Facebook: Still the face of Indonesian internet today
December 22, 2018

Facebook: Still the face of Indonesian internet today

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Overall Satisfaction with Facebook for Business

Facebook for Business is used by a social media team under editorial division. My organization is a media platform that has tried to go digital in the past three years. We have a really strong brand as a newspaper but lack of awareness to transition into online media. With Facebook for Business, we are mainly reaching out to our potential readers and attempting to increase awareness of our online existence.
  • Delivering news to existing readers: Facebook remains the biggest source for social media according to our Google Analytics. We have significant loyal readers on our Facebook page, which we manage with Facebook for Business.
  • Reaching out new reader base: We are growing as an online media platform and now have significantly more content compared to our newspaper. If our print readers are mainly businesspeople with more mature age, with Facebook for Business we can reach new and younger readers through ads.
  • Promoting the right content to the right people: As stated above, we have a lot of contents that are varying in its nature. We understand that every reader has their own preference, and Facebook for Business helps us target the right readers.
  • The ads management can be difficult to understand at first glance. It's also heavy to load, a big problem in Indonesia where the internet connection is among the slowest in the Asian Pacific.
  • Lack of transparency over ads pricing. There is no specific guideline as to what kind of contents or target audience will be more expensive and vice versa. We can only estimate the price through a lot of trial and error.
  • Policy on the amount of text on an image. Facebook for Business does not allow ads which contain more than 30 percent of text in an image. This is significantly counterproductive to the trend of infographics, which a lot of readers like and usually do well organically.
  • Changing algorithm. Facebook for Business always changes its algorithm in a way that pushes you to spend more money, which is understandable since their name is "business". But sometimes the changes are confusing and are not explained thoroughly.
  • Lack of transparency on how ads are reviewed. Sometimes it takes a day, which is a very long time for a news media.
  • We have significantly more readers.
  • A lot of people begin to know that our brand has an online presence. These are both new readers and old ones from the print, who shift their reading behavior since we went digital.
  • Facebook for Business helps us in terms of sales, since a lot of clients also want their contents to be published on our social media.
Facebook for Business still has a huge lead over other platforms since in Indonesia, Facebook is still the number one social media or website for that matter. A lot of people get their news from Facebook instead of going directly to news outlets, hence it makes more sense to promote our contents directly through Facebook for Business for the time being.
It's suited for when you are growing your online presence. Everyone is on Facebook and Instagram and therefore Facebook for Business is the way to go for new business. It is also cheaper and easier to use than Google Ads. However, Facebook is having a lot of political troubles lately with its role in political polarization everywhere and mishandling of several data breaches. If your organization and business have certain stance or ethics on this, you might want to stay off from Facebook for Business.