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October 30, 2018

Conductor Drives The Train of Success!

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Overall Satisfaction with Conductor Searchlight

Our team primarily uses Conductor Searchlight to monitor our content performance and to optimize our existing content with keyword suggestions. On a day-to-day basis, it is utilized by our marketing and website strategy team.

It solves several of our business problems. However, it is primarily used to help optimize our 2,100 product catalog with new keywords to aid our organic search results.
  • Customer Success - Every single interaction we have had with the customer success management team has felt seamless and productive.
  • Product Features - There are almost too many to feature. Whatever your strategy and set of objectives may be. There bound to be something in Searchlight to help you meet your end goals.
  • Ease of Use - The Searchlight interface is incredibly easy to pick up and use right away. The learning curve is not very steep and it caters to all SEO familiarity levels.
  • Frankly, the only thing I can think of us is that our team is too small to take advantage of all the features within Searchlight.
The data quality and quantity are both ideal for what our company needs. The sheer size and scope of the data allows us to take a macro-level 30,000 foot view at our business. Likewise, it allows us to further drill down to a very micro-level issue we're having with an individual product line.
  • For us, our organic search engine results and rich snippets have increased substantially in the short time we have used Searchlight.
Our team is very small and our SEO/content workflows overlap heavily. This is where Conductor Searchlight acts as an "extra" team member. It enhances, clarifies and multiplies our efforts of what we already do, manually. Our content strategy has essentially remained the same as before we got Searchlight. Only now, we are getting twice the results with half the effort.
We have not used any alternatives.
It just so happens that the InsightStream and Workspaces are the two features we use the most. They are both absolutely essential if you are in eCommerce. InsightStream provides me an incredibly powerful top-down view every week whereas the Workspaces allows me to drill down and analyze our different product lines around the world.
Michelle Masood and Anisa Taylor have both been incredible resources as our Customer Success Managers. The whole team there has been without equal, in general. They are all readily available to answer any type of question and are a fantastic agency in all regards.
There are many different circumstances whereby Searchlight would be a fit for your company. If you are looking to enhance your organic traffic through smart keyword selection, thus saving time and your marketing budget. If you are seeking a way to monitor your competition and their market share. Finally, if you want a program that will help you easily create beautiful looking reports that you can use to show your upper management.

Conductor Searchlight Feature Ratings

Keyword analysis
SERP ranking tracking
Competitive analysis
Site audit / diagnostics
Site recommendations
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Multi-domain support
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