Avaya... 24/7 Success for Companies and the Virtual Worker!
Updated September 16, 2019

Avaya... 24/7 Success for Companies and the Virtual Worker!

Shauna Stermer | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Avaya IX Contact Center (formerly Intelligent Xperiences Contact Center)

Avaya is being used currently across my organization in a multitude of ways. Not only are the hard phones used, but we also use the soft phones daily to address issues with schedule adherence, incoming calls, quality of calls, and other items. It presents an easy way for virtual workers and those who work in a brick and mortar to provide first-class service for our clients.


  • Strengths of Avaya include the ability to answer incoming calls in a convenient format for employees.
  • The use of Avaya proves the user-friendly design and a way for employees to adjust settings in a clear and concise manner to adjust for his or her preferences.
  • Avaya also allows the employee to transfer and conference calls in an easy drag-and-drop method and is very user-friendly.
  • The functionality of Avaya allows for the virtual employee to log in, choose various auxiliaries chosen by your company to ensure schedule adherence and maintain corroboration with other applications and software programs.


  • One are for improvement for Avaya is the ability to operate behind the VPN. For the virtual employee, this is an issue as we are unable to use it behind the VPN and it must be launched from the remote desktop.
  • The color scheme could definitely use some updating. The charcoal gray background of Avaya's windows, coupled with the black font is not very contrasting. I have used Avaya for years and would love to see an update as to its color scheme to better fit the virtual employee.
  • Avaya could also improve the way an employee moves within the program by titling the icons seen or expanding the Avaya window to allow for a better understanding of what each con does. For example, the Work History window would go unnoticed, had I not been playing with the software one day. These little items are unknown to many professionals in my industry as they sit in the window with no explanation.
  • Overall from a business objective standpoint, Avaya has to have had a positive impact on our Return on Investment. Its use in day-to-day operations has been beneficial to not only the company, but the business as well.
  • Using the Avaya soft phones supplies a business or company a way to limit expenditures on the hard phones by allowing the use of Avaya soft phones. The equipment is no longer needed, save for headsets to be used with the application itself.
  • Business objectives have to be just that, objectives. Economics begs for ways for a company to limit expenditures that may see little or no return. Avaya has tackled this issue and won!
As for the virtual worker, I have always used Avaya. As it is, Avaya has more than delivered for the virtual employee. The only comparison I can give is for the employee with a normal hard phone in a brick and mortar company. Avaya offers so many features and is easy to use to the extent that choosing any other application would be fruitless. A company and its employees choose those applications and equipment that best present economical and physical attributes that keep in mind the best interest of both the company and employee. Avaya provides this on a consistent basis.
Avaya is well-suited for both the virtual employee using a soft-phone approach, as well as the brick and mortar employee using a hard phone and possibly the soft phone as well. I cannot think of an instance when Avaya would not be needed in these environments, unless incoming calls were not the focus of an organization. Outbound calls through Avaya without an appropriate contact list would probably be the only issue where I could possibly see a problem with using the software.


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