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Sarah Bandy profile photo
September 17, 2019

Skype is THE Business!

Score 7 out of 10
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Skype for Business is being used by our organization to link up Board Members and staff during off-times between meetings in order to have productive conversations and drive forward points on our Strategic Plan. We signed up for Skype for Business in order to have an effective communication tool that supported multiple users.
  • Skype for Business can support large meeting numbers.
  • Skype for Business is newly refreshed and has very little lag time.
  • Skype for Business effectively integrates with existing Skype users.
  • I think the Skype for Business mobile capabilities could use a few small updates, as we have run across a few glitches that may just be due to connectivity issues.
  • File sharing is slightly clumsy but we have gotten the hang of it as a team.
  • That's it! Skype for Business is pretty great and easy to use.
You may be wondering why to choose Skype for Business and pay for Skype when there is also a free option. The free Skype doesn't come with features that would be helpful to a big group as it only has the capability to connect less than 25 participants in any one meeting. If you have a large group of employees that need to meet, Skype for Business is definitely worth the upgrade.
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Molly Terbovich-Ridenhour profile photo
October 22, 2019

Skype Business Review

Score 8 out of 10
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Review Source
Meetings with colleagues who work remote. Issues only involve those that are not technology proficient.
  • User-friendly
  • Clear connection
  • Dependable
  • Skye for dummies (tutorials)
  • Recording sessions
Board or committee meetings are great. However, full staff meetings with a large group in one room don’t always work.
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yixiang Shan profile photo
Score 7 out of 10
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Skype for business was introduced in Fedex around 2 years ago, to replace the old Lync version, as the corporate standard communication and collaboration tool. We majorly use Skype for business to have live chat/IP call/Video call with different colleagues around the world. Sometimes we also use it to organize ad-hoc conferences with small scoped group of colleagues.
  • As it is part of the Microsoft product family, it integrates with Outlook and Office on the Windows platform quite well. For example, it detects when you're idle and sets your status as away automatically, and you can launch the chat directly from your Outlook email address, which is quite handy.
  • The look and feel of Skype for Business is better than the previous version, Lync.
  • The screen sharing feature is well done. We can quickly launch the presentation mode or directly have the control of the remote end, which makes daily work cooperation very efficient, even across the continent.
  • It is not an easy job when we try to connect with outside customers or partners who are not familiar with it, even if they install the same Skype for Business. It requires a lot of time to figure out the tricky set up before the meeting can really start.
  • Skype for Business is separated from the the normal Skype. Maybe they can be somehow be integrated a little bit, otherwise sometimes we have to have both installed and switch between two Skypes.
  • Webinar features are missing in this product.
It is well suited for those in a Microsoft Windows based working environment, with strong and centralized IT Admin team to support it. If you need send big files often (>300M), then Skype for Business is not for you, considering the peer-to-peer approach has been replaced by the client-server-client mode, so file size has limits and also the performance is not so good.
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Gabriel Krahn profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
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Review Source
We use Skype for Business as a way to contact our colleagues in other units of our company overseas, and also our customers outside our network. With the file/image sharing, voice and video calls and the option to share your computer's controls with your chat-partner, Skype is a very good solution to shorten the distance between two continents.
  • Screen sharing.
  • Voice and video calls.
  • Text chatting.
  • It could run better on low-end computers.
  • Notification bugs have been known for a long time for Microsoft.
Skype for Business is really good when you need to set up a way of fast communication between a lot of people at the same time without spending tons of money on cellphone/internal calls. Also a cheaper alternative to other group meeting solutions like Webex or Jabber.
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Ho'omana Nathan Horton profile photo
Score 6 out of 10
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Review Source
Skype is included with the university's Office 365 subscription, and all Active Directory users can access and be contacted via Skype. We sometimes use it for within-department and between-department communication, especially for quick instant messaging. Skype is, of course, one of the original household names in videoconferencing, etc., but we don't use it much for that on a daily basis.
  • Skype for Business has grown quite a lot since its days as Microsoft Lync, and is now quite nicely integrated with almost facets of Windows and Office (and other Microsoft stuff).
  • It's nice for inter-office communication when everyone's using Active Directory and has Skype for Business running.
  • Skype for Business works well even on non-Windows and/or non-university machines (e.g. personal computers).
  • Skype in general, including the Business version, can be pretty clunky, and surprisingly resource-hungry, especially when it's always running, and on machines with lower specs.
  • This resource hungriness can be worth it for quick IMs to other members of the same organization, but I really have a hard time recommending Skype over something like Zoom for videoconferencing.
  • Video communication with others in the same organization just doesn't always seem to work very well, even on the same network.
Skype for Business (like its predecessor Lync) is nice for quick inter-office communication, but again, Microsoft Teams seems to be better for that stuff and allows for more collaboration. One of Skype's biggest weaknesses, as mentioned before, is how resource hungry it tends to be, so it's kind of a lot to leave on all the time.
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Chris Lesner profile photo
Score 4 out of 10
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Review Source
We use it to have meetings with people outside of our company via phone, screen-share and video. The goal is to make it feel like everyone is in the same room and be able to work remotely from one another with much more ease than if we did not have it.
