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Oracle Hospitality

To anyone in my industry, I would not recommend this to them. However, if they are just a restaurant or a bar, then, yes. I can recommend it. Micros is just a software version of an analog cash register. Its only purpose is to ring in items and take payments, that's it. And it does that very well. If you need Micros to interface with other software you're going to have a bad time. FECs should stay away but restaurants/bars should jump on it.
Matthew James | TrustRadius Reviewer


Oracle Hospitality

  • Micros' hardware has above average longevity, so long as you don't have a touchscreen in the kitchen.
  • Micros has a number of companies that allow integration into the POS, allowing you to add on pieces as you see fit.
Aaron Langguth | TrustRadius Reviewer


Oracle Hospitality

  • Difficult to learn "coding" screen setup.
  • Outdated back of house operating system.
  • Hardware space - We always seem to run out of space on our back of house computer due to the size of the MICROS files.
  • Customer service is subpar. Reps on the phone never seem to know who I need to be transferred to to resolve my issue.
  • Hold time on customer service phone line. Every time I've called MICROS for help the call never takes less than 30+ minutes.
  • Customer service operations consistency. There's always a different solution for an issue when I call.
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer

Alternatives Considered

Oracle Hospitality

CenterEdge is the point of sale we replaced 5 years ago and it was not by choice. I could get into specifics as to why the change was made to Micros but for our type of business, it is just not a good fit. I've said this countless times and I will say it again, Micros is great for restaurants and bars just not for our business model. If you have one of those types of businesses where you just sell food and drink, go for it! But if you need something that will tie multiple attractions, food and beverage, and entertainment into one point of sale. Look elsewhere like CenterEdge, which I have reviewed on here and is great for FECs. We have moved back to as it works with our type of business.
Matthew James | TrustRadius Reviewer

Return on Investment

Oracle Hospitality

  • Micros has allowed us to leverage our margin by using our own credit processor and loyalty program. We've seen success from both of these platforms (not Micros) and have been able to save money on the extra costs of using Micros.
Aaron Langguth | TrustRadius Reviewer

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Oracle Hospitality


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