Best Content Marketing Software74Content marketing is any marketing format that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire customers. Content Marketing’s basic premise is to provide some valuable information that stops short of a direct sales pitch or call to action, but which seeks to positively influence a customer in some way. This information can be presented in a variety of media, including news, video, white papers, ebooks, infographics, case studies, how-to's, Q&A’s, photos, etc. Content marketing software is designed to assist in building this content by scouring the web for relevant articles and managing and organizing marketing assets.Conductor Searchlight1 interactive2 Web Content Management6 (formerly LookBookHQ)8 Content Director10 Studio14 Content Marketing (Compendium)19 Brand Portal22

Content Marketing Software

Best Content Marketing Software

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Content Marketing Software Overview

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a strategy that addresses a common pain point of traditional batch and blast, maximum exposure advertising campaigns: such ads can seem interruptive and irrelevant to the context in which they are presented, sometimes to the point of becoming mildly annoying. While all advertising consists of content, content marketing is defined by a strategic approach to presenting marketing material so that it is informative, timely, and in some way related to the context in which it is discovered.

Why Content Marketing?

The theory is that content created and positioned in this way is more likely to draw and keep attention, presumably because it answers a topical question in the audience's mind while simultaneously and innocuously promoting brand awareness. In terms of strategy, content marketing is a bit similar to native advertising (paying to embed ads among similarly presented non-ads, so that they are camouflaged and clickable).

Content marketing differentiates from other marketing and advertising approaches in that it does not rely on direct exposure, ubiquity, sensory overload or shock, but on relevance, familiarity, subtlety, and consistency. Although content marketing and native advertising both prioritize contextual flow, consumers are becoming increasingly sensitized to native advertising’s hidden sales pitches. Content marketing aims to address the mistrust created by “camouflage” through increased transparency and decreased emphasis on calls to action. It positions a brand as authoritative by providing targeted, freely-given, helpful information without a sales pitch. Effective content marketing raises brand awareness and credibility through the issuance of knowledge.

Content Marketing Tools: Creation, Publishing, and Optimization

Content marketing platforms contain tools to aid content creation, editing, publishing, and distribution, as well as curation and aggregation for redistributive efforts. Often content marketing software helps enrich a growing repository of marketing assets, in order to feed the automated distribution of content. A full-fledged content marketing platform will contain editors and optimizers for handling the media itself, such as SEO tools, with monitoring and discovery tools for curation to bring in the earned, organic, brand-relevant content from the world to the asset repository. Some tools also contain a marketplace for outsourcing creative processes to freelancers.

Relevant content depends on the marketer’s understanding of his audience, both on the ideation side—what topics are my target customers interested in?—and the distribution side—how should I segment my audience, and which content should be targeted at which groups? Content marketing platforms usually demonstrate some appreciation for variation in audience characteristics and make suggestions of where material should be distributed. Analytics measure whether content is likely to, or actually has, drawn the attention of desired audiences. Within a mature marketing technology stack, content marketing activities may be tracked as touchpoints in the buyer’s or customer’s journey, and eventually contribute to attribution or closed-loop ROI reporting.

For larger or more complex marketing operations, some content marketing platforms contain workflow controls to maintain brand and stylistic guidelines, and to ease the review process and compliance process. These features are useful when an operation has many moving parts, if free agents are hired on, or curated images are located and repurposed for marketing use.

Not all content marketing products address the same stages of the content lifecycle. Thus, content marketing software often integrates with content management systems and/or other marketing software.

Content Marketing Software Features & Capabilities

Content Creation

Although not all content marketing platforms address content ideation and production, those that do commonly have the following features:

  • Ideation: Includes tools for creative development, such as ideation workspaces, guides to certain topics or channels, briefs, recommendations, and/or access to agencies.
  • Approval workflows: Allows users to lay out and track, in some cases automatically, workflows for content approval.
  • Content Collaboration: Includes features for collaborating on content that is created internally or commissioned/licensed from external sources.
  • Content calendar: Allows users to schedule and plan the creation and/or distribution of content.
  • Network for content licensing/production: Includes access to a database of content that can be licensed or a talent network for licensed content production.
  • Payment/Resource Management: Allows users to budget for content creation costs and/or make payments to contractors, agencies, etc.

