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Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Software Overview

What is Account-Based Marketing?

Account-based Marketing (ABM) is a B2B marketing strategy that employs the same account-level focus used by some sales teams for targeted account selling. ABM uses personalized marketing and sales efforts on a focused set of strategic accounts.

In short, ABM inverts the standard demand generation process. Demand generation starts by creating the content and messaging, then distributing it among relevant channels. Instead, ABM starts with the “who”. Which accounts are most likely to become best-fit customers? Once marketers have identified target accounts, they create highly personalized content relevant to those accounts. They also select the right channels and strategies to reach the right personas within those accounts.

ABM focuses on quality over quantity and depth over breadth.

Why ABM?

ABM aims to create a zero-waste marketing and sales system. The pipeline is filled with high-quality account leads. These are nurtured with personalized campaigns and lead to high-quality customer relationships. The ABM approach can also be used to identify upsell or cross-sell opportunities, as well as accounts that may be at risk.

Based on a 2013 survey, ITSMA reports that “ABM delivers the highest ROI of any B2B marketing strategy or tactic.” This is because time and resources are focused on accounts that are likely to drive revenue.

One common benefit to ABM is sales and marketing alignment. When both teams are focused on the account level, it’s easier to sync their messaging, qualification standards and reporting practices. ABM is said to help marketers create higher quality relationships with accounts before passing them to sales.

ABM can require a significant investment of time and resources, as well as executive buy-in. Marketers need to have high confidence that they’ve chosen the right accounts to target, and that they can create the right content to nurture those accounts.

Precision Marketing

Precision marketing is another marketing strategy that is common across B2C industries and is emerging in the B2B space as well. It’s also called precision demand marketing in the B2B context.

This strategy is related to ABM in that it seeks to deeply understand the needs and behavioral patterns of your audience in order to more precisely identify and target them with omnichannel marketing campaigns. Campaign channels can include email, phone, webchat, virtual events and webinars, in-person events, social media platforms, display ads, etc.

Precision marketing software does this by centralizing and analyzing various types of demographic, firmographic, and behavioral data. This data enables these platforms to create smaller, more specific audience segments. Businesses can then target these audience segments across channels with personalized campaign experiences.

In B2C industries, especially retail and eCommerce, this tactic is often employed to help increase loyalty among existing customers and encourage them to make more purchases. But this approach can be applied to net new customers too, especially for B2B companies. Integrate and are two companies that offer precision demand marketing, or demand generation software, specifically for B2B companies.

Overall, this marketing approach relies heavily on centralized audience data and uses it to expertly target leads. Most precision marketing platforms have robust integrations with other third-party software, including marketing automation, CRM software, intent data providers, customer data platforms (CDP), and ABM platforms.

What is Account-Based Marketing Software?

There are multiple activities involved in creating and executing a successful ABM program. These activities span lead management and marketing automation, sales intelligence and intent data collection, content marketing, email marketing, CRM and customer data management, predictive analytics, and ad serving and retargeting.

Many ABM-related products specialize in one or a few of these areas. While these tools are often complementary to larger account-based engagement platforms, they do not provide a comprehensive ABM solution.

For some companies, investing in one or more of these types of tools is a great way to start an ABM program.

On the other hand, businesses looking to invest in a comprehensive ABM platform should look for solutions that allow them to do the following:

  • identify accounts and contacts

  • understand and create audience segments

  • Content and web personalization

  • manage multi-channel engagement

  • perform sales and marketing analytics

  • align sales and marketing around goals and efforts

  • data governance and security

Examples of fully-featured ABM platforms include:

  • Triblio

  • Engagio

  • Terminus ABM Platform

  • Demandbase

  • 6Sense

  • LeanData

Account-Based Marketing Software Features

Fully featured ABM, or account-based engagement, platforms usually include the following set of capabilities:

  • Account targeting and selection

  • Audience segmentation

  • Multichannel outreach orchestration

  • Account-based web personalization

  • Account-based advertising

  • Sales intelligence (demographic and firmographic data)

  • Intent data (real-time behavioral data)

  • Account-based analytics

Other ABM Related Software

As mentioned above, there are multiple tools that focus on one or two key ABM capability areas. These products are primarily represented in other software categories on TrustRadius. Though distinct from ABM software, products in the following categories can help contribute to a successful ABM strategy:

Predictive Sales Analytics and Sales Intelligence and Intent Data

These tools use big data and data science to provide demographic, firmographic, and intent data about accounts. This can be used to help prioritize accounts to target. They can also build models that surface priority accounts based on historical data.

Example products include Infer, D&B Lattice, EverString, Anaplan Predictive Insights, and Bombora.