  • Easy to use screenshare capabilities.
  • The clarity in sound when on the phone.
  • Allows for a nice chat function.
  • Complicated for external users.
  • Need to download software to use the screen-share technology.
  • Seem to need to redownload fairly often.
If you have meetings that need to bring a lot of people into a conversation via phone or video, it would make sense to use Skype for Business. If you are already a Microsoft user for your email/calendar, the integrations with the calendar are extremely helpful, as every meeting has a default way for people to connect.
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Roger Black profile photo
Score 9 out of 10
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Review Source
We use Skype for Business as our online meeting tool quite frequently. All meetings have a Skype invite attached to them, which includes a conference bridge. This enables outside users to dial in with an 800 number, while internal users can use their Skype client for voice/video (or call in over phone if they choose). The flexibility here is key. We also use it for desktop sharing frequently (to help demonstrate an issue, or to troubleshoot an issue). Of course, we also use for IM.
Skype (now Teams) is constantly improving. It does, however, need some integration with modern software development tools (Atlassian products, for instance). But I prefer it much more than HipChat or Mattermost. Skype is more intuitive and easier to use.
  • Online meetings.
  • Desktop sharing.
  • It needs integration with modern software development tools, even if they are open-source.
It is well suited for a Microsoft shop (if you are using Windows desktops. Mac Skype clients tend to lack the functionality of their peer Skype for Windows clients.
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Justin Wiebe profile photo
Score 8 out of 10
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Review Source
We are currently using Skype for Business on our CRM team and with certain vendors. We have used it for the past year to really leverage how we work remotely and with our on-campus team. It is a great tool that allows for a lot of collaboration that we would not otherwise be able to do.
  • Manages large numbers of users.
  • The ability to share screens and collaborate across multiple desktops.
  • The cost is something that is very affordable.
  • It's harder to use with some Apple users.
  • It's not as robust when you only have two users.
  • You can't always use the presentation mode as easily as you should.
From a cost perspective, which we have to account for, it is very good, and I would recommend this to other schools of our size. It would not be as well suited for those only collaborating with a couple of staff/faculty members, as it is a bit over the top for that size. It is very well suited for meetings of 5+ users.
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Greg Madden, CISSP profile photo
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Skype for Business is used across the entire organization to simplify communication across the board. Anyone is able to reach out directly to someone else and that decreases the time for response as emails can take hours some times. It is also useful as an auditing tool to ensure employees are using resources appropriately.
  • Easy roll out and simple set-up.
  • Almost no learning curve for users, even the least experienced employees can figure out how to contact fellow employees.
  • Simplified licensing.
  • Need better remotes. I know this is a business software but inner team discussion should be light-hearted.
  • Sometimes there is a delay between password changes on the machine and when Skype for Business recognizes it.
Skype for Business is great for all general communication. Even some urgent situations can be handled depending on the amount of information that needs to be relayed. I look at Skype for Business as a sub 10 minute response time whereas email can be an hour or more. It's not always instant depending on how busy the other party is, but it does allow you to instantly reach out and pop up on someone's screen to get their attention rather quickly.
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María Lucía Santagata profile photo
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We're using it for communicating with clients both nationally and abroad. It's used by my department and also by the commercial area, as we are the ones who communicate with clients. It's an alternative for Google Hangouts (our favorite tool for calls) and it helps us to share screens and images with remote clients, especially when making trainings or when we're defining changes in our services.
  • It's a light app to download.
  • Don't need any special OS specifications.
  • It's easy to share screens.
  • It allows many people to connect.
  • It's hard sometimes to connect the microphone or audio.
  • It's not that intuitive when audio or microphone problems happen. I had to restart a call several times because I couldn't figure out how to connect my microphone.
  • Sometimes has some delay when establishing the calls.
Skype for Business is a useful tool when you have to work with clients/teams abroad or remote, especially if the members of the team are all in different places. Of course, it's not very useful if you don't work remotely, and I think most users nowadays prefer Google Hangouts because it's already integrated with the e-mail services and Google Calendar, where usually people make their appointments.
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Cristian Bodnarasec profile photo
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Skype for Business at eSilicon in all departments, for 500+ users. We were using it for both instant messaging and conferencing (audio and video) but since last year, we are using it mostly for instant messaging, since we got a better tool for audio/video conferencing. For instant messaging, Skype for Business is still preferred over the new tool.
  • Instant messaging -- one thing that Skype for Business does well on the desktop application.
  • It's easy to use.
  • Good enough quality for audio and video conferencing.
  • Office integration. Personally, I love the button "Join Meeting" from the popup reminder before a Lync meeting.
  • The biggest issue in Lync is the screen sharing during conferencing. It disconnects many times, and even when it is working, the delay is annoying.
  • Mobile app and desktop app don't sync up very well. You can end up having parts of the conversation in both places.
  • It is constantly slow in connecting first time when changing network connections, like connect/disconnect to a VPN network.
Skype for Business can be used successfully for instant messaging and audio/video conferencing. Its integration with Office makes it a lot easier to connect to meetings and see the user's status in Outlook emails. While for screen sharing during conferences you can find better tools, you can still pick Skype for Business and be successful with it.
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Anne Schafroth profile photo
November 11, 2019

