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Workday Business Process Framework

Workday Business Process Framework


What is Workday Business Process Framework?

Workday acquired ESB vendor Cape Clear in 2008 so as to offer integration as a service.

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What is Workday Business Process Framework?

Workday acquired ESB vendor Cape Clear in 2008 so as to offer integration as a service.

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What is Aurea Process?

Aurea Process (formerly CX Process) from Aurea Software in Austin is a business process management offering, based on Savvion BPM.

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What is Workday Business Process Framework?

Workday Business Process Framework Technical Details

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Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Workday to process almost all of our HR-related business processes such as performance review, compensation, onboarding/offboarding employees, etc. We also use Workday to process employee reimbursement and procurement.
  • Very HR friendly.
  • Great reporting features which are easily customized.
  • Ease of use: User friendly portal and intuitive user interface.
  • Improvement for data audit: it is impossible to configure Workday to send an email or text alert when a security admin accesses sensitive data such as employee salary in both production and staging environments. In fact, Workday requires the business owners to manually check the data access logs to find out if anyone attempts to access the sensitive data.
Workday is great for HR processes. All my HR stakeholders love Workday.

We tried to use Workday for the business processes of procurement and finance, but we found many issues to customize the processes to the way my company needs. Moreover, the consulting service to implement the processes is also very expansive.
  • Employee onboarding and offboarding.
  • Employee compensation.
  • Organization structure displayed on employee profile.
  • Increased efficiency.
  • Automate HR processes.
  • Workday introduces new capabilities that inspire HR to develop better processes.
Workday has more features that fit my company's needs.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
The Workday Business Process Framework is being used for simple tasks that employees need to complete on a daily basis. This includes doing things like checking in and out of the workday to obtain an accurate measure of the time they were there, accessing the directory of all the employees that work for the company, and exploring options when it comes to benefits and things of that nature.
  • Organization
  • Ease of Use
  • Great brand reputation
  • Support hotline to call in for problems can be frustrating
  • Trying to log in outside of your employer network can be like jumping through too many hoops.
  • Forgotten passwords can be difficult to recover.
Overall, Workday Business Process Framework offers a lot for the company I am employed by and could also be used for much more than we use it for. It's great for larger companies that need to keep track of a large number of employees. You can easily work through payroll and download reports that could be important for that statistics of the company. It probably wouldn't be well suited for a small business that doesn't employ many workers due to cost and just usefulness.
  • It's easy for employees to find answers on their own without having to speak with multiple departments.
  • It ensures that there usually are no errors made when punching in and out.
  • If there is a glitch with the system then it can cause a problem for an entire company which is something to consider.
Although I am not involved in the decision process when it comes to choosing software, I believe that Workday Business Process Framework really gives the most that a product can offer. There are many great things that this software offers that my employer hasn't even tapped into. With that being said, with all the great features that Workday offers, easily stacks up against its competitors.
When dealing with their customer support, it could be a very difficult process. You need to identify who you are, which is great when looking at it from a security standpoint. Unfortunately, this could be frustrating at times due to the fact that everyone is constantly making passwords and secret questions for many other accounts. Other than that, the customer support really does try to help to the best of their ability.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Workday as our HCM but didn't purchase the full suite of modules offered. Because of this, we heavily use the BP framework to ensure we can pull the worker objects into consumable reports for dashboards, end users, and more.
  • Ability to customize, add objects, delete objects for users or roles if defined.
  • Able to share report definitions across users.
  • Sharing amongst the Workday community and ability to suggest BP delivered reporting from Workday directly.
  • Not all worker or field objects are available, unless you have the full suite of modules.
  • Naming conventions aren't always intuitive for end users.
  • Search functions for reports do not always return what BP you're searching for.
The business process framework is excellent if your company is planning to purchase the full suite of modules available. Even if you're not planning to purchase them all, you must accept that there will be certain worker or Enterprise objects that will not be accessible to you. Matrix and Indexed reports allow you to pull related objects in a relatively fast manner and make them available for dashboards type reports. If you are being tasked with giving visual report updates to end users, the Workday BP is an excellent choice.
  • Transparency in reporting.
  • Customization and buildout of role based users.
  • Ability to build dashboards by role for ease of access to information.
I can't say how Oracle would have done in our Enterprise, but we ultimately went with Workday because of the stepped in approach and ability to add modules as our needs matured and became more sophisticated globally.
Not only can we receive dedicated support from Workday, but the Workday user community is a powerful tool to troubleshoot BP errors, brainstorm, and to dive deeper on a topic of interest.
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