"Need-to-have" product.
March 08, 2013

"Need-to-have" product.

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Overall Satisfaction

  • Serves up relevant content on your website in conjunction with your CMS. Example: If someone from Healthcare industry comes to the DocuSign website - we servce them a relevant Call To Action and content - whitepapers, webinars, etc.
  • Streamlines our forms to optimize the experience for folks trying to get information - we don't have to ask as many field forms, so our conversion rates are higher. Form simplification without missing out on necessary info for sales to qualify the lead and have a better conversation
  • Serves up targeted content on our homepage, so visitors do not bounce right away because they do not realize we have a solution for them
  • The product does what it says it will do
  • Higher conversion rates on forms
  • Lower abandonment rates
  • Increase in leads
Demandbase is a "need to have" if you want to deliver targeted messages to your audience and provide a great experience. Your forms are one of your websites greatest assets - you should do everything you can to optimize them from a conversion and leads standpoint.

Product Usage

  • Demandbase is a web optimization and targeting platform.
  • It helps DocuSign optimize their forms - ask less questions, but still receive all of the necessary information. Forms ID returns about 40 fields - most important for us being industry, company size, location information (company-based info), so we do not have to ask the client and risk abandonment.
  • Content ID allows us to serve up company size and industry relevant content in real-time when someone comes to our website.
  • AdFocus allows us to serve different ads based on where a unique company is in our buying/sales cycle

Evaluation and Selection

We did not switch from any other software package. Not aware that any other vendor provides this breadth of solutions. I have not seen anything like the Content ID solution to deliver targeted content in real-time.


  • Online training
  • Self-taught
We were able to implement quickly.
This is the second time I have purchased and implemented Demandbase. They provide the necessary materials and support to get the solution up and running.


All questions are responded to quickly