Content Publishing

Most content marketing tools involve publishing, sharing, or other mechanisms of distribution. These capabilities help marketers organize, distribute, promote, and contextualize content for publication. Features may include:

  • Content Hub: Platform has a central location, such as a gallery or repository, for organizing all content. This enables easy internal access, and may allow for automated or personalized distribution.
  • Forms / Gated Content: Users can set up forms for lead generation, which can be used to gate content. Forms may pop-up (to gate the site itself) or prompt users to register for a download.
  • Embedded CTAs: Supports the creation of embedded Calls To Action, which are forms or links embedded in the content or the content stream.
  • Content Distribution: Allows users to push content to different channels, such as social media or websites, from within the tool. This may be handled via integrations.
  • Content Promotion: Includes tools for promoting content by connecting to paid and earned media channels.
  • Content Automation: Allows users to set up automated distribution, personalization and/or curation.

Content Reporting & Analytics

Reporting and analytics tools help content marketers understand the impact of content on the buyer's journey and customer relationships. They also help marketers understand, segment, and target their audiences. Most content marketing analytics capabilities focus on content engagement, but some platforms also look at costs/trends associated with content production. Content marketing tools may also integrate with web analytics and other software for more advanced and closed-loop analytics. Common features around content reporting and analytics are:

  • Audience profiling and targeting: Determines profiles—types that can be used for segmentation—based on audience behavior or demographics. Helps deliver targeted content via website personalization and/or marketing automation campaigns.
  • Closed-loop tracking and reporting: Tracks the impact of content on the buyer’s/customer’s journey and ROI.
  • Content performance reports & analytics: Provides insights around how individual pieces of content are performing. Content performance is measured in terms of engagement and/or conversion by piece of content, by channel.
  • Campaign optimization dashboard: Provides a quick view on content performance and allows users to make changes to which channels and which content is being promoted or displayed.
  • Content Production Analytics: Analytics around time and money spent for content production.
  • Page-level Engagement Analytics: Analytics around audience engagement with individual pages of content, for a granular look at content performance

Content Marketing Integrations

Integrated marketing (and sometimes sales) systems are often an important part of an effective content marketing strategy. Integrations can help content marketers develop content, promote content, and understand the impact of content. Especially since most content marketing tools do not cover the entire content lifecycle, it's crucial to explore how a content marketing tool will fit into your marketing stack. Content marketing platforms commonly integrate with content management systems, social media management tools, marketing automation software, email marketing software, CRM systems, social media platforms, and/or third party analytics software such as A/B testing, social media analytics, and web analytics tools.

Content Marketing Products

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Conductor Searchlight

182 Ratings

Conductor Searchlight is designed to generate customer intent insights that lead to compelling content, increased traffic, and higher organic marketing ROI. The vendor says their technology enables marketers to understand their prospective customers' intent by revealing the trends and...

ion interactive

185 Ratings

ion is an interactive content platform that provides the scalable foundation to grow from one interactive experience to one thousand interactive experiences. The vendor’s value proposition is that with ion, interactive content development complexity, long timelines, high costs and maintenance...


100 Ratings

Canva is a popular, simple online graphic design tool. Users can import images, use templates to design banners and logos, or pay to use Canva's premium stock images/paid templates (elements starting at $1).


46 Ratings

Outgrow is designed to enable marketers to easily create calculators, recommendations, quizzes and polls to better acquire, qualify, and monetize leads. With Outgrow, marketers can build these tools without a developer or a designer in minutes. Common Examples of interactive content that you can...


48 Ratings

Uberflip is a content marketing platform from the Toronto company of the same name. Central to Uberflip is its content hub for aggregating, centralizing, organizing, and finally curating content for delivery to targeted audiences in streams, culminating in the call-to-action (CTA). Uberflip also...

Episerver Web Content Management

19 Ratings

The Episerver Digital Experience Cloud™ is designed to help editors and marketers to create and experience content simultaneously. With the Episerver Digital Experience Cloud™ users can: Create content directly on-page and view it just as a visitor wouldStart work on any device and switch device...


