting clients pre-booked for the future. It is also great to include your calendar link in an email blast. Sometimes my list of calls to make is very long. Sending my YouCanBook.Me link in the email blast gets me appointments booked that perhaps I would not get around to calling for a week or so.
Travis Brown | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We were looking for a tool that would allow people to sign up for a demo of software that fit their schedule. We looked at a few options, but ultimately found YouCanBook.Me, and the results have been great. This integrates with our existing calendar so I never miss an appointment, and it allows our customers and potential customers to choose the time that works best for them. It's priced great and it really works!
  • Allowing Customers to schedule meetings on my calendar.
  • Calendar Integrations.
  • Vacation/Away times -- there's not currently a way to just block out a day without doing it through your calendar.
If you are allowing anyone else to schedule appointments on your calendar, this is a perfect solution.
Juan Carlos Molina Castejón | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use YouCanBook.Me (YCBM) as part of our online scheduling and reservation system for academic spaces inside our main campus. This is part of our core unit that delivers technology services and facilitates activities such as videoconferencing, online cousres, webinar hosting, etc. It helps us automate the process of our users requesting a specific time/date for an activity, by allowing us to confirm it via automatic emails that we get when someone fills an event form in a calendar slot inside our portal.
  • Great at synchronizing with your enterprise calendar (Gsuite, outlook, icloud) that updates changes to events (creation, rescheduling and cancelling) both in a quick and reliable way.
  • It simplifies the reservation process by sending you and your clients automatic email messages to confirm, reschedule or cancelling a requested appointment, activity or event.
  • Youcanbookme integrates to your website in a seamless way. It allows you to fully customize it's layout and graphic style to fully match that of your company's website.
  • It has many options for creating workflows that meet your company's specific needs, it works great with third party APIs (via webhooks) and is supported in Zapier to easily work in conjunction with a bunch of other services.
  • The new billing method is not convenient at all, because it you pay on the amount of calendars linked to your account. This limits how you can take advantage of many features, and you have to be very careful on how many calendars you will be paying for every year.
  • Youcanbookme forms are easy to setup, but it would be really great if would be really helpful if one could incorporate a little logic into them. For example, if yes is answered then display this question but if no, then go to the end of the form.
  • Handling email addresses for youcanbookme reservations is a hassle because there is no option for the user to upload them from a spreadsheet or CSV file, instead they have to manually input them and this gives a lot of room for human error. is great for small businesses or for self-employed professionals who need an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution for handling large numbers of clients. It's great for eliminating inconvenient miscommunication and tedious back-to-back emails in order to set a proper date and/or meeting details. However, if you need a more sophisticated system that fits into your company's IT procedures and carries sensitive data, an in house solution would fit best.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
This app allows us to schedule appointments "automagically." It just works! If you need a tool to permit automated appointment scheduling, this is my favorite. And I've tried several.

Without hassle, once the tool is set up (which is simple AND easy) it takes into account in real time whichever calendars you use to indicate your UNavailability. That presents your clients to find one of your preselected times that works in THEIR schedule. This saves untold hours of back-and-forth to arrange a time to meet in person or virtually. Then, it sends as many reminders to you AND your client or colleague to help make sure that connection occurs.

YouCanBook.Me also allows you to have multiple pages and multiple meeting specs for various audiences. Its ability to also include "stories" to provide background and promos of whatever you wish to promote.
  • Coordinates calendars in real time, including from disparate providers (e.g., Google Calendar, Outlook, iCloud/Apple) at no added cost (unlike competitor practices)
  • Makes it simple to create multiple pages and types of appointments to offer, with unique looks
  • The user experience for clients is simple, intuitive, and professional
  • I'd LOVE to see the ability to have multiple parties find a coordinated time to hold a meeting within the context of YouCanBook.Me
  • The UI for the backend might also be clearer with the names assigned to various functions
  • Even more contemporary landing page options would be welcome
This is ideal for an automated appointment setting tool. Once set up, it allows others to arrange appointments when it fits their calendar in the context of your availability.

If you are coordinating a time for MULTIPLE parties at once, YouCanBook.Me is not useful.
Hope Cutchins | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use YouCanBook.Me across a few teams within our organization. It is most heavily used by our recruiting team to schedule calls with prospects and applicants for our internship program, but since we are an international organization it is also sometimes helpful for scheduling calls between our US office and team members in other places. It makes it really easy to schedule calls across time zones and sync them to your calendar.
  • One really helpful feature of YouCanBook.Me for our organization is that everyone can see appointment times in their own time zone. We frequently schedule interviews with applicants nationwide, as well as communicating with team members located in 32 different countries, so this has really simplified scheduling.
  • We rely heavily on Google Calendar for staff scheduling, so it is great that YouCanBook.Me can sync your availability straight from your calendar as well as automatically adding meetings to your calendar when they are booked.
  • We use YouCanBook.Me to schedule follow-up calls with people we meet at conferences and other recruiting events. It's really simple to have someone sign up for a call, and this has been a really effective tool for us to stay in communication with prospects.
  • I honestly can't think of anything I have had trouble with. YouCanBook.Me has served all of the functions I have needed it to.
YouCanBook.Me has made it really easy to schedule calls with applicants and with team members scattered across the world. We use it a lot to schedule follow up calls with potential leads from conferences and other recruiting events, which has been really key in converting leads from those events, and we direct applicants for our internship and staff positions to YouCanBook.Me to schedule interviews. We also use it to schedule calls with team members internationally. It is most useful for scheduling a call between two participants.
Michael Kim | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Incentivized is being used by our project management team to schedule online moderated interviews between our researchers and our test participants, or between our test participants and our customers. It helps a lot with our scheduling because it syncs with Google calendar, and it sends our participants automatic reminders. It works a majority of the time. There have been a LOT of bugs with it, and we've constantly had to contact support, but it's getting there!
  • Automatic reminders sent to scheduled individuals.
  • You can customize reminders and confirmations sent to individuals, and customize a lot of other parts of the messaging.
  • You can use it to mass schedule a lot of individuals into various time slots. It's fairly complicated to train someone on, but easy to use once you get it.
  • We loved the old version of Once they updated the site and functionality, we hated it. We kept reverting back to the old version, but now we cannot use the old version anymore. The new version has made it much slower to set up a new profile and fill in all of the reminders.
  • If they made it faster to populate a new profile by limiting repetition, that'd be awesome. We have to edit the titles of calendar events, emails to us, emails to participants, etc.
  • Working with Google calendar is sometimes frustrating, but they've recently updated it to make it easier for us to duplicate calendar events. syncs with Google calendar, so making all of the calendar events set to "Free" (previously, "Available") is pretty annoying.
It's well suited to send to a bunch of people to schedule interviews, appointments, massages, etc. It's not appropriate if there are just a few people you need to schedule. Recruiters can use this to schedule candidates in for interviews with individuals. If the interviewer provides the recruiter with calendar time slots, then the recruiter can use to schedule in those candidates.
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