Appointment Scheduling Software

Best Appointment Scheduling Software include:

Acuity Scheduling, Calendly, and Doodle.

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Appointment Scheduling Software Overview

What is Appointment Scheduling Software?

Appointment Scheduling software allows businesses and professionals to book appointments through an online calendar. Also known as appointment booking software, or online booking software, appointment scheduling is offered as a marketing tool for small businesses. Scheduling software is designed to bridge call-to-actions in ads or on landing pages to real booked appointments.

Advanced appointment scheduling software includes more than an online calendar. They may scale to include backend automation (e.g. inventory management, workforce management), or front desk tools (e.g. Point of Sale). Alternately, some very small and sometimes free appointment scheduling tools are built around simple convenience. Free calendar tools supply a simple means for a customer to book a one-on-one appointment fast. Free online calendars may be preferred by solo practitioners and individual professionals.

Features of Appointment Scheduling Software

Online appointment scheduling tools provide the following features:

  • Integration with popular calendar tools (e.g. Outlook, Google Calendar, etc.)

  • Booking button on website or email linked to calendar

  • Calendar may manage multiple locations, rooms, and employees

  • Book one-on-one meetings and group meetings

  • Workforce job assignment rules (e.g. Round Robin)

  • Suggest a time to customers based on availability & their needs

  • Request & input customer information (e.g. email, phone number, etc.)

  • Time zone detection

  • Appointment reminders (e.g. SMS or email)

  • Customizable appointment calendar and notifications

  • Subscription or membership scheduling and booking/sales

  • Ability to book multiple or repeating events

  • Mobile booking app

  • Social media site booking (e.g. Facebook)

  • Integrated Point-of-Sale (PoS) and payment processing

  • Marketing or ad tech integration to connect ads to an online calendar

Pricing Information

Online appointment scheduling software is cloud-based and available via subscription. Free plans supporting a limited number of event types are available. Vendors offer plans that can vary from $8 to $400. Lower priced plans focus on providing calendar features while higher-priced plans may offer integrated marketing automation, PoS, and workforce management features. To that extent, higher price tiers may represent a total small business solution for appointment driven businesses such as clinics or spas. Most vendors offer discounts for annual or multi-year subscriptions.

Appointment Scheduling Products

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156 ratings
60 reviews
Top Rated
Calendly is appointment scheduling software from the company of the same name in Atlanta, Georgia.
Acuity Scheduling
62 ratings
35 reviews
Top Rated
Acuity Scheduling is an appointment management platform from the company of the same name in New York.
42 ratings
27 reviews
Top Rated
Doodle is appointment scheduling software from the Swiss company of the same name.
Chili Piper
23 ratings
16 reviews
Chili Piper Meetings is a suite of automated scheduling tools designed to help revenue teams convert more leads into qualified meetings, faster. Its intelligent Concierge product allows prospects to book a meeting or start a phone call immediately after submitting a form on a website. Chili Piper …
27 ratings
15 reviews
Booker is a leading appointment scheduling, point-of-sale, and business management software that powers thousands of spas and salons worldwide. The software includes a complete suite of management tools, and provides integrated online booking, marketing, and more. Booker is completely web-based, whi…
10to8 Appointment Scheduling Software
9 ratings
8 reviews
10to8 is appointment management software from the UK company of the same name.
8 ratings
8 reviews is an artificial intelligence-based scheduling platform from the New York headquartered company of the same name.
8 ratings
7 reviews
Genbook is appointment scheduling software from the company of the same name in San Francisco, California.
9 ratings
6 reviews
SetMore is appointment scheduling software from the company of the same name in Portland, Oregon.
15 ratings
5 reviews
TimeTrade helps leading brands optimize engagement through all phases of the customer relationship. TimeTrade’s Intelligent Appointment Scheduling platform harnesses artificial intelligence to improve meeting scheduling strategies through real-time customer insights and actions, in order to produce …
12 ratings
5 reviews is appointment scheduling software from the UK company of the same name.
12 ratings
4 reviews
ScheduleOnce is appointment scheduling software from the company of the same name headquartered in Walnut, California.
5 ratings
4 reviews is an online appointment booking system, enabling service companies to accept online bookings 24/7. The vendor says they provide a one stop solution for service companies whereby clients can run their whole business through one and the same platform. The vendor claims that, with them…
JRNI (formerly BookingBug)
6 ratings
3 reviews
JRNI is an enterprise SaaS scheduling platform for personalizing and optimizing the customer journey. JRNI is based on the former BookingBug (rebranded in 2019).
3 ratings
3 reviews
Apptoto, from the company of the same name headquartered in Bend, is an appointment scheduling app featuring appointment reminders, online booking, custom appointment messaging, and integrates with commonly used email and calendars.
Square Appointments
6 ratings
3 reviews
Square headquartered in San Francisco, California offers Square Appointments, appointment scheduling software. The software is based on technology acquired with BookFresh in February 2014.
3 ratings
2 reviews
BookSteam provides an online appointment scheduling platform to small or large businesses around the world.
Sabre Red Workspace
2 ratings
2 reviews
Sabre Red Workspace, from Sabre Travel Network, is travel agent workspace management solution.
4 ratings
2 reviews is online scheduling software from the San Francisco based company of the same name.
1 ratings
1 reviews
Appointy is appointment management software from the company of the same name headquartered in India.
Regiondo Pro
1 ratings
1 reviews
Regiondo Pro is an all-in-one solution for leisure and recreation providers to book and manage appointments and activities via their own website. The vendor says with this cost-saving system businesses can increase sales by 30%. The shop can be adapted to the design of the user’s website and is resp…
Zoho Bookings
2 ratings
1 reviews
Zoho Bookings is a calendar syncing and appointment booking app for consultants, firms, and small business.
2 ratings
1 reviews
Bookafy is an online appointment scheduling solution targeted at a variety of industries. The vendor’s value proposition is that their solution is simple to use, fully customizable, has an elegant user interface and can be embedded into the business user’s website. Support is available via phone, em…
Timely Salon Software
3 ratings
1 reviews
Timely is appointment scheduling and business management software for spas and salons from the New Zealand company of the same name.
3 ratings
1 reviews
Schedulicity is an appointment booking platform from the company of the same name in Bozeman, Montana.