A lightweight antivirus, but totally effective.
February 23, 2019

A lightweight antivirus, but totally effective.

burt smith | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Avira Antivirus

Where to start? ... I have used Avira Antivirus on my personal laptop for about four or five years. I started using it because at that time I used another antivirus and its operation was not the most optimal since every so often I infected my laptop with viruses, trojans or spyware ... (I know that much of that is my fault because at that time I was downloading programs from any site and I was not careful). Due to these constant infections, I decided to look in the forums for some recommendations for antivirus and in a casual way (after using several different antiviruses), I reached Avira Antivirus. The truth is that my decision to stay with Avira Antivirus has not disappointed me. From that moment, I do not remember having any new infections. It works much better than my previous antivirus because whenever it is faced with a malicious file, it warns me and gives me the option of ignoring or deleting the file, which is great.
  • In my case, it detects the vast majority of malicious files. It also gives you the option to choose what to do with them (delete or ignore).
  • It uses few resources, so it can be installed on almost any computer.
  • It has constant updates, so make sure you have the latest patch to prevent infections of new malicious elements.
  • It is multiplatform, so you can use it on different devices. I have used it both on Windows and Android.
  • Sometimes the antivirus takes time to start once the laptop is turned on, which makes me wonder if it is working correctly or not.
  • I have read about several problems regarding uninstalling Avira Antivirus from Windows, which sounds like it can be quite tedious.
  • I have also read that, unfortunately, for being a light antivirus, it cannot properly handle the most dangerous viruses and trojans on the web, but luckily, so far I have not had any problems. In addition, a large number of infections are due to the browsing and downloading habits of users.
  • as a positive impact I can point out that since I use Avira I have not had to format my laptop again due to infections that delete files or that hijack data (like the police virus, for which I lost a lot of information accumulated over years).
  • In addition I have not had to renew my laptop in search of one with higher features to install a good antivurus, and comment before, Avira to use few resources can be installed on almost any computer.
A few years ago when I started my search for the right antivirus, I used AVG, and I must say that it is quite good. It works impeccably, its analysis process is quite fast, its update system is the same as that of Avira, its technical support is quick to respond, among other good things that are practically the same as Avira Antivirus. But finally what made me decide with Avira, was its lower use of resources. I can continue using my laptop without any problems with freezing while I analyze my hard drive. With AVG, that action was not always possible.
Avira Antivirus works well in the vast majority of scenarios where the user has a responsible use of browsing and downloading content from different websites. If you habitually use your laptop to navigate in secure pages (newspapers, YouTube, Facebook, mail, among others) and to download content from safe places or without too much risk, you should not have major problems, as it usually warns and blocks the self-downloading content of link shorteners and similar pages. It also warns about dangerous pages and those where the credentials were altered or where they have had recent reports of infections.
If instead, you are a user that jumps from one page to another, downloads files from anywhere, uses crack or patches for programs or games, well ... Avira will not be so useful, as it will eventually pass some malicious code and infect your PC. So if you are going to use your PC in that way, I recommend using a more powerful antivirus, but always remembering that no matter what antivirus you use, if you have risky behavior, at some point your PC will be attacked and your antivirus will not be able to do anything.