Epic-mess: Where the possible becomes impossible.
February 11, 2015

Epic-mess: Where the possible becomes impossible.

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Overall Satisfaction with Epicor HCM

The HR department at my organization uses Epicor to serve our reporting needs for grant procurement, to capture employee data and personnel changes as well as to interface with our payroll system for monthly transmissions. Although Epicor is only used by the HR department, several other departments within my organization rely on data that is captured in the system, which oftentimes lacks integrity as complex report building and running in Epicor is extremely challenging. Unfortunately, because of Epicor's limitations, my organization has not been able to benefit from the HRIS as intended.
  • There are absolutely no advantages to selecting Epicor as your primary HRIS.
  • In my personal opinion, avoid Epicor. Simple tasks become impossible.
  • The HRIS is inefficient and replete with major issues.
  • Embedded report building: when it comes to my organization's reporting needs, we are instructed by Epicor to utilize Microsoft Report Builder instead of the Epicor reporting function.
  • Payroll interfacing: Monthly my organization transmits several payroll cycles. Often this carries great risks as Epicor and our ADP Payroll system do not communicate seamlessly. There tends to be errors with Epicor not transmitting data accurately to ADP.
  • Integrity of reports: Epicor is notorious for dropping employees from reports. Unfortunately, because of this issue, you have to comb through every single report which negates any efficiency whatsoever.
  • Report deadlines must always be extended as my organization's HR team must manually comb through the data for inaccuracies.
  • Reports generated lack integrity. For example, I sent a report to a large donor and the report eliminated nearly 100 employees unbeknownst to my department.
  • My organization is still waiting to see the ROI on Epicor. It hasn't been able to meet our basic needs.
  • ADP HRB,ADP EV5,ADP Reports
Epicor pales in comparison to the HRIS and report building systems listed above. Unfortunately, Epicor was implemented prior to my joining the organization. From what I was told, Epicor was chosen because of its ability to be customizable to any industry. However, what we have learned is that this isn't the whole truth. While Epicor might be able to customize to your specific industry with creating certain data fields, it still cannot function properly to meet the needs of your respective industry. For example, my industry is education. There are numerous grant propasals that we send that require specific demographic information. Consequently, when we try to run a report in Epicor, that information is never captured with accuracy which makes sending these reports for grants a herculean task, especially when these donors question our data.


You have officially been warned! As my coworkers and I like to call it, “Epic-mess,” as the possible becomes seemingly impossible. If you are even remotely considering Epicor as your company’s HRIS, please look elsewhere, as Epicor will only cause your HR team massive problems and irritation. Save your company the time, and more importantly the money. Epicor is extremely costly and every small customization has a price including speaking with service representatives. At this point, after dealing with Epicor for over a year and a half, I truly believe Epicor is a legitimate grift.

Why do you ask?

For one, nothing with Epicor is easy. Efficiency is thrown out the window which is ironic since HRIS systems are designed with efficiency in mind. However, this is surely not the case with Epicor. You will spend an inordinate amount of time trying to demystify the system.

Would you like to run a report?

Simple right? How about being directed by Epicor’s software programmers to utilize Microsoft Report Builder to execute this task.

Pardon me? Are you telling me this system doesn’t allow for embedded report creation?

Why yes, that is virtually the case.

While you are able to run very standard reports in Epicor, if you need to run an ad hoc report or build a complex report, you will be directed to utilize Microsoft Report Builder, which is consequently, pretty complicated and honestly, unnecessary considering your company purchased an HRIS. In addition, once you are finally able to run the report in Report Builder after it freezes a couple of times (cross your fingers), you can rest assure that your report is inaccurate. Not only does building a report require a ridiculous amount of time, but the report lacks integrity as Epicor will drop employees from your report without your knowledge. From my team’s understanding, we were told by Epicor that names are dropped because those particular employees are missing information in the requested data fields. Now, logic would tell anyone that a report should still pull the employee in spite of the empty data field, but of course, that would be too logical for Epicor. Instead of pulling the employee and including them in the requested report with the missing information, they completely drop off. Logic would beg one to think, “How would I know the employee was missing information if they are not pulled and I am not given the opportunity to see the missing data field(s) so I can correct them?”

