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Next-Generation Firewalls - PA Series

Great for a small to medium sized business, with connectivity requirements at around 1GBPS. Once you go over that, especially when A VPN is involved, resources can become taxed and you might be better off looking at a higher end model. Though note these devices are not cheap, and can be especially expensive with all of the licenses added on.
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  • Performs a lot of security functionality all in one device - this is important because especially in today's world, there are a lot of point products out there and it can be difficult for a small or medium-sized business to manage all of them. Having one product saves time, money, and complexity.
  • High availability performance is very good, failover is seamless, which is important for business continuity.
  • GUI is excellent, which makes it very easy for administrators to manage the firewall and see exactly what is happening.
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  • The CLI is a bit confusing, and it's difficult to find what you're looking for. Takes a lot of practice. Definitely not as good as the Cisco CLI.
  • Updating the firmware is often a very dangerous process, especially when jumping minor or major releases. More QA should be done to validate and ensure no issues during upgrades. I'll admit it's gotten better over time, but there is still room for improvement.
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Next-Generation Firewalls - PA Series10.0
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This firewall is the most comprehensive firewall with the easiest interface I've ever used. The interface is also very intuitive and it's easy to figure out what features will or will not do if they're turned on or off. The logging and reporting features are also great. Easy to understand and to generate.
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Alternatives Considered

I have used Cisco & Sonicwall primarily in most of my 23+ years of network security experience. Over the years all of these platforms have matured, but Palo Alto beats them all in terms of user interface.

The ability to run reports, get access to data immediately, and have the data be extremely accurate and granular is what sets Palo Alto apart from the others. Deployment of the VPN client(s) on multiple platforms is simple to manage and doesn't break other applications like many other VPN client software does. The performance of the firewall from a throughput and monitoring standpoint is second to none.
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Return on Investment

  • ROI could be measured in the first few attacks you prevent. IT leaders rarely include the cost of clean-up and preventative scanning of computers and networks in the ROI of a product purchase.
  • Many IT departments do not understand what the financial impact to a business outage would be, but it's one of the most if not THE most critical ROI that should be calculated. In our company, we have too many users, services, applications, and partners who need 24x7 access to our network and to the Internet to compromise with less technology.
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Next-Generation Firewalls - PA Series

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