Lead Management, Marketing Automation

These tools bridge the gap between the “lead” object and the “account” object. Some are a layer on top of traditional marketing automation systems. Others replace or integrate with traditional MA and CRM systems. These products may include the capability to build lists of target accounts and lists of contacts within accounts. They also nurture accounts on multiple channels and report on the impact of ABM on the pipeline and sales revenue.

Examples include Marketo, HubSpot, and LeanData.

Content Personalization and Content Marketing

These tools support content personalization on an account level. For example, they can be used to determine the right content for target accounts, and distribute that content. They can also be used to analyze account-level content engagement, and optimize future content creation.

Examples include Seismic, Highspot, Uberflip, and PathFactory.

Ad Serving & Retargeting Software

These tools allow B2B companies to display and segment advertisements at the account level, based on account-level engagement activity.

Examples include Kwanzoo and Jabmo.

Other tools that perform digital and direct mail automation (e.g. Sendoso or Alyce), sales email tracking (e.g. Groove), or sales and marketing intelligence collection (e.g. DataFox, D&B Hoovers, or EverString) can also help execute a successful ABM program.

Along with a larger ABM platform, these tools can be valuable additions to a business’s marketing tech stack.

ABM Platform Comparison

To help narrow down the list of account-based marketing tools your business is evaluating, consider these two key factors:

Does your business need a comprehensive account-based management platform, or do you already have pieces of your ABM tech stack in place and need a point solution or two to fill in the gaps? For some companies, investing in one of the platforms that appears on the TrustMap above (Terminus, Demandbase, LeanData, 6Sense, Triblio, or Engagio) helps them unite all their ABM activities within one platform. However, other businesses that are working with a smaller marketing budget or already have ABM tools in place may be better off investing in a lighter-weight tool that performs sales analytics, or ad serving, or content marketing, etc.

Do your sales reps primarily communicate with prospects and customers through email and phone calls, or do they conduct outreach across multiple digital channels? Many AMB platforms have features around multichannel account-based campaign orchestration. However, make sure the platform you’re considering purchasing will be able to track and analyze outreach engagement across all the channels your sales and marketing teams use.

Pricing Information

Pricing will vary greatly depending on which and how many components of an ABM strategy the tool touches. For example, pricing of Sales Intelligence tools, which support an ABM strategy, starts around $80/month per user and will go up for more sophisticated tools or use cases.

Predictive sales analytics tools and end-to-end ABM platforms run more in the realm of tens of thousands of dollars per year, up to $100k.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Products

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The 6sense Account Engagement Platform helps B2B organizations achieve predictable revenue growth by putting the power of AI, big data, and machine learning behind every member of the revenue team.6sense uncovers anonymous buying behavior, prioritizes accounts for sales and marketing,…


Demandbase offers a comprehensive set of marketing solutions purpose-built for the account-based needs of B2B. The Demandbase B2B Marketing Cloud includes Advertising, Marketing, Sales and Analytics solutions. According to the vendor, their solution provides B2B marketers with an…

Terminus ABM Platform

The Terminus Account-Based Marketing Platform is an end-to-end command center for targeting the right accounts with dynamic data, engaging them with unified multi-channel campaigns, activating sales by separating signal from noise and reporting on the revenue outcomes that matter.…


Triblio is an account based marketing platform that creates campaigns for ads, web personalization, and sales. Triblio’s proprietary database complements an organization’s first party data to provide the best data to reach, engage, and convert more stakeholders in target accounts.…


LeadData is built around account-based nurturing and account-based reporting. The nurturing aspect allows users to segment inbound leads by account details such as owner, active opportunity, customer, and sales stage. This is available with any marketing automation platform synced…

D&B Lattice (formerly Lattice Engines)

D&B Lattice' (formerly Lattice Engines) Predictive Lead Scoring blends the contact profile and behavioral information from your Marketing Automation system with thousands of additional attributes that could contain hidden buying signals. Whether it’s the Web, internal data, or third…


Swedish company Albacross offers an account-based marketing and B2B sales tool via their eponymous platform which gathers company info from site visitors, so marketers may learn which companies are investigating their products.


Bound (formerly Get Smart Content) is a website segmentation and targeting platform that enables marketers to read a website visitor's digital body language and serve relevant content based on the person's stage in the buying journey. Using behavioral, demographic, and firmographic…

PFL Hybrid Experience Platform

PFL delivers authentic human experiences by orchestrating impactful direct mail in an ecosystem fueled by data. They bring the measurement, personalization, and predictability users expect from digital to direct mail. The Hybrid Experience Platform integrates with current systems…

Marketo ABM

Marketo Account-Based Marketing is a layer of the Marketo platform that sits on top of the Marketing Automation piece and allows users to approach campaigns from the account perspective, as well as individual decision-makers within accounts. It includes features for account targeting…


KickFire’sB2B solutions provide account-level information such as industry, revenue, employee count, and more based on an IP address. KickFire’s proprietary TWIN Caching® technology and robust firmographic database deliver business intelligence for first-party intent, content…

Metadata in San Francisco offers the platform, an ABM technology designed to execute thousands of B2B campaigns in a matter of hours, automatically optimizing campaigns for pipeline impact at a velocity.