Using Skype

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We currently use it in HR in order to have virtual meetings with our other HRMs in other locations. We also use it to do training on software for HR and payroll. Our whole organization uses it to better facilitate communication with our other locations in the US. It makes it much easier to identify issues and problems with our software.
  • Sharing desktop.
  • Anyone can be a presenter.
  • No real cons I can think of.
We use it for training new features in our software. You have to be careful when sharing your desktop that only the appropriate people have access to highly confidential information. When used to train supervisors, you need to make sure they are only seeing information on teammates that they would normally have access to.
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Alyssa Kapinus profile photo
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
It is currently being used within our corporate environment for easy, quick communication.
  • It reduces email traffic over small questions
  • Allows for quicker response times
  • Allows better visibility of availability
  • Easier call set up
  • improved status accuracy
  • Less crashing
It's great for quick questions you need an answer to right away. Not the best for longer communications with high level of detail.
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Renaud Renvoye profile photo
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
The main use of Skype for Business across the organization is instant messaging. With employees all over the world, it was a very easy way to reach out to someone. When our conferencing tool was down, it served as a back up as well. It is used by the entire organization and sped up the process if you need to have a quick answer.
  • Easy to use
  • Fast
  • Cross-functional
  • Design
  • Functionalities
  • Stability
Skype for Business is very well suited when you are in a rush and need an answer right at that moment. If the person you need does not answer your email, then you can reach out to another person via instant messenger and you have good chance to get a response.
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Savannah Ehrlich profile photo
September 27, 2019

Avoid Skype if you Can!!!

