Don't Vent try Cvent! Why Cvent can make your life easier.
May 08, 2014

Don't Vent try Cvent! Why Cvent can make your life easier.

James Emmer | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Cvent Web Surveys

Cvent is currently being used for creating and sending surveys out both for and from various Lines of Business within the company. My IT department is responsible for the administration of Cvent. We both manage different teams surveys as well as provide training and consultation to other teams that wish to maintain and administer their own surveys. We also have a reporting team that is responsible for providing various metrics utilizing the canned reports available from within Cvent. We also currently have integrated on Line of Business via an API with Cvent for acquisition of invitation data from a CRM and transferring that data via the API to Cvent for loading of the invitation data and sending out the surveys. The specific business problems Cvent addresses is having the ability to produce valuable Voice of the Customer responses that allows our Quality Assurance team to evaluate responses for both internal and external customers providing an opportunity for business change making improvements with focus on customer satisfaction. Net Promoter is a key element in our company for capturing metrics on customer satisfaction. Cvent provides the opportunity to present results in this manner.
  • Allows for the creation of chapters to easily manage different components of a survey that are targeted to specific individuals based on their program or contractual interaction with our company.
  • The canned reports available from within Cvent have proven most useful. We feel Cvent put a lot of thought into the most common operational types of reports that would benefit organizations without the need for producing adhoc reporting to meet the needs of creating valuable metrics.
  • The invitation process for uploading an invitation file is extremely easy. If automation is not feasible at the given time for the organization, having the ability to upload an invitation file and send out surveys is extremely intuitive and quick.
  • Training videos within Cvent have proven most effective when trying to solve a survey design problem. The videos are easy to locate and are very informative addressing all aspects of survey creation and design.
  • Templates from within Cvent are most useful. Though customization is great and part of Cvent, we have found from an IT perspective, that the numerous templates Cvent provides have alwayw proven to be the easiest way to get our requestors their Survey within a relatively quick turn-around time frame.
  • Email confirmation requirement. We feel this requirement within Cvent to insure that emails are being sent from a valid email address is crucial for our business from a customer satisfaction perspective, allowing our customers to realize the human factor behind the survey and as well as the ability to respond to individuals who reply to the survey invitation.
  • Configuration and design elements from both the survey and email perspective are both intuitive and quick to use. Cvent guides you through the design process from beginning to end.
  • Testing capabilities are incredible allowing for comments back to the development team as well as ease of importing or creating quick add respondents for assisting with the testing process.
  • It is not intuitive in the design of your survey as to what "type" of survey you may need, i.e., Response type, etc. Because of this, you potentially could be sending the same invitation repeatedly to respondents who either did not respond or partially responded to their survey invitation.
  • Though customer support is quick to respond, communication with their technical support team at times has proven challenging with them speaking at a level beyond our survey comprehension.
  • Having multiple organizations within our company adminstrating their own surveys, we have found that when Cvent has made changes to one teams survey during a solution issue, it impacted another teams survey.
  • Invitation files present a banner at the end of the process depicting the invitation file was imported successfully. We found that it does not always appear, thus causing confusion as to whether the import was successful or not.
  • When exporting reports into Excel, the ease of expanding rows or collumns functionality no longer exists. The double click capability of the row or colum somehow is removed after the report is presented in Excel. This requires significant manual manipulation of the file to show questions and responses.
  • Cvent has allowed our company to move in a postive direction in regards to acquiring feedback from both our internal and external customers. Our legacy system posed numerous issues from both a development and maintenance perspecive as well as a reporting perspective.
  • Cvent has streamlined our ability to reach our customers and produce valuable metrics allowing for us to review and make changes directly impacting our customers.
  • Many organizations within our company had a strong desire to survey their customers but lacked both the technical capability and physical capability to accomplsih this. With the word spreading throughout the company that Cvent has become the tool of choice, these organizations are now able to achieve this.
  • A valuable end result of Cvent is that the metrics provided from the surveys allows for a coaching capability within the specific organization, which results then in employee efficiency, improved skills and increased customer satisfaction.
  • One of the most important aspects of the results produced by your metrics is the ability to recognize and address a potential customer issue quickly. Having reporting at your fingertips and a team to evaluate and respond to issues will prove most effective for your organization.
Other survey technologies are not accepted by many of our clients. Cvent is accepted and has allowed us to reach a greater audience within our client base giving us opportunities to improve customer satisfaction where in the past this was missed. Our legacy survey tool is extremely unstable in that any changes we make to a survey, adding, changing or deleting questions most all the time will break the reporting engine attached to the survey tool. Ease of design is difficult, ease of implementing logic between questions is difficult and reporting is all adhoc creating extra work for the IT team having to address requests for reports where the end users cannot figure out how to manipulate their queries.
  1. Ease of itegration to other technologies for automation
  2. Intuitive use of the technology
  3. Performance (not encountering any network or downtime)
  4. Upgrades and updates made frequently enhancing the tool itself
  5. Exceptional support team that are quick to respond to any issues or questions
  6. Security within Cvent allowing for user groups to be created segregating organizations providing for both protection and security of their data and content
  7. Cvent notification process of company changes or improvements
  8. Valuable metrics from both the administrative side as well as the survey side of the tool
The capability of Cvent is extraordinary. It can be used for a variety of purposes such as surveys, questionnaires, testing (with scoring capability), net promoter and the list goes on and on. We have found the ability to import questions data, create and design surveys, accomplish reporting all to be intuitive and easy with minimal requirements of having any previous survey creation experience. Typically with only three 1 Hour blocks of training, you can get an individual or team setup and administering their own surveys and reports. Because of the broad capabilities within Cvent, I cannot think of any scenario or situation that the technology would not be appropriate. One crucial point about Cvent is that many companies we survey do not allow their employees to be surveyed from other tools. Cvent, however is approved and accepted allowing us to reach a broader audience in obtaining the valuable feedback that we need in order for us to assure a high level of customer satisfaction.