25 Ratings

Kapost is a content management platform with planning and workflow tools built in to create and market branded content, a publishing system to push content to dozens of other platforms, and reporting/analytics to measure and track the content’s performance

PathFactory (formerly LookBookHQ)

11 Ratings

PathFactory (formerly LookBookHQ) is a content marketing platform emphasizing engagement, that allows the user to turn content into an interactive experience.


26 Ratings

Percolate is an enterprise-level content marketing platform designed to help large brands create content and manage marketing campaigns. It features content creation and editing tools, a marketing calendar for tracking resources and campaigns, social monitoring tools and content analytics, media... Content Director

13 Ratings Content Director is the SMB-focused solution for Lean Content Marketing. It allows Content Marketers to: Save time by finding quality content from across the webScale content output without the need for more resourcesDelivers ROI; more quality content means more leads


18 Ratings

Outbrain, headquartered in New York with offices globally, is an internationally known and used content marketing and content discovery platform for curating and publishing content across a variety of channels and media spaces, containing editorial controls, analytics for judging impact, and more.


21 Ratings

Contently is a SaaS content marketing platform from the company of the same name headquartered in New York, containing features a collaboration space, calendar, and workflow controls, engagement metrics, and rapid access to a high volume of original content from freelance creative talent,...


17 Ratings

GoAnimate is a cloud-based platform for producing custom animated videos. It is used by educators as well as in business contexts by advertisers and content marketers, and for demos and presentations. GoAnimate has a drag and drop interface and includes libraries with thousands of characters,...

Livefyre Studio

16 Ratings

Livefyre Studio is a content marketing solution that enables companies to engage consumers through a combination of real-time content, conversation and social curation. With Livefyre users can aggregate, filter and display content from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and RSS, while...


15 Ratings

The SnapApp Interactive Content Marketing platform is as simple as PowerPoint (™) in your browser - the powerful, easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface gives you the flexibility to create distinctive, on-brand custom content experiences faster than ever before. SnapApp features templates, asset...


10 Ratings

Yotpo is a content marketing solution that is designed to generate reviews, social Q&A, and curate customer photos. This solution then uses this content to drive traffic and increase conversions.


7 Ratings

The Skyword Platform is designed to make it easy to produce, optimize, and promote content at any scale. The platform serves as the technical infrastructure for the content marketing process, providing a space for ideation, editorial and review, publishing, amplification, and measurement. According...


6 Ratings

NewsCred is a content marketing platform that provides an end-to-end solution for content planning, creation, publishing and analytics. Users get access to a content marketplace that includes licensed content from over 4,000 publishers and original content from NewsCred's own journalist network....

Oracle Content Marketing (Compendium)

26 Ratings

Oracle Content Marketing (part of the Oracle Marketing Cloud, and formerly known as Compendium) is a content marketing solution that is designed to make it easy to create and distribute compelling content across multiple channels to a targeted audience. This solution enables users to plan, produce,...


11 Ratings

Guru is a knowledge management platform that integrates with Slack, as well as feeds product information into a company's sales enablement, customer support, and content marketing channels.


9 Ratings

Taboola is a content marketing engine from the company of the same name in New York for publishing "recommended" content in a variety of popularly visited news sites and spaces. Taboola is partnered with many publishers (the Atlantic, Tribune, MailOnline, Business Insider, etc.).

Bynder Brand Portal

6 Ratings

Bynder helps brands to distribute their marketing materials, manage creations and facilitate brand consistency. Bynder is a solution for marketing that comes with best in class digital asset management, creative project management, brand identity guidelines, product information management and...


3 Ratings

Crushpath, from the San Francisco based company of the same name, is a content marketing engine dedicated to delivering custom content to potential new customers via multiple channels (social media sites, news and industry related sites). Targeted for small to midmarket companies interested in B2B...


2 Ratings

Olapic is a content marketing tool specifically focused on visual marketing content. It allows a brand to locate, curate and publish user or fan photos into its own marketing material and website, sourcing many sites (e.g. Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, etc.), and sending select material...


5 Ratings

Curata's content marketing platform (Curata CMP) enables more efficient content creation with greater impact on pipeline. According to the vendor, this solution enables users to: Analyze marketing and sales pipeline impact: Instantly access content metrics such as leads generated/touched and sales...

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