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19 Ratings
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SiteSpect is kind of the difference between the space shuttle and a bicycle. They will both get you places. However Sitespect is considerably more complex and more configurable than most other options that I have seen and used (Optimizely, Visual Website Optimizer, etc.). But those other solutions also have a much lower learning curve and [users] are able to do a lot of things with relatively no coding experience or skill, where SiteSpect really does need capable developers to be utilized well.
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  • Sitespect is a great AB and multivariate testing tool. It is particularly valuable as a non-Javascript solution. Setting up tests can be done in minutes without IT involvement.
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  • SiteSpect has a number of areas that are a bit difficult for users to understand, the main one being traffic allocation. Without getting into a long example the basic fact is that if you have 10 experiments running, it is very possible to have a very difficult time understanding how much traffic is going to each test, which is obviously not ideal for A/B testing. This problem is being addressed and hopefully will be fixed before 2017.
  • SiteSpect is very powerful, and it does have a GUI interface to help you make simple changes to your website, however to really use it to its potential, you will need developers who are comfortable with advanced CSS and JavaScript to use it.
  • The workflow of setting up experiments in Sitespect is also a little counter-intuitive. This is being addressed and fixed, but as it sits currently it does take some getting used to.
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Likelihood to Renew

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I'm no longer at the company where I used SiteSpect, but based on my 18+ months as the manager responsible for the use of SiteSpect, I'd definitely recommend continuing with the product. I've since recommended it to one other company. SiteSpect has been a great business partner - the level of customer support that I got was outstanding over the time that I used the product.
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When we have any questions on how the tool can be utilized for some unique requirements, they always make excellent suggestions.
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Just need to have your requirements ready such as, what you are expecting from the tool, is there anything specific you want regarding reporting, tracking etc.
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Alternatives Considered

I have used all the tools in the market. Sitespect kicks them into the curb based on how easy it is to build variations, and hot it doesnt interfere with client load.
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Return on Investment

  • I'm not able to share exact numbers for confidentiality reasons, but I've seen the significant increases in conversion in an e-commerce environment through the use of SiteSpect. These are big numbers that get the attention of senior executives.
  • Beyond the gains you can get by using SiteSpect to optimize conversion, you can also save money by using SiteSpect to test the value of content and 3rd-party applications on your site. It's a great tool for evaluating 3rd-party products on your site because you can expose them to a limited audience and determine whether or not they really add value.
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