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Oracle Service Bus and Workday Business Process Framework.

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Enterprise Service Bus Software Overview

What is Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Software?

A bus is a general term that describes a communication system that transfers data between components inside a computer, or between computers.

An Enterprise Service Bus is also a kind of data transfer connector between applications and services. It is essentially a piece of middleware used to distribute work among components of an application or between applications. The central concept is that the ESB provides the middleware and interfaces that allow businesses to connect their applications without writing code. Connecting new services, data sources, clients or applications to the central bus relies on industry standards and is relatively easy to do.

One of the most important problems solved by an Enterprise Service Bus software is the problem of point-to-point integration which can become very difficult to manage over time. Typically custom code connecting multiple applications or components can result in a maze of code which is very difficult to manage. An Enterprise Service Bus provides a central way to manage these connections much more elegantly.

How does an ESB work?

One way to visualize an ESB is to think of it as a set of switches that can direct messages along a route between applications or application components based on message contents and implementation or business policies.

An ESB architecture controls the way that work travels along the bus making it quite easy to change components or add additional components. Because an ESB sees all the traffic being routed between components, it is also a convenient place to enforce security and compliance and even to handle performance monitoring and load balancing.

Enterprise Service Bus Products

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MuleSoft Anypoint Platform
40 ratings
15 reviews
The Anypoint Platform developed by MuleSoft and acquired by Salesforce in early 2018 is designed to connect apps, data, and devices anywhere, on-premises or in the cloud. This platform was built to offer out-of-the-box connectors as well as tools that architects and developers can adopt quickly to d…
Oracle Service Bus
7 ratings
7 reviews
The vendor states that Oracle Service Bus transforms complex and brittle architectures into agile integration networks by connecting, virtualizing, and managing interactions between services and applications. Oracle Service Bus delivers standards-based integration for mission critical SOA environmen…
WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus
8 ratings
5 reviews
WSO2 says they have taken a fresh look at old-style, centralized ESB architectures, and designed their unique WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus from the ground up as the highest performance, lowest footprint, and most interoperable service oriented architecture (SOA) and integration middleware today. Addi…
Mule ESB
23 ratings
5 reviews
Mule ESB, from Mulesoft, is an open source middleware solution.
Workday Business Process Framework
41 ratings
2 reviews
Workday acquired ESB vendor Cape Clear in 2008 so as to offer integration as a service.
IBM DataPower Gateway
8 ratings
2 reviews
The IBM DataPower Gateway is a security and integration platform.
Aurea CX Platform
7 ratings
1 review
CX Process from Aurea Software in Austin is a business process management offering, based on Savvion BPM.
WebSphere Message Broker
16 ratings
1 review
WebSphere Message Broker from IBM is an enterprise service bus (ESB).
WSO2 Carbon
WSO2's Carbon provides an open source application infrastructure.
iWay Enterprise Information Management Suite
iWay Enterprise Information Management Suite from ibi / Information Builders is a data integration solution.
iWay Service Manager
iWay Service Manager (iSM) is an integration server that aims to ensure rapid access to timely, accurate data across all systems, processes and stakeholders – with interoperability between disparate systems and data. According to the vendor, with iSM, all aspects of an existing infrastructure – ev…
Interstage from Fujitsu is a business operation platform.
Neuron ESB
Neudesic offers Neuron ESB, an enterprise service bus for .NET developers, emphasizing fast and efficient data capture and data movement in an IoT environment, simplified messaging, service management features like real time usage analytics and application health monitoring, and the ability to bette…
A high-performance, lean and robust integration framework + runtime (ESB) Intuitive drag-n-drop graphical integration workflowsSimple, annotation- and markup-driven configuration modelComplete with monitoring, analytics, clustering/HAMultiple deployment options: in-house / cloud (AWS EC2, Google Cl…
webMethods Business Process Management Suite (BPMS)
6 ratings
0 reviews
webMethods BPMS is a business process management platform offered by Software AG. Key features include business application development, task and team management, and KPI monitoring and alerts.
Azure Service Bus
5 ratings
0 reviews
Microsoft offers Azure Service Bus as a reliable cloud messaging as a service (MaaS) and simple hybrid integration solution.