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Articulate 360

Articulate 360 is an e-learning course development subscription offering. It includes every Articulate authoring tool, including the latest version of Storyline and Rise, a web-based app for creating inherently responsive courses. The vendor offers a 30-day free trial.


The Go1 platform upskills organizations with relevant content for employees, curated from their content library and delivered through the tools employees already use. ​​Go1 offers skill-aligned content from audio to video, and from compliance to business, and tech. Its integrations…

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Adobe Captivate

Adobe Captivate is an elearning authoring and course design tool (or LCMS). It supports mobile HTML5 content. Captivate’s users are commonly midsized businesses to enterprises. Adobe Captivate includes some prebuilt assets as well as customizable workflows.

Articulate 360

Articulate 360 is an e-learning course development subscription offering. It includes every Articulate authoring tool, including the latest version of Storyline and Rise, a web-based app for creating inherently responsive courses. The vendor offers a 30-day free trial.

iSpring Suite

iSpring Suite helps users build courses that are mobile-ready and adaptive. It’s integrated with PowerPoint, so users can create the content in the familiar PPT interface without spending time on specific training. The toolkit supports the creation of professional courses, video…

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Infosec Skills

Infosec Skills aims to help users upskill and get certified with a hands-on cybersecurity training platform. Users can train on their own schedule with access to 100s of hands-on cybersecurity courses and cyber ranges — or upgrade to a boot camp for live, instructor-led training…

PiiQ by Cornerstone

Cornerstone’s PiiQ is an SMB offering formerly known as Sonar6. PiiQ is aimed at small-to-medium sized businesses and includes core learning management and performance management systems, including content creation, mobile accessibility, and in-product reporting.

LinkedIn Learning (Lynda.com)

Lynda.com (now offered as part of LinkedIn Learning) is an elearning course library acquired and now supported by LinkedIn in May 2015.

iSpring Learn

iSpring Learn is an LMS for automating corporate training and improving employee performance.The system aims to enable users without technical skills to launch eLearning in one day without training. To start training with the platform, administrators upload learning content, assign…

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KnowBe4 Compliance Plus

KnowBe4's Compliance Plus training combines interactive real-life simulated scenarios to help teach users how to respond in a challenging situation. The content addresses difficult and sometimes chaotic topics like sexual harassment, diversity and inclusion, discrimination, and business…

A Cloud Guru (Linux Academy)

A Cloud Guru (ACG) is a cloud learning provider that states they have helped 2,000,000+ people and more than 4,000 organizations level up their cloud skills. Founded in 2015, ACG was started by brothers Sam and Ryan Kroonenburg who recognized cloud learning through traditional…

HealthStream Learning & Performance

HealthStream is a cloud-based Talent Management Suite specifically designed for the healthcare sector. Focused on training (LMS), the suite also includes performance management, competency, simulation and credentialing. HealthStream also provides research services to healthcare…


BizLibrary is a corporate-focused learning management software solution. The vendor provides a searchable library of prebuilt courses and materials that are mobile-accessible and include assessment and gamification capabilities.


The Go1 platform upskills organizations with relevant content for employees, curated from their content library and delivered through the tools employees already use. ​​Go1 offers skill-aligned content from audio to video, and from compliance to business, and tech. Its integrations…

Pluralsight Skills

Pluralsight Skills is a skill development solution that enables employees to build in-demand skills in a way that’s personalized to their current knowledge and preferred way to learn. The course library includes content on software development, DevOps, machine learning, security…


ITProTV is an elearning platform that aims to allow you to ditch the boring slide shows and start really learning IT. The training is more like a talk show -- you’ll watch your ‘edutainer’ engage with a host and an online audience to create a better-than-classroom experience that…


Coursera is a learning management platform from the company of the same name in Mountain View, California.


TalentLMS is an LMS that supports training success. Designed to get a “yes” from everyone, it’s where great teams, and companies, go to grow. TalentLMS is presented as fully customizable and easy to manage, so that teams embrace training while feeling right at home. It aims to…

Relias Learning Management System

The Relias Learning Management System is a corporate e-learning platform for healthcare, insurance, and education industries. Features include: automated training enrollment, a library of over 3,000 pre-built courses as well as customizable courses, live training management, and…

Renaissance myON

myON is a digital reading platform that provides students with 24/7 access to thousands of fiction and nonfiction books and news articles—in English, Spanish, and additional languages. A multimedia reading experience with colorful illustrations, professionally recorded audio, and…

Udemy for Business

Udemy for Business is a cloud-deployed elearning course collection offered by Udemy.com.

