CloudApp = ROTI Return On Time Investment
Updated June 25, 2018

CloudApp = ROTI Return On Time Investment

Phillip Guye | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with CloudApp

I personally use CloudApp to quickly show an annotated visual representation of a past, current or future conversation, issue or problem solve. I use it with prospects, clients and my employees.
  • When dealing with clients that are not experienced in navigating their chosen analytics platform CloudApp makes it extremely easy to take a quick snap shot and connect the dots via their useful editing tools.
  • I have cut out so much back and forth misunderstandings with tech support departments at the many SAAS tools we use for our clients it hurts to think about how much lost time was lost before CloudApp.
  • The ability to instantly store editable snapshots in the cloud is worth the price admission alone...
  • There seems to be a problem with long video screen captures. I once attempted to video record the settings that I adjusted in the back-end of AdWords instead of taking so many screenshots. The 20 minute video never would show and it appears to have vanished. (I would really love to be able to retrieve that 20 min video)
  • I think making the download to desktop but in a little more convenient would help speed up the user interface a bit. (at least for me it would)
  • Would help me the most would be the ability to take several editable screenshots one after the other
  • Allow for multiple editable windows to exist at the same time. (I hope that makes sense)
  • There does not seem to be a way to take a screen grab of an entire webpage without scrolling down and taking multiple shots only to have to stitch them together in a program like Photoshop. I often have to use a separate screenshot program for this purpose.
  • As a business owner the ROI of time savings is very difficult to calculate into dollars however Cloudapp has cut a conservative 40+% out of my having to explain issues in detail to my team.
  • The ROI of time savings is due to the super easy any fast Retrieval of screenshots with notes pays for Cloudapp on its own.
  • The reduction in text only miscommunication between our in-house and virtual team has sped up "accurately" completed tasks at least 30%
We have used more screen grab/screenshot technologies than I care to remember. Many had one or two things that worked fairly well. the problem was having to annotate, adjust and edit out sensitive information using multiple programs just took too long but I thought I had no other choice. I am so thankful that I took the time risk on Cloudapp that has changed my mind, the efficiency of communication within my business, team members and third party services.
I think CloudApp is most suited for people working within a team and looking to reduce the amount of miscommunication that commonly occurs within "text only" descriptions. I also think that Cloudapp is an amazing solution for easy cloud storage of desktop and online visuals where notes alone would skip too many smaller details, however CloudApp is no replacement for video screen capture in any way shape or form being that I had trouble with retrieving a video that only consisted of only 20 minutes of video screen capture.

Using CloudApp

1 - As of right now I am the only user of the cloud app because I am the owner and the only one that delegates out the tasks However I've had such a great experience using this tool I'm strongly considering adding at least five more members to my account. Even though I'm the only one who actually uses it my entire team benefits from this awesome tool.
5 - Not including myself the business owner I currently have a total of five in-house team members that am considering including into my license. Up until now my in-house team members along with my virtual team members have been corresponding back and forth with me via the screen grabs that I take and annotate. The rest of my team members are asking questions and commenting via email or Skype on my screenshots
  • First and foremost explaining in clear detail what exactly we are looking for when dealing with programmers outside of the US where verbal and text communication is challenged.
  • Answering a support question from a team member via an annotated screenshot as opposed to several paragraphs within an email.
  • Giving clients a visual representation of a problem that we have to deal with in the user interface of 3rd party program or service
  • Taking quick screen grabs of information during a life webinar.
  • Taking snapshots of progress being made on a task.
  • Entering an entire email of questions with just one annotated screenshot.
  • When CloudApp has the video capture portion of their tool working properly I'd like to answer questions via video and voice instead of screenshots only.
  • As soon as CloudApp has the video capture portion of their tool working properly It would be nice to replace Screen Cast for the video screen capture that we do.
  • I also think it be nice to take video screen captures of how to videos to share with my in-house and virtual team members.
In all honesty I don't even have time to look for an alternative to CloudApp at this point in our business. CloudApp works for what we had planned to use it for and unless a competing service that offers the same quality and ease-of-use along with video screen capture comes out I will renew indefinitely.

