CrashPlan, the best backup system on the market
January 20, 2019

CrashPlan, the best backup system on the market

Liz Wade | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Code42 CrashPlan

Code42 is the one and only system I use to backup my entire business in a digital sense. I am a freelance professional photographer, so I backup my images, documents, emails, etc., on a regular basis. Having a good backup system in place is crucial as hard drives fail all the time and my clients count on me to retain their products.
  • Code42 is the most affordable backup system offering unlimited storage that I could find. I came from SOS Online Backup, which I ultimately decided to drop after my monthly rate for their unlimited plan increased by 20x.
  • With Code42's unlimited storage option, I don't have to worry about the fact that my backups are significant in space. As a photographer with thousands of images at stake, I need to run large backups often.
  • Code42 runs continuously and silently in the background of my desktop computer. It is truly "set and go", so I don't have to think about it when I'm away. It runs until the designated drive has been fully backed up to my cloud storage. It will then automatically email me once the backup is complete (or, it will email me if it encounters any errors).
  • Customer service is above par. Anytime I need help, a chat agent is available (chat is my communication preference), they are always friendly, and go above and beyond to resolve my needs.
  • Code42's desktop client was recently changed; the interface is different and, I feel, it has been simplified too much. I found myself looking for controls that are no longer there. For some, this might be a plus, but I liked to have more control and see more details of my backup.
  • When recovering files (in my case, this is most frequently images), you see files as files - I am not able to see a preview of an image. So I have to know the exact file name/number I am looking for.
  • Code42 discontinued their mobile app. In 2019, I can hardly believe this. I used the app on a regular basis, to access files while I was on the go.
  • The Code42 software is a bit of a memory hog, although this isn't a major complaint from me since I have a computer designated to only sit and run backups, and do nothing else.
  • Code42 allows me to keep my business safe, and, up & running. Hard drive failure is unfortunately common. I would not be able to conduct business - professional consumer photography - without a secure backup system in place.
  • Code42 is the most affordable backup software on the market, so I am able to allocate my budget to other areas of my business. My previous backup system, SOS Online Backup, increased my monthly bill by 20x while reducing my storage from unlimited to 2tb.
  • Maybe most importantly, Code42 provides me with peace of mind. As a small business owner, I cannot put a price on the satisfaction of knowing that my files are safely stored offsite.
I formerly used SOS Online Backup. It was a very similar system, originally offering unlimited backups at a price similar to Code42. After more than a year of backups, SOS informed me that they'd be reducing my storage from unlimited to 2tb, and, increasing my monthly rate by 20x. This was completely unacceptable. I began to research alternatives and quickly realized that Code42 had the most to offer, so I made the switch and never went back.
Code42 is great for individuals or small businesses who want to run large/unlimited backups at a low cost. The price coupled with great customer service make this a company I hope to stick with for a very long time. Be prepared for large backups to take a good deal of time to complete (though this will also vary dependent on your internet connection). If you find the desktop client to be underwhelming or confusing, just chat with an agent to resolve your issue.