The Great and Powerful Photoshop
March 04, 2014

The Great and Powerful Photoshop

Gracie Wardin | TrustRadius Reviewer
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My place of employment uses Photoshop on a daily basis for designing websites. It's used across the entire organization. After each website is designed very specifically and artistically by one of our graphic designers by using Photoshop, one of the web developers uses the Photoshop document to write the HTML code that will make the website look exactly like the Photoshop document.
  • The slicing tool that Photoshop provides is great for measuring pixels for an image that needs to be used in a different location.
  • There are multiple ways to get to each tool and effect, making each option easily accessible.
  • There are so many strengths to Adobe Photoshop that I could go on all day, but the last but definitely not least is how easy it is to touch up pictures using the clone tool. You can take a picture from 1940 and make it look like it was taken today.
  • Although I mentioned this as a strength as well, the fact that each tool and effect has multiple ways of getting to it can also be seen as confusing or tedious for some people. Some people may just want one button to get to a certain tool.
  • Adobe Photoshop is such a large piece of software that it has the tendency to crash once in a while for those who use in on a daily basis, but this is true for all large software programs.
  • Going along with the last point, due to it's size, Photoshop can slow down other programs and/or functions running on your computer. Again, this is true for many other large software programs.
  • Our business runs off of the Photoshop files that our graphic designers create daily, therefore it has greatly increased our ROI and overall objectives.
  • When a client calls, wondering about their website template or with a question about the Photoshop file we might have sent them, Photoshop makes it easy for our graphic designers to explain exactly what is going on within Photoshop and how the client can use it and understand it better.
  • The only slightly negative impact our business has sometimes encountered with Photoshop is, as I mentioned before, the slower runtime on our computers.
Adobe Photoshop is clearly what every designer in today's society is using and if they aren't, they're missing out! The main reason there are a few that stray from using this software is because of it's initial feeling of complication since there are so many things to do. But that's just it! There are SO many things you can do and create in Adobe Photoshop that if you take the time to learn it, you'll never even compare it to any other design software because you'll be too busy creating are in Photoshop!
After seeing all of the features that Adobe Photoshop has to offer and experiencing and using it on a daily basis, it most definitely deserves a 10 in every rating. Its a universal way to create and share unique (or plain and simple) art among artists and people all over the world. I see it growing in the future, adding new effects (such as continuing to work on it's newest 3d effects) and also more seminars taking place in order to teach everyone how to use it.
There are dozens of situations and scenarios where Adobe Photoshop is the best software program to use to get whatever you're working on done, in a timely fashion and as a final project that is above and beyond your original expectations. Specifically, using Photoshop to create layered templates for websites in order for web developers to write the code and publish the website is a huge benefit to it. It's also great and super quick for resizing images and changing file types. When wondering if you should use Photoshop or not, ask not questions - just use it and you'll be happy with the results.