This is only the beginning of your problems.

After dealing with trying to run an accurate report and losing your mind, you will now be inclined to contact Epicor directly. You will find this feat to be daunting if not absurd given you have to call to run a fairly simple report. Epicor offers a “free” customer service line that will immediately instruct you to contact the program developer who handles your account. That sound you just heard…was money flying out the window. Of course Epicor would have you contact your account manager as this means more money for them. So, after you finally call and leave a message, because you must leave a message (which is a joke), someone from Epicor will return your call the following day (emergency…what emergency?) and assist you as best as they can with your problem, but oftentimes, they cannot help because even they do not know. And if they do, they are recommending a solution that will…wait for it…cost more money.

Should you need a basic feature in your HRIS it is considered a “customization.” Would you like a “point in time” report? This is considered a special report that must be created. Yes, you read that correctly. A simple “point in time” report, which is standard in ADP Reports and most reputable HRIS systems, will cost you a pretty penny. But don’t fret, they will try to placate your anger by informing you that they are offering you a “discount” – for something a standard HRIS can do in five minutes. And to add to your mounting costs, your company is still being billed for the phone call(s) which is almost $100 per call, and mind you, because Epicor is extremely convoluted, you will spend a significant amount of time on those phone calls. Maybe even six months because that is how long it took for our organization’s PIT report with minimal parameters to be built. Who doesn’t have money and time to spare in an evolving and fast-paced organization?

Would you simply like to have your HRIS system interface with your company’s payroll system?

Again, the possible becomes impossible. For every single payroll cycle that my organization has to transmit, we have to run an import via Epicor that creates “error reports” that we have to review to ensure that Epicor made the correct changes, which often, we find information is not correctly transmitted over to ADP. Then, we are forced to manually enter the information in our payroll system and complete double data entry. Again, where is the efficiency if you have to manually enter the employee data in both systems? My organization does this multiple times throughout the month. You can only imagine how inefficient and time consuming this task is.

Would you like to complete a mass import?

Sorry. That’s not going to happen without another – you guessed it – phone call. And get this, after spending money on the call, you might possibly be met with, “That’s not possible.” Wow. Who’s asking for the world? You only want to complete a pretty simple task, or seemingly simple task.

Are there other problems?

Of course! However, I don’t have the stamina to list all of them. Without a doubt, if my organization could do it over again when selecting an HRIS, we would have never selected Epicor. It has not met our growing organization’s needs and it simply is not a robust and sustainable system. And there is no way Epicor will meet our needs in the future as it currently fails them now after three years of trying to get this HRIS running properly. Should your company be in the market for an HRIS system, bypass Epicor at all costs, as you can find another system that will meet your needs more efficiently with less cost.

Save yourselves the time, energy, and money -- and the headache.

Epicor HCM Feature Ratings

Employee demographic data
Employment history
Job profiles and administration
Workflow for transfers, promotions, pay raises, etc.
Organizational charting
Not Rated
Organization and location management
Compliance data (COBRA, OSHA, etc.)
Not Rated
Pay calculation
Not Rated
Support for external payroll vendors
Benefit plan administration
Direct deposit files
Salary revision and increment management
Not Rated
Reimbursement management
Not Rated
Approval workflow
Not Rated
Balance details
Not Rated
Annual carry-forward and encashment
Not Rated
View and generate pay and benefit information
Not Rated
Update personal information
Not Rated
View job history
Not Rated
View company policy documentation
Not Rated
Employee recognition
Not Rated
Tracking of all physical assets
Not Rated
Report builder
Pre-built reports
Ability to combine HR data with external data