Good Dependable Workhorse of a Photoshop Suite
June 14, 2014

Good Dependable Workhorse of a Photoshop Suite

Janeil Harricharan | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Software Version

CS6 Master Edition

Modules Used

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • After Effects
  • Premiere
  • InDesign

Overall Satisfaction with Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is currently used both in a professional environment and a more casual environment. Its primary use is to create graphic content; in my workplace this is website buttons, book images and other illustrations provided by clients for publications. At home, it is used for freehand illustration, digital coloring and creation of graphic resources for projects such as game development.

In the workplace, there is a full-time graphics artist who also uses the Adobe Suite. We are the only two consistent users of the program.
  • Freehand coloring: With the right knowledge and a good artist's eye. Photoshop can make a good piece of illustration depicting almost anything you want to. This especially comes to light with coloring and adding layers to enhance the work piece.
  • Photo editing: Photoshop has several tools and resources to allow tweaks to photos to varying degrees.
  • Precision: Photoshop allows you to save in various formats in precise sizes, all to user specification. This is a one-catch-solve-all program for most graphic applications.
  • Undo: This is a big feature that could use improvement. Granted that this system is in place to accidentally prevent deletion of work, it is a pain if you had made major mistakes and need to take several steps back and need to do so quickly, not dragging it out.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: This is a bug in Photoshop CS6. Some keyboard shortcuts do not register or delay coming in, causing you to mess up your work and you having to backtrack and start over. Wastes time.
  • Layer Type Selection: This does not allow you to simply select a layer blend option, requiring you to manually paint on the canvas to "confirm" the selection.
  • Using Photoshop has made work look a lot more professional rather than using a program such as Corel PhotoPaint or MSPaint.
  • Photoshop has allowed shorter work turnarounds in comparison to Corel Photopaint.
  • Photoshop tends to eat up a lot of system resources, needing a more beefy computer comparable to heavy work-grade or gamer-type system chassis to run efficiently without lag.
Everything is there right in front of you, just like a HUD on a fighter jet. Paint Tool SAI is just confusing. Too many mistakes to make in MS Paint. Corel Photoshop comes in second and I've used that for quite awhile, but its a bit clunky and tends to not give me all the advanced features or ease of use that Photshop does. Hands down Photoshop knocks them all out of the water. It is that powerful and effective an editing tool.
I currently own a lifetime license of CS6, so I do not need to renew anytime soon. But unless there was a major change in operation dynamics in the software, I would not upgrade. The beauty of the Photoshop suite is except for shortcuts or placing features more easily in use, most suites do the same identical thing.
This is very well suited as an artist's tool to create illustrated work, especially with the toolkit for use in conjunction with a tablet. It seems less appropriate for vector work. Photoshop is an image design tool and gives you the flexibility to edit most images to almost any degree.