Clean user interface, excels at core functions
Updated July 25, 2023

Clean user interface, excels at core functions

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Overall Satisfaction with Cisco Secure Access by Duo

[Duo / Cisco Secure Access, by Duo] is used for TFA across the whole organization. This enables users to access the company intranet and document servers, even when working remotely, in a way that's protective of client information and document security and relatively convenient to access from a variety of different devices.
  • Simple interface
  • Ease of accessing TFA code
  • Reliability of service
  • Refreshing the TFA code can be a bit confusing
  • Setting up the account required coordination with IT folks
  • I don't have any insight into the hard numbers.
[Duo / Cisco Secure Access, by Duo] is exceptionally easy to use as an end-user. It only takes a moment to open the app, and the necessary information is presented in a very clear format right on the front page. From there, it can easily be input into the relevant login screen. There's not much that could be done to make it easier.
To my knowledge, the organization hasn't had any data breaches, either with on-premises devices or cloud-based applications.
I've received prompt and effective technical support with no issues, on the rare occasion when I've needed it.
When I got a new phone, my account was reestablished on Duo within an hour of requesting it, which was specifically helpful for logging into a necessary server.
I've also used Microsoft Authenticator and significantly prefer Duo, because it presents the relevant information in a cleaner, more straightforward, and more reliable way.

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[Duo / Cisco Secure Access, by Duo] is a lightweight means of authenticating software logins without dealing with infinitely-stacking emails or text messages accomplishing the same purposes. It loads quickly and operates simply, with a nice clean UI. It accomplishes its narrow purpose clearly and efficiently.

Cisco Hybrid Work

  • Cisco Secure Access by Duo
  • Working from anywhere (e.g., coffee shop, airport)
  • Working from an office or other company space
  • Working from home
At this point, our hybrid work solution has more or less been implemented, although the details and tools of the implementation continue to vary and evolve with individual users and use cases. The implementation has been most successful when we have been able to ask users directly what means of remote access would be convenient.
The main organizational challenge that our company faced regarding remote work has been the need to adapt our hybrid work strategies to each individual employee. Some practice areas are more amenable to remote work than others. Some individuals are more comfortable with technology than others. This has required different tools, strategies, and technologies for different user bases.
Circu's hybrid work solutions -- especially Cisco Secure Access by Duo -- have been convenient in addressing the organizational challenges involved with our company's approach to hybrid work. In particular, Cisco Secure Access by Duo is able to provide two-factor authentication codes in a variety of different formats, which has enabled us to offer two-factor authentication to users in whatever format they find most convenient and/or reliable.
In general, our company has had a favorable experience with a hybrid work model. Employees have responded well to the opportunity to manage their location for their own workload, and productivity has improved as employees have experienced more success in completing certain kinds of work from locations other than the office.
I generally consider Cisco products, relative to others that we have used, to be more reliable and flexible for purposes of our hybrid work environment.

Resilience and Reliability

Resilience is foundational to the cyber security context. We handle confidential client information and internal work product on a daily basis, so the ability to anticipate any potential disruptions, identify them as they occur, and quickly recover if they succeed is essential to our work. A security solution that isn't resilient may as well not exist.
I think there's a lot of room for improvement on the anticipation and prevention side of an organization's resilience approach. The idea of a successful intrusion looms large in a lot of people's minds, so there are usually solid systems in place to correct and recover from such an event. Folks don't always put as much effort into making sure the intrusion doesn't happen in the first place -- so strong leadership is especially effective with regards to training and countermeasures that actually contemplate real threats.
Cisco Secure Access by Duo covers the essential functions of our cybersecurity needs. I especially value how it can integrate with multiple different platforms that folks at our organization use on a regular basis, which makes it significantly more user friendly and convenient without compromising quality. It also excels at mobile integration.
It's always a pain to switch onto a new two-factor authentication system, but implementing Cisco Secure Access by Duo was fairly smooth sailing. Again, the smoothness of the mobile platform and the ability to integrate across multiple platforms were both sources of significant value here.
As far as I'm aware, we haven't had any issues with the availability of Cisco Secure Access by Duo. It generally pops up when you need it and stays out of sight when you don't. The most that I've experienced is occasional server-side lag, but never more than a moment or two.
I cannot speak to the ease of integration on the tech / backend side of things, but as a user, I find Cisco Secure Access by Duo to be fluidly integrated across several platforms that my organization uses on a regular basis. If anything, I find myself wishing that the few remaining platforms that don't work with Duo would be accessible there as well!
  • Authenticating access to multiple platforms
  • Integration with smart watches and other devices