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Saba Cloud


What is Saba Cloud?

Saba Cloud is a talent management suite which includes performance management, succession planning, learning management, planning, and recruiting. The vendor intends the cloud-based platform to be highly scalable to enable continuous corporate employee development.


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Saba Cloud Alternatives Pricing

The following is a quick overview of editions offered by other Talent Management Software


What is Coursera?

Coursera is a learning management platform from the company of the same name in Mountain View, California.

Oracle Cloud HCM

What is Oracle Cloud HCM?

Oracle Cloud HCM combines various human resources operations, such as Core HR functions, talent management, and workforce management, within one platform. The Cloud program provides global scaling and prioritizes mobile accessibility and integration.


What is Moodle?

Moodle is an open source Learning Management System used by educational institutions. The product is administered by the Moodle Project which is led by Moodle HQ in Australia.

Saba Cloud Pricing-Related Quotes

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of the promise of seamless integration with Workday, a cloud service, and cost.

Related Quote from Bruce Boyd

what we receive from Saba LMS, compared to the cost of others that we evaluated, it is the best value for the needs that we have. The ease of use of

Related Quote from Verified User

user-friendliness and the ease of usage. Other factors which favored Saba were cost, functionality, implementation, vendor roadmaps and support our multi-lingual

Related Quote from Jeanne Bonzon

We were able to get Saba's entire Talent Cloud for the cost of our last LMS. That meant we were able to implement performance management … everything that its competitors offer. The integration capability at a great price made the decision easy.

Related Quote from Verified User

License cost and implementation cost is higher compared to other LMS applications. Like any other … force. Saba Cloud is being used by the entire organization and it provides value to the employees' skills. This in-return impacts the organization's performance &he…

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was even launched. For the size that Saba can handle the price although a little bit more expensive can do pretty much everything in the LMS realm. I couldn't

Related Quote from Angie Briggs

definitely more expensive than the limited LMS we transitioned from. However, the expansion of our training content and availability has offset the cost. … respond and find solutions to any system issues encountered. And, for a small fee, they have consultants who can either…

Related Quote from Verified User

The integrated Saba Meeting component and reduced cost vs SumTotal were very important to us.

Related Quote from Verified User

materials driven company. Any of these advanced topics could be of great value for the learning of several of our employees. It is hard but it is my request

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Not only does this make the tool better fit our needs, it demonstrates the value that Saba places on it's customers. … Saba's modules work very well together, and yet are value-added even as standalone tools. We used Learning for several years before

Related Quote from Verified User

Higher cost to implement than estimated (through 3rd party integrators) Ease of connectivity

Related Quote from Verified User

extremely similar to Cornerstone, but we decided to go with Saba because of the cost of implementation and the integration with job competencies.

Related Quote from Stefano Tempesta

one-stop shop for all their HR business...It is less appropriate for rapid and cheap implementations, as the learning curve is not indifferent. … on premise or software as a service. It is less appropriate for rapid and cheap implementations, as the learning curve is not…