Score 3 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We no longer use Skype for Business as we have switched to Zoom. In a past job, Skype/Lync was very beneficial and we did not have as many problems. However, with my current company, and Office 365 setup, I was in a constant battle with Skype. Half of the time, audio would fail. The other half, video would fail. Sometimes the phone integration would fail. It was always a battle.
  • Ability to chat (now taken over by Teams)
  • Connectivity/Quality Issues
  • Not User Friendly
  • Device connection is difficult (external mics, cameras, etc)
If budget is a severe issue, and a company already has Office 365, it may have a strength, but Zoom is still a better setup.
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Kaleb-John Loo profile photo
September 26, 2019

Hidden Gem in Office 365

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Skype for Business is ideal for hosting large company meetings since it allows for up to 250 participants and can be broadcast to even more people. It has great value as it is included in the Office 365 Suite and integrates with all of the Office applications. Skype for Business is very useful day to day as it is easy to setup a quick call with other members of the organization as you are able to view their schedule and status to see if they are available.
  • Integrates with Office 365 Suite.
  • Good audio and video Quality.
  • Simple to use interface.
  • Other video conferencing offers more capability in terms of capacity.
  • Device support for Linux is still lacking.
  • Microsoft is not backing this product and will stop service after a while.
Skype for Business is very useful if you need video conferencing software and already utilize Office 365. Its ability to integrate with the other Office applications allows for a lot of simplification that is already established from having used programs like Outlook, Powerpoint, Excel, and Word. However, if your business does not utilize Office 365 or would like a specifically dedicated video conferencing software, then there are other options available.
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Georgette Mucci profile photo
September 15, 2019

Skype for Business Review

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
It is being used by the entire organization, both domestic and internationally.
  • It integrates with our phone system.
  • Searching and dialing outbound is very streamlined.
  • User-friendly.
  • Depending on your wifi, Skype can be difficult to log into.
  • We've seen dropped calls if the company has a rolling IPO address.
It is well suited in all scenarios. However, the cost may not be justifiable in smaller businesses.
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Samantha McMahon profile photo
September 14, 2019

Decent Communication Tool

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Skype for Business also known as Lync is used in all departments of my company. With this program all employees can see the current status of each employee showing them away, available, in a meeting, etc. This allows for efficiency within the company.
  • Ability to easily instant message an employee.
  • Ability to view statuses of all employees.
  • Ability to create contacts and favorites lists.
  • I don’t care for the fact when you lock your computer it instantly says you’ve been gone for 5 minutes because that is not accurate. It only shows increments of 5 minutes I believe.
  • The emojis are never updated. No new emojis.
  • I wish there was a feature like the regular Skype that allows you to delete a link you previously sent in an instant message.
This isn’t my favorite tool but it helps to be efficient with other co-workers. It’s an easy tool to figure out how to use. I prefer the regular Skype over this product but my company requires me to use this product.
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No photo available
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Skype for Business is used by my entire organization for web conferencing and intercompany chat and most people use it for voice calls instead of direct phone calls. We formerly used Cisco WebEx and Jabber for these applications.
  • Saved chat history (Conversation History). This is a useful upgrade vs. our last tool (Jabber) where I'd have to manually save chats as HTML if I wanted to reference the information later.
  • Integration with Outlook. It is convenient having a Skype meeting button built directly into scheduling which inserts the call-in info. I also appreciate that when meetings are scheduled his way, a "join meeting" button pops up in the Outlook meeting reminder. Also, nice that the saved Conversation History on my first point is searchable in Outlook.
