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12 Ratings
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The single element of Parature I've not seen in any other system of this kind is the Download Module. You can post files in the open, or protect them by any number of entitlement methods. The solution is also appealing to those who don't want to manage the back-end/IT needs as it is a hosted solution and has proven to be very reliable.
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  • Syncs all support emails into cases that can the be prioritized, monitored, and tracked.
  • Provides easy canned responses to common support questions helping save time.
  • Provides live chat.
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  • Keep it simple - too many ticket routing tools like this try to do too much which ends up requiring more training time to use and makes it cumbersome for the user in production
  • Love the fact that its web browser based but I'd love to see a Cloud Client that can be installed on the workstation so the user has a choice
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Likelihood to Renew

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It needs a lot of work and I feel that it is so unpolished and for a company like Blackboard you would think they would have spent more time investigating all possible scenarios.
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It was bulky, cumbersome, and didn't allow us to handle the volume of cases we received on a daily basis. Many of our issues were highly technical in nature and we would often need to work on 2 or 3 at once. The poor design choices prevented this, which was unfortunate.
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Reliability and Availability

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They recently had one very extended outage. It was a data center issue - but they were not diversified enough so in the end the system was down for almost 8 hours. There are also periods of time where for no reason the system simply doesn't respond. This small outages are usually short (just a few minutes), and have in fact been occurring less often, so it appears some corrective actions have been taken.
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Nothing ever seemed to get resolved
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Alternatives Considered

Salesforce is so much more intuitive and the layout is so much better. I never had any training nor did I need it with SF and with Parature it was a constant battle to understand its issues. I don't like to feel I have to resort to a manual every time I use the product
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Return on Investment

  • Parature allows for better Customer Service
  • Can follow up automatically for tickets
  • Will automatically close tickets that haven't been responded to.
  • Allows customers to reopen tickets easily and not allow them to be missed.
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