Photoshop is not just for design!
March 08, 2014

Photoshop is not just for design!

Angela Kristoff | TrustRadius Reviewer
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I used Photoshop for my Photography business. It addressed the issue of photos needing to be edited quickly and easily. I found using actions and batch processing to be very user friendly and helpful to my business.
  • Batch processing - this allows users to create an action and apply it to a "batch" of photos. For example, I would use this for creating all my images in black & white, then I would have a different setting that I would size my photos for web. The amount of time this saved was unbelievable.
  • Actions - actions are rules that users can create and use over and over again. Users can name the action, and even set a shortcut key for the action. This came in handy when I would process photos, and some would need to have the saturation bumped up a little, I had an action for that.
  • Layers - Layers are by far my favorite thing about Photoshop. Layers are like transparencies, you can have as many as you want, and they look like 1 image, but they are really separate. I would use this when creating backgrounds, invitations, birth announcements, or digital papers. I liked layers because I could delete layers but still have a good product. I would use this so I could easily edit whatever I was working on.
  • I would like to see Photoshop come down in price. It's well worth the money, but it's very expensive, and they come out with new versions every few years.
  • My clients always enjoyed their photos, cards, announcements, etc. that I would create for them.
  • Photoshop allowed me to create my own logo, as well as logos for other people. Having a logo on photos posted to the web is very important. I would say this was a very positive impact of Photoshop.
  • Photoshop also allowed me to create another business, a design business. In my design business, I was able to take advantage of more features in Photoshop such as the pen tool and lasso tool. This definitely provided a great ROI.
I was using a program called (not the paint that comes standard on computers) before I took the plunge and bought Photoshop. had very similar features (layers, tools) but it wasn't easy to use. I found myself getting more and more frustrated with every use. Photoshop blows out of the water.
I will not be renewing or purchasing Photoshop for a long time, if ever. I have closed both my photography and design businesses, so I no longer need this product. I still play around in Photoshop every now and then, but I don't feel it would be necessary to purchase another version for non-professional use.
I would ask yourself "what am I going to use this for?" Typically, Photoshop is used for designing, and other programs are used for editing photos. However, I learned of Photoshop first, and how to use it well, then found out about other photo editing software.