Skillsoft Leadership Development Program

Skillsoft offers their Leadership Development Program, with a number of course offerings featuring scenarios and model behavior, reflection exercises and other curricula to train learning or first-time managers.

Grovo, now part of Cornerstone LMS

Grovo's product included instructional videos and assessments, and the SaaS platform that they live on top of. The videos follow a microlearning methodology which increases learner retention. Grovo is now fully integrated into CornerStone's LMS.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization headquartered in Palo Alto that offers free online course content for students.


Udacity aims to change lives, businesses, and nations by creating job-ready digital talent. With over a decade of experience creating digital talent at scale, Udacity addresses the global talent shortages impacting growth, productivity, and innovation. Udacity's curriculum, personalized…

Docebo Learning Platform

Docebo is a SAAS/Cloud platform for e-learning, also known as a learning management system. Docebo is available in 30 languages. While the primary users of Docebo are midsized companies, it is also assessable for large companies and SMEs.

edX for Business

edX headquartered in Cambridge provides elearning content covering a wide range of courses, including edX for Business, an on-demand elearning platform for upskilling, reskilling, and general workforce training.

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eLearning Pros & Cons
Are you considering eLearning as a solution for your employee onboarding and training? Before making a decision, you should understand the pros and cons of eLearning to judge how it will suit your learning and development needs.

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What are eLearning Content Providers?

eLearning Content Providers offer off-the-shelf, prebuilt courses and other learning materials such as books and videos in order to enhance training for important job skills. These services supply a wide range of course topics such as leadership skills, data analysis, IT skills, compliance training, and workplace interpersonal skills. Some vendors also offer the opportunity for the client to create custom content tailored to their needs.

eLearning Content has two primary user groups. There are those on the learning side that take advantage of the content in order to gain important job skills or satisfy a compliance requirement. Learners can use eLearning solutions as a part of a larger organization or as individuals. Managerial personnel also use eLearning Content Providers to facilitate job training often in tandem with Learning Management Systems.

eLearning Content Providers vs. eLearning Systems

These two terms may seem identical, but they are two different, but complementary, ideas. eLearning content is just a standardized (typically SCORM-compliant) file set with information. eLearning systems, on the other hand, is the software that allows these files to be consumed. Most eLearning systems also have a number of other tools. Corporate Learning Management Systems, Academic Learning Management Systems, and K-12 Online Learning Platforms are all variants of eLearning systems.

eLearning Content Providers Features

Below is a list of common features associated with eLearning Content Providers:

  • Integration with presentation software (such as PowerPoint) and Learning Management Systems
  • Assessments (quizzes, exams, etc.)
  • Community Forums
  • Mobile Applications
  • Course Authoring Tools
  • Progress Trackers and Certificates of Completion
  • Content Libraries

eLearning Content Providers Comparison

Consider these factors when comparing eLearning Content Providers:

  • Cost: Some eLearning Content Providers are optimized for business users and others for individual users (and are priced accordingly). Therefore, buyers will want to make sure the product they choose fits their use case. As the cost is most often determined by the number of users, businesses will want to factor that into their selection.
  • Content Focus: Buyers should know what kind of content is needed. For those that need access to very specific topics may choose to go with a provider that allows users to pay per course. If a diverse set of topics are needed, then a subscription model may be more appropriate. Furthermore, for those buyers needing to create custom content should be sure that course authoring is available.

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Pricing Information

Pricing varies depending on whether the product offers a subscription-based service or a pay-per-course model. Subscription eLearning services categorize their pricing either by access level (standard or premium package) and by client type (individual users, student users or business users). Student and individual users can expect to pay anywhere between $350-$1000 per year; whereas a business can expect to pay between $500-$1300 per year per user. Of course, access to a premium-level service will cost more than a standard subscription. For a pay-per-course model, the pricing depends mainly on the length of the course you wish to purchase.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do eLearning Content Providers do?

eLearning Content Providers furnish their users with a library of pre-made educational content intended to provide training on a large selection of business-related topics.

What are the benefits of using eLearning Content Providers?

Taking advantage of eLearning Content Providers can save a business time and money enabling them to shift their resources away from producing and implementing training content with quality pre-made content. These providers also equip businesses with an easy way to ensure employees are completed required training adequately.

What are the best eLearning Content Providers products?