Articulate 360 - better with every update and upgrade
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March 13, 2017

Articulate 360 - better with every update and upgrade

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Overall Satisfaction with Articulate 360

When I joined my current company I was asked what software programs I used and felt were best for our newly built team of instructional designers. I had an opportunity to beta test and play with Articulate 360. I recommended the purchase of the software for a variety of reasons, but our department designs training for internal and external customers. It allows us to draft things quickly with Rise, use Review for seamless review and change requests. It also has a user-friendly user interface that is surprisingly robust, yet simple to teach someone to use.
  • I love the addition of Review. It allows us to send items to external customers for their review and feedback as well as allows me to comment back via one location. When you update and re-publish you can update the item they can see. I did stumble across the fact that if you have multiple people working on a project and they publish and send a link to the customer it is saved into their own 360 site. I need to explore this more to see if there is a way to make a collaborative site that two people can update to. If not, it is important to be aware that you need to send the updated links to your co-worker too or they won't see comments made on the newer items published by a different person. We ran into this because I had to go out of town and someone else had to help with some updates.
  • Storyline is something I have been using since it came out and wow, it has come a long way in a relatively short time. I have to say my favorite thing about the software though is the collaborative site to teach people on how to use it and to collaborate with others. It is unlike any other support/tutorial site I have ever used. I also like Storyline because it is robust but user-friendly. You can make very simple or very complex items based on your skill set. There is also a newly updated content library full of great resources to use in your training. I feel like the access to this has really opened up options for our training programs.
  • Another thing I really like it the ability to change your design view for PC to tablet to mobile...seamlessly. This is huge! As the world turns more to mobile learning this is a great way to see what you have done and how it will transfer between formats.
  • As I mentioned previously, I need to explore more, but it seems like Review should have some way to have a collaborative 360 place where a team can publish to so that there is one place for everyone to use.
  • Storyline gets better with each update and release. I have always wished for a little more flexibility or options in the animation area.
  • The positive impact of this software on our team is pretty substantial. We have been able to roll out a good bit of training in a short turnaround. We have greatly improved the quality of product being put out there.
  • The ability to send a training program for review via Articulate Review has made for happy customers. They love that they can just click on a link and comment as they go. It also allows me to get that feedback real time and then address those changes and communicate their completion or ask clarifying questions in context to the actual screen.
I haven't used development software other than storyline since it came out. One, because I haven't had to. This software is much more user-friendly and rapid development than previous software I have used. It also is capable of creating pretty complex items. I recommended out team get Articulate 360 because of its new additions such as Review.
Articulate 360 is well suited for training where you need to be able to create something quickly. It is also a great solution for a team that might have different skill levels. The learning curve isn't as high as some other programs that require more programming or manipulation for results. I can't say that I have yet experienced a time when this software didn't work for my needs.