RollWorks, a division of NextRoll, offers B2B companies an account-based platform to align marketing and sales efforts, and grow revenue. Powered by proprietary data and machine learning, RollWorks’ solutions address the needs of organizations large and small —from those with established…


Kwanzoo is a cloud-based platform built to help customers deliver media-based advertisements for both retargeting and account-based marketing campaigns. Kwanzoo has robust integrations with popular marketing automation and CRM platforms such as Marketo, Salesforce, Oracle's Eloqua,…


SalesboxAI is an AI-Powered Sales and Marketing platform that helps businesses around the globe to scale faster with Account-Based Marketing solutions. In a single platform: Identify and Discover target accounts, Orchestrate one-one conversations with target groups, Engage them across…

Fliptop (Discontinued Product)

Fliptop was a predictive analytics application combining public web data with internal CRM and marketing data to score leads, identify target companies and trigger marketing actions. Fliptop was acquired by LinkedIn in 2015 and integrated with LinkedIn products. Fliptop is no longer…


The N.Rich ABM Advertising Platform is the eponymous B2B advertising channel from the company in Helsinki. With N.Rich, you can upload your target accounts, find lookalikes or even build it from the ground up using firmographic and technographic data.


The insight3 platform from agent3 is an account-focused tool that delivers automated customer insights to create commercial advantage for both marketing and sales teams. According to the vendor, insight3 provides the following: Real-time insight on target customer contacts – supports…

Vendemore Rubberband

Vendemore Rubberband is an advertisement serving and retargeting software solution offered by Vendemore. Vendemore utilizes its network of over one million websites to serve ads to users who have previously visited a customer's website.

Vendemore Cockpit

Vendemore Cockpit allows customers to target a single company with a precise message through its network of over one million websites. Customers can have as many messages as they so choose and market to as many companies as they like. Vendemore Cockpit's reach extends from the Nordics…


Docurated is a sales-focused content management platform that incorporates massive inputs and machine learning to help sales teams surface and re-use the best marketing content for each specific sales situation. It was acquired by Quark in 2017 to broaden their content automation…

ZoomInfo InboxAI (formerly Komiko)

ZoomInfo InboxAI (formerly Komiko) aims to seamlessly keep a user's CRM up-to-date and data rich by accessing directly their email server. No data entry! All activities will be updated and associated to the right accounts, contacts, opportunities and leads. Any new contact and leads…

Management Finder

Management Finder is a list building automation software built for B2B businesses. If you have a list of Companies to target, Management Finder tool helps you find key company executives and helps Sales, Marketing and Lead Generation teams build customized decision maker lists with…


Aberdeen offers intent data for B2B marketers. By collecting data from over one billion web interactions, Aberdeen aims to predict what brands and technologies users are seeking and which ones are ready to make a purchase. Aberdeen boasts a high accuracy in predicting buyer intent…


INFUSEmedia headquartered in Newton specializes in B2B demand generation via its content marketing engine, featuring custom built content campaigns (with content as needed), as well as brand amplification and event promotion for brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is account-based marketing?

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a specific type of marketing strategy that focuses on conducting account-level outreach, rather than contact-level outreach. This is usually accompanied by marketing and sales teams creating personalized outreach, content, and web experiences for accounts they are targeting.

The overall goal of an ABM strategy is to identify high-value accounts, and then target them with personalized messaging to help produce a pipeline filled with high-quality leads. Learn more about ABM and available software products here.

Why is account-based marketing important?

ABM is important because it helps marketers and sales reps achieve a number of key goals, including:

  • saving marketing resource by only targeting high-value accounts
  • prioritizing accounts that are most likely to drive revenue
  • driving more return on investment (ROI) from the Demand Gen function
  • delivering high-quality leads to sales reps
  • facilitating sales and marketing alignment

What tools can be used for account-based marketing?

There are a wide variety of tools that can contribute to launching a successful ABM program. Products represented on the ABM Software TrustMap are all examples of comprehensive account-based marketing platforms. These products include: Demandbase, Triblio, 6Sense, Engagio, LeanData, and Terminus ABM Platform.

There are also other software tools that can help businesses execute a successful ABM strategy. These software products may focus on one or more specific ABM-related activities. These include products in the following software categories:

How much does ABM software cost?

Pricing for fully-featured ABM platforms can vary widely, depending on the number of users, number of contacts in your database, and breadth and number of features required. Costs can range anywhere from $50 per user per month up to $100K or more per year.

Most account-based marketing software vendors do not disclose pricing information on their website, but will provide it upon request.