Entrinsik Informer Makes Reporting Fast and Easy
Updated September 30, 2015

Entrinsik Informer Makes Reporting Fast and Easy

James Kastrantas | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Entrinsik Informer

Entrinsik Informer is currently being used as a reporting tool across our entire college campus. I work in a admissions office where data needs are always changing for reports and Informer allows me to create advanced reports in a matter of minutes to fit those needs in a very user friendly way. I have used to create a work flow process with a series of reports that are scheduled and send based on specific conditions to other employees. The scheduling module allows me to create and schedule a report based on a select statement which means I can have one report that sends 60 emails to different people instead of having 60 individual reports where each one is "hard coded" with that select and emailed out. Entrinsik Informer really makes it easy for the end user, who might not be as technical, log in and run reports based on their needs or the reports they have access to on their security class.
  • Reporting: Entrinsik Informer makes report writing easy. I have had to train a few employees on how to write reports and it is much easier to teach them the logic of how to write reports rather than teach them the syntax of a reporting language like SQL. Because they can drag and drop statements as well as columns in a report to meet their needs I can focus more on the logic then anything else.
  • Security: Entrinsik Informer is a very powerful reporting tool that can allow someone to pull massive amounts of information at one time. Having security for reports and what tables you can report from is very important. You can give a user access to just run one report that is given to them, or give a user access to make their own reports, or any combination of times. Having groups of who can see this report is also very helpful when your company has many departments with in it and each one has their own data.
  • Multiple Data Sources: Being able to link between more then one data source and report information from both sources is huge when it comes to writing reports. You don't have to worry about anything but setting up the initial link between the data sources and writing some reports. You can pull columns in from both data sources with ease then.
  • Scheduling: Being able to make a schedule that can export in almost any format from CSV to PDF to TXT file is a great plus. If a person who has a scheduled report has a MAC that does not Microsoft Office you can send them a PDF of the same data for viewing. Being able to generate fixed width text files allows for the porting of that data for some type of other processing such as adding users into active directory.
  • Allowing to put code behind a column instead of creating a calculated column and calling upon that one.
  • I would like to see a way to be able to copy and paste selection statements from report to report do you do not have to re-drag each item onto the screen.
  • Being able to save the fixed with outputs for text files such that it does not have to be a scheduled report, it could be one that you can launch and chose the export to be fixed with text file with the widths populated.
Entrinsik Informer is a great product that allows us to improve our workflow and is well liked by our end-users. The biggest reason we will renew is that we get a lot of return on our investment.
I think you can use Entrinsik Informer in almost any scenario where you need data in any kind. It allows for a easy way for someone to write reports with out having to know complicated languages just to pull data. You can use the Dashboard module to make predictive models or see data in a different way where you no longer have to take it into a Microsoft Pivot table.

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