  • The emoji of a head banging against a brick wall. It often perfectly encapsulates my feelings about work, especially when Skype for Business is failing.
  • The ability to record meetings is much better than when we used WebEx. It's built-in whereas with WebEx we had to have some special version to be able to capture the audio from the presenter AND the participants, which often meant the presenter would just have to repeat questions (waste of time). That was super annoying for someone like me who does a lot of remote training sessions, so this is a nice improvement over the previous tool.
  • The stability of Skype for Business (SfB) is terrible. Every single colleague of mine complains about frequent skype problems. The problems are also quite varied, so it's more of a "flavor of the week" problem (or flavor of the day in particularly bad cases). A common ice breaker on a call is a quick anecdote about the latest skype problem someone has experienced. While it has gotten slightly better in the ~2 years we've had SfB, I still experience problems at least on a weekly basis.
  • Video chat using webcam often completely bogs down my PC (which has hardware specs more than capable of handling it and a gigabit fiber internet connection) to the point where I cannot even use other programs. Example: my team was recently on a call where we were all on video and I was editing a PowerPoint in real-time during the call. It got to the point where I would type something in PowerPoint and after a several second delay, the text would slowly scroll out across the screen like the intro text on some 90s spy movie. Several days later, tried the same thing with the same result. I have complained to colleagues about this and they have reported similar experiences.
  • The aforementioned benefit of Outlook integration sometimes becomes a con. Often the Skype meeting plugin will be running so slowly that Outlook will automatically disable it, and I have to manually re-enable the plugin to be able to schedule Skype meetings.
  • On chat, I frequently get an error message paraphrased as "unable to deliver message to [recipient name]" so I'll try again. Half the time the recipient DID receive the message so I'm sending the message multiple times. But I cannot assume that when I get that message it is going through because the other half of the time it doesn't. SUPER annoying.
  • The previous tool, Jabber, could display screen captures directly in Chat. SfB requires downloading the screen cap. Also, there's no screen cap tool. I know the Win+Shift+S shortcut in Windows 10 to grab a screencap, but many people aren't aware of that so they struggle with the lack of the button. It's a Microsoft tool, so maybe they should add a tooltip about how to screencap...
  • Seems minor, but when screen sharing the "stop sharing" button is in a little banner at the top center of the screen that's hidden until you hover over with the cursor. Due to the placement, I and many others frequently click stop sharing when attempting to click something at the top of the screen, such as a browser tab.
SfB has some great features and would be a great tool if there weren't so many of the aforementioned stability issues. I really miss having a tool that could be reliably used for screen sharing meetings without the risk of wasting 5-10 minutes out of a 30 minute meeting just trying to get to a workable state, whether it's one or more recipients having to try multiple audio connection options to find one that works that day, or sharing the screen multiple times just to get it to work for all. SfB is a major source of work frustration for me and many others.
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No photo available
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Skype for Business across the whole organization to have online meetings with people from different time zones and countries. It makes it very convenient when we don't work in the same office. We no longer need to book conference rooms. We just need to look up people's calendars. And we can share screens with each other even though we might be from different parts of the world.
  • Capability to share screens with other people
  • Mobile app
  • Clear sound
  • There used to be a bug where once you muted yourself on the iPhone app, you could not unmute
  • Connection can be unreliable when using the mobile app
  • Some people outside our company complained about not being able to download the app, and can only join the audio
Skype for Business is suitable for multi-national companies that have locations across different parts of the world, and people need to collaborate a lot online.
Skype for Business is less appropriate for local SMEs that do not need virtual communications online.
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No photo available
September 20, 2019

