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October 12, 2018

Protect your PC

george wilson | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Avira Antivirus

I starting using Avira Antivirus two years ago or maybe a little more, and for almost a year, I recommend it to my colleagues and even my relatives. I came across Avira almost by chance, after having a virus problem in an old computer, in which I used another well-known antivirus. That unfortunately did not prevent the infection or help me clean my computer of the virus that I found, and it encrypted a lot of my files on my hard drive.

After this happened, I went to different forums looking for information about good antivirus to switch to, and everywhere said that Avira had two things that I needed; Pretty effective as antivirus, and low resource use. So I decided to try it, and from there we have not separated, and it has always worked very well. With proper care I have not had serious problems of infection by viruses or other malicious software.
  • Low impact on the use of laptop resources, which is beneficial if you use old laptops or desktops, low-end computers, or do not want an antivirus that consumes an enormous amount of resources.
  • Its update process is quite fast and silent, so it does not bother at all. Extra point is that I do not consume as much memory when using it, so you do not have to worry because the pc freezes.
  • Your level of protection and security is quite high and adequate when you have a low-risk use of the PC (office, games, programs, navigation by pages or known forums, and others)
  • Its level of protection in real time could be better when dealing with multiple threats. For example, it does not adequately block files that are auto-downloaded without the user's permission.
  • I have not had serious infections due to viruses or Trojans. In addition, every time a malicious code is downloaded, Avira detects it and blocks it fast enough. So, I have not had to re-format my PC, I have not lost documents that I had stored on disk C, and of course, I have not lost time trying to recover the data from my PC.
  • I've also been able to install it on not-so-powerful PCs, so its users have been able to continue using their computers without any problem and also avoid serious infections.
I have used these two and others, but compared to ESET, I think that Avira has a better performance and offers greater protection against viruses and malicious software. Compared to Kaspersky, Avira is not at the same level of analysis and protection, and Kaspersky is much better, but nevertheless, Avira occupies much less resources than the other antivirus, so it can be used by a larger number of users that do not have such a powerful computer.
Avira is in general an antivirus that fulfills its basic functions in a good way, but without reaching an impenetrable strength. However, if you are a common and responsible user--who knows where you browse, does not download files from any side, scans a pendrive before opening it, does not open files of dubious origin--then without a doubt this a good antivirus for you, since it has a level of detection that's more than acceptable and a low impact on the use of resources of your PC. Now, if you like to download patches for your programs, download files from who knows where, and navigate more carelessly, I think you should look for another antivirus, something more powerful, with less margin for error.