SiteSpect: A Robust Testing Platform and a Must for Flicker-Free Performance
March 24, 2016

SiteSpect: A Robust Testing Platform and a Must for Flicker-Free Performance

William Van Fleet | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with SiteSpect

We currently use SiteSpect as our primary A/B and MVT tool. It is primarily administered by our IT group, but the tests and target campaigns we drive with the tool are defined by the Marketing Department. We adopted SiteSpect initially because it seemed like the most robust and flexible testing tool of the competitors we considered. It's continued to be a reliable tool, and we've even used it concurrently with other testing solutions.


  • One of the primary reasons we selected SiteSpect was the fact that the experience is flicker-free. From that standpoint, it is still more capable than any platform we've seen demonstrated.
  • SiteSpect is very useful to run "target" type campaigns. For our purposes, we can quickly deploy changes that would require more lengthy core development times.
  • SiteSpect's support is top notch, and the tool is so robust that almost any testing scenario can be realized.


  • We've never been able to reconcile SiteSpect's analytics with our own, so the value of that offering is completely lost on us.
  • SiteSpect isn't a business user friendly tool. We use either front-end or full-stack developers to build and deploy our tests. Without some front-end dev knowledge, a marketer would probably find SiteSpect intimidating or difficult to use.
  • While SiteSpect is truly flicker-free, the functionality comes at the expense of an extra hop for our website visitors. This can add latency and complicate troubleshooting efforts.
  • SiteSpect has definitely provided a consistent ROI on the testing front. I can't discuss specific numbers, but the tool has allowed us to generate revenue through successful tests and by streamlining certain optimization efforts.
  • The technical knowledge required to successfully execute tests and campaigns in SiteSpect requires a meaningful investment in talented developers and capable analysts. I would expect a small or inexperienced organization to have a lot of difficulty getting the same value.
  • SiteSpect has enabled us to deploy a lot of proof-of-concept experiences much more rapidly than we could have otherwise. As long as it is administered by capable staff, it is reliable and a great way to go to market rapidly.
We haven't seen any platform deliver the flicker-free performance of SiteSpect. While most platforms have improved their business user facing tools since we originally selected SiteSpect, we've never had any doubt about it's advanced capabilities. Any test we can imagine can be run through SiteSpect, and they have provided the support we required when we didn't have the expertise in-house to realize our vision. At this stage, I feel that SiteSpect's user interface lags behind the competition, but it's feature set can't be argued with.
SiteSpect is great for businesses with available development resources and a need to provide flicker-free performance. Additionally, the month-to-month service model is attractive considering the contract and implementation prices of most of the tool's competitors. If an organization wants to run a lot of tests with a small team of marketers, I wouldn't recommend a tool as complex as SiteSpect. Effective use of the tool requires a lot of technical skill.


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