Virtual Meetings

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Skype is being used across the organization globally for virtual meetings and collaboration. It is also used as the telephone system. It addresses the problem of holding meetings with people in different areas and with different suppliers/customers.
  • Skype is great for conference calls with large groups.
  • Skype does well with sharing presentations.
  • Skype also does well with integration into Microsoft Outlook by allowing to schedule meetings and send a link to the meeting conference.
  • The call quality for Skype could be improved. It is sometimes difficult to hear the person on the other end.
  • When sharing your desktop screen, there is lag. I would like to see a smoother quality.
  • Sometimes the Skype system randomly drops calls or refuses to connect and restarts the call.
Skype is well suited in an environment when it is necessary to collaborate with multiple individuals in different areas. It would be less appropriate where clear presentations are needed. Sometimes it is difficult to read text over Skype.
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No photo available
January 13, 2020

Skype is the way!

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
It's being used by the whole organization to communicate with one another in a very quick and professional manner. Instead of sending an email, we can chat via Skype for Business with that individual and reach them much faster when trying to get a quick answer. This helps solve the communication issues with others.
  • Quick.
  • Informal.
  • Connection issues.
  • File sharing could be improved.
Skype for Business is well suited when trying to talk to another individual very quickly. Conversations through Skype doesn't have to be as formal and one is able to reach someone in a very quick manner. Sharing some quick files is also handy when utilizing Skype. It is less suited when trying to have a more formal exchange.
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No photo available
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Skype for Business is being used by the whole organization. It makes it easy for each department to communicate within the department, but also allows departments to work with each other. It's easy to find anyone within the organization and to be able to see the title and availability. With Skype, it's easy to get a quick answer or set up meetings with one another without having to wait for a reply on email.
  • Setting up meetings with Skype for Business is easy and painless. You can add people from your organization along with others outside of your company.
  • With Skype for Business, it's easy to check the status of the person you are looking up. If the person is away from Skype, it will show the status as away/busy.
  • Easy to sync your calendar with Skype. If you are busy or have a meeting scheduled, Skype will show that as your status.
  • Skype for Business requires a good internet connection. I've had my screen freeze and lag on me during meetings.
  • The mobile app has room for improvement. It lacks some functions that you would have on a desktop.
Skype for Business is well suited for a medium to large company. It's user friendly and easy to train users on. It also helps us communicate as an organization. It also allows meetings to go seamlessly with the ability to share your screen and to easily send out Skype meeting invites.
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No photo available
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I work in an organization with 70+ different sites located hundreds of miles apart. We needed a reliable video conferencing and content sharing software. Skype for Business provides us with that functionality. It has made sharing our work a lot easier as users can share their computer screens to see in real-time what issues are at the other end.
  • Quick text chat with your colleagues.
  • Excellent quality audio and video calls.
  • Very easy to share your computer screen with other team members and if required, give them control of your PC.
  • If the computer screen is shared with other users, it slows down the computer speed. It's a common problem across the organization.
  • Although it's supposed to be integrated with MS Outlook, sometimes it doesn't accept outlook credentials and keeps asking password although still logged in and working.
  • When you are controlling another personal computer, the big black screen showing Skype window keeps popping up.
  • The interface needs improvement. MS Teams has a better interface.
If you want to work in a virtual team environment, Skype for Business is a really good product. Its audio call quality is excellent and sharing your computer screen or presenting something on your computer to your virtual team is really easy. The interface does need a bit of makeover and but functionality wise it has never let us down. Automatic integration with LDAP and Outlook is also great so that you can easily find other members in your organizations and add them to your team group.
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No photo available
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Skype for Business is used both internal to the department and across the company as a whole as a way to bridge the communication gap between email and phone call. When something brief needs to be communicated, but doesn't warrant a phone call, or needs to be in writing, we use Skype. It works well for quick, easy communications, but needs some improvement in the recall capability.
  • Quick, concise communication.
  • Availability indicators.
  • "Favorites".
  • Integration with Outlook contacts.
  • Archiving messages instead of a continuous text message style - I want to get the previous messages easier.
  • "Time out" and archiving is unnecessary.
It works well for quick communication, but I feel Slack has better cross-platform uses. In a large company where software is thought of in the old-style licensing, it seems to do fine. In smaller, more nimble corporations, there are other, more useful products. It's a bit of a dinosaur.
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Feature Scorecard Summary

High quality audio (116)
High quality video (111)
Low bandwidth requirements (108)
Mobile support (81)
Desktop sharing (116)
Whiteboards (71)
Calendar integration (106)
Meeting initiation (113)
Integrates with social media (50)
Record meetings / events (88)
Slideshows (62)
Live chat (108)
Audience polling (50)
Q&A (44)
User authentication (82)
Participant roles & permissions (88)
Confidential attendee list (65)

About Skype for Business

Skype for Business is part of Microsoft’s 365 suite offering and provides an IP PBX for online messaging and web conferencing. It includes features such as live streaming meetings, dialing into conference calls, and the ability to make, receive, and transfer calls via a computer or mobile device. It offers a free version of its service with basic features, and a licensed version that offers its full suite of tools.

Previously, Skype for Business integrated with Skype for Business Server to provide a complete, unified communications offering. However, in 2018, Microsoft announced that Microsoft Teams would eventually replace Skype for Business.

Existing users of Skype for Business can continue to utilize its software, and it is available for download, however, Microsoft itself recommends that potential users looking to work with Skype for Business, should purchase Microsoft Teams instead. Features of Skype for Business are being incorporated into Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Teams includes many features that Skype for Business does not. However, users of Skype for Business can still use it alongside Microsoft Teams.

Skype for Business’s key features remain, such as its support for PSTN conferencing, video and audio recording of calls, and screen and computer access tool. Its support of PSTN allows for its users to connect their conference calls using their phones. These same calls can support up to 250 users.

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Skype for Business Technical Details

Operating Systems: Unspecified
Mobile Application:No