Evaluating CloudApp and Competitors

Yes - CloudApp Has replaced 2 of their competitors named "Awesome Screenshot" along with a very easy to use software named "Grab." unfortunately I do have to still use "Awesome Screenshot" for times that I need to take one shot of an entire page from top to bottom however I hope that cloud apps as this feature in the near future so I can delete Awesome Screenshot from my chrome browser.
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
It is difficult to decide between product features and product usability being that no matter how many features a tool like Cloudapp has if they are not easy to use they will not be used however if a tool like Cloudapp has too few features we would constantly be looking for the "greener grass" of a competing product with more features.
I'm not sure I understand this question 100% but I will answer what I think you are asking here.
If I had to change my evaluation of Cloudapp I may give it a bit more praise in order to show my true appreciation for the tool. I hope Cloudapp understands no matter how great they make their tool it'll never be perfect to anybody and it done an amazing job so far.
(My father says asshole clients like that won't be happy in heaven!)
My only reasons for any feedback that may not sound like praise or appreciation is Inso that I may help Cloudapp destroy their current and future competitors.

CloudApp Implementation

I was extremely satisfied with how quick and easy the implementation of Cloudapp was on my MacIntosh using MacOS Sierra was, along with how amazingly fast I was able to be up and going with the tool. most often with sass tools we are lucky if we can use 50% of the features without having to have consultations and a ton of back-and-forth email on how to use other features of the product. Cloud app has made it extremely user-friendly with almost no need for customer support. To My business, that equals time savings which as most business owners know, can be far more valuable than a few dollars saved.
Change management was minimal - In my particular usage case organizational change management had very little to do with my business's implementation of the CloudApp tool, therefore we had no take away lessons regarding change management other than the standard and continual reminder to keep a sharp eye out for what is easier, bigger, better, faster, cheaper etc. (I hope this answers your question correctly)
  • Just at first knowing where to quickly launch the application on my Macintosh. Launching any app from within the application tab on a Mac can take too long. Luckily I stumbled across the Cloudapp icon in my very top toolbar
  • Only at first understanding the +GIF and the +play icons and how they were different
  • Getting the screen video record to work anyway I had assumed it would.

CloudApp Support

I would give cloud app a 9/10 score on overall support mostly because I have had very little need of any support at all being that the tool was designed almost to use itself. In my opinion this level of forethought is equal to customer support. As of yet I've only had one real problem with cloud app which was the loss of a 20 minute video screen capture. Unfortunately I have not had the time to contact support about this loss. The only other minor issues that I confronted was within the initial set up which I was able to resolve via their website's support pages.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
No - In my own opinion I don't see much need for a premium support option being that Cloudapp just about always works. I may be interested to a point if the video capture portion of your tool's could compare to something like "Screen Cast" however I don't think cloudapp has meant to focus too hard on that side of the online tool industry.
As mentioned, the forethought that went into the user interface itself qualifies as exceptional customer support being that there is virtually no need for customer support. it seems nowadays sass companies are pumping out virtually uncontested shelf hosted bot software that is adjusted on the fly as members complain about the poor quality and net effect.

Using CloudApp

I would give cloud app a 10 out of 10 if the video screen capture portion of the tool worked flawlessly and the addition of few suggestions like full-page screen grab and the quicker ability to download screenshots or screen videos to my hard drive. I don't mean to repeat a feature request here being that features would heavily improve usability in my particular usage situation.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • The ability to retrieve past screenshots with a fairly good size thumbnail image
  • The ability to annotate and highlight portions of the screenshot after it has been taken. - a.k.a. edibility
  • The quick and easy access to the tool within my very top toolbar of my Mac OS operating system.
  • I believe the access to download a screenshot or video to my hard drive could be a bit easier.
  • I am not sure if this has happened to other users but I have had trouble accessing screen capture videos. I've even had a very important one delete itself or at least not to be accessible to me anymore.
  • I do believe it is extremely cumbersome having to take multiple screen grabs of a long webpage that require scrolling and then have to stitch them back together in a different program like Photoshop in order to annotate one image.