DrChrono Will Cost You of What you've Earned and Potential Revenue!
April 30, 2021

DrChrono Will Cost You of What you've Earned and Potential Revenue!

Karen Takashima | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with DrChrono

I [use DrChrono to] provide physical therapy services and was looking for a EHR program that allowed for clinic customization.
  • Documentation Template Customization
  • [Onboarding] trainers and tech support do not know the program.
  • [All] DrChrono calls are from blocked, [unknown], or their personal numbers. [Looking] at [each] caller ID, you have to answer every call because they do not register as DrChrono.
  • DrChrono [uses] [Google] phone and [I could] not understand what [a] trainer [said] [when I called them]. [I could not hear what the trainer said] over the noise of other conversations on [Google] phone.
  • [I] [had] absolutely no way of talking to tech support in person.
  • [Tech] support tickets [are] unanswered.
  • [They] do not know how to enroll providers to bill Medicare electronically.
  • [There was] absolutely no accountability.
  • [The] platform was constantly down [and was very frustrating].
  • [There was a] consistently, delayed submission.
  • [Every] day, [I got] an email about a problem that they are working on.
  • [Weekly] issues for platform [was] addressed for slowness.
  • Tech support needs [to have professional people answering tech problems, needs to be reliable, and be responsive whenever someone has issues].
  • [The] tutorial videos [for DrChrono] are from several years [ago] and no longer apply to the [most] current platform layout.
  • [The] help browser [is] nonfunctional.
  • [Tech support is not well trained. You can not talk to anyone in person and they often do not answer tech tickets. Onboard trainers do not know their system. Customer often figures out the answers before the training rep. Between the accent and the noise of Google phone, my entire training session was asking her to repeat what she said. When they are rated lowest of the group for tech support, it is for a reason].
  • Submitting medical claims.
  • [An] EHR platform, that runs consistently to allow time of service documentation and billing.
  • [Customized] treatment notes.
  • [Friendly] ERA billing program.
  • Being able to post [Patient's] payments and insurance payments [...] directly into the patient's chart.
  • [...]
  • [...]
  • [...]
  • [...]
  • [Accountability].
  • [Training] resources that are up to date for the platform version they are currently running.
  • Negative: I have lost reimbursement due to the time for tech support to address ticket and the max claims submission time.
  • Negative: I have [not had any medicare revenue for seven months] due to DrChrono not knowing how to enroll for Medicare Electronic Billing. This issue still has not been resolved.
  • Negative: Lost time due to the platform being down or running slow.
  • Negative: Slow claims processing.
  • Negative: DrChrono needs [qualified] tech support, [quality] [for] onboard training, [timely] response to technical issues, [and timely] response to billing issues.
TheraOffice has the best tech support and onboarding training. WebPT is also good, but their charting templates lack customization. RehabOptima and Casamba are straight forward and reliable. I am currently stuck with DrChrono.

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Templates are customizable and you can take pictures directly into a patient's chart.

DrChrono is less appropriate for this reason: they have been working on enrolling my company for Medicare electronic billing for [seven months]. [As a result], I have been unable to bill for any Medicare patients for [seven months]. The only person I have talked to was in India [and] ([the] email address ended in .india). I have had to call Medicare to try to figure out how to complete the enrollment process, [and I ended up with this response from Medicare: "DrChrono needs to [stop being lazy and do something]!." I lost [a] significant [amount of] money.


Using DrChrono

3 - Billing, documentation, scheduling
  • electronic medical records
  • medical billing
  • medical scheduling
DrChrono has resulted in revenue loss.

Evaluating DrChrono and Competitors

Yes - Sadly, I replaced TheraOffice with Hands on Technology with DrChrono because of being able to highly customize documentation templates.
  • Product Features
When I read the poor reviews for DrChrono tech support, I didn't think it would be an issue. I should have headed the warnings. I also did not realize how a slow platform affects your productivity until using DrChrono. I should have looked more closely at billing reviews.

DrChrono Implementation

If you have used other EHR and programs, over time you will be able to self train for DrChrono.
Change management was minimal
  • Onboarding training staff do not know their program
  • No one has a DrChrono ID for caller ID. So you have to answer every call from blocked caller, unkown caller to every call from every area code in the country
  • Training staff use Google phone and you can not hear a word they are saying
  • Training staff often gave incorrect information
  • Training videos are outdated and you can not take the information and apply to their current platform.

DrChrono Training

When being trained on the billing program, rather than start at the beginning and "TRAIN HOW TO USE THE PROGRAM" the trainer kept asking me what questions I had. I kept saying I don't know what I don't know. Her response was, ok, were done then. You don't have anymore questions. The only thing I could think to do was ask her to explain each item in each drop down box, but she would just read out loud the drop down choices and ask what questions I had. This pretty much sums up their training.

Configuring DrChrono

DrChrono Support

Their tech support is not well trained. You can not talk to tech support directly. You have to submit work tickets, which have gone unanswered.
Slow Resolution
Poor followup
Less knowledgeable
Problems left unsolved
Not kept informed
Escalation required
Difficult to get immediate help
Need to explain problems multiple times
Support doesn't seem to care
Slow Initial Response
They do not offer premium support

Using DrChrono

If you don't want to do anything custom, the platform is pretty easy to navigate.
Relatively simple
Feel confident using
  • following claims status
  • Charting
  • template building inconsistencies
  • spell check has no offered spelling and is does not include any medical terms
  • no fax directory to use while creating the fax
  • scheduling does not allow you to copy and paste appointments
  • patient statement creation leaves a lot to be desired
Yes - Works only with apple devices

DrChrono Reliability

The platform is often being worked on for slowness.
I am glad I am not always affected by the platform problems. You get daily emails notifying you they are working on slowness, ERA submission problems etc.
For the most part, the program slowness has not affected me directly.

Relationship with DrChrono

All communication is via email, support tickets etc. Because of the severity of my not being able to bill any Medicare Claims for 7 months now, I have spoken to some people, but even after speaking directly to someone, they lack follow-through, oversite, and accountability.
They do not care if their lack of follow through costs you money. All they care is that you are in a contract.
No ability to negotiate
It is impossible to work together to solve problems with this vendor