Facebook for YOUR business
Updated October 18, 2019

Facebook for YOUR business

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Overall Satisfaction with Facebook for Business

We currently use Facebook Business to distribute content organically and in paid ads. It is among many of the tools we use.
I have used it for years in other aspects, mainly for lead generation, direct sales, and customer support. My knowledge is more extensive in those departments, having had the results of years to base my actions on.
  • Facebook is a very popular and trusted network, so unless we post content that looks suspect, people will be open to click on it.
  • The basic interface is very simple, if you want to try your hand at online marketing, it is a good starting tool.
  • If you want to delve deeper into the data, you can dig it out, export, and play around.
  • Immense numbers of social media experts have published free materials on how to get the most out of Facebook for Business. You can get started for nearly free and see results in days.
  • The recent changes to admin roles and the structure of pages and accounts has caused some problems - since roles are set in stone for some parts, we had issues in transfering roles.
  • I find that my monitor is never big enough to see all the data I want to see, and I sometimes get lost within the drop-downs and all the options. This is good and bad at the same time.
  • There are bugs with displaying link previews, at least with Wordpress ran sites.
  • Facebook for Business is a highly customizable tool and has barely any competitors if you look at its complexity.
  • You can read all the know-hows on how to set up an account the right way, and experiment.
  • One of many networks, Facebook for Business, and the ads manager within that has its given CPC rates, that with the right settings, it can bring a good ROI for advertisements.
I truly believe that Facebook for Business is one of it's kind - Facebook's acquisition of Instagram proves that.
Using it is nearly unavoidable if you want to advertise online, or better said, it's worth giving it a try. You can research the basics for free, and use smaller test budgets to see if it works for you.
If you use Facebook professionally at all, it is invaluable to have it work without personal messages, your news feed popping up randomly, or notifications from a secret group that is secret for good reason!
I had suffered for a long time before I started using Facebook for Business from the above reasons alone.
The actual features and functions behind the service, the ads, the audiences, and all the wonderful data to tailor your offers are worth even more praise.

Using Facebook for Business

4 - Directors and managers - actually most of the company - we are small but strong!
We usually outsource the more menial tasks, but overseeing the mayor events and checkin up on their progress is important - it's nice to be able to do that anywhere in the world, from a phone.
None. It comes easy to anyone who knows how to use everyday technology. When we get stuck, we ask each other, it's not more difficult to use than Facebook, and we are the digital generation after all.
Such a simple solution for bringing our social media use up to the professional level is very welcome.
  • I think they have it all down-pat, and all uses are thought about by the developers.
  • We thought about it but we are currently satisfied with how we use it.
We will keep experimenting with the platform - not our main network, but it is a valuable tool.

Evaluating Facebook for Business and Competitors

It's a free tool
It's integral for using Facebook professionally, so I wouldn't be able to change anything.

Facebook for Business Implementation

If you don't want to display your feed to your boss before going over scheduled posts for the week, use the Business site and it will be less awkward instantly.
Having someone lean over your shoulder is always a bit awkward, you think about how you smell, maybe consider offering them gum because they have bad breath...
Change management was minimal
  • Sometimes I forgot to type in the right URL

Facebook for Business Support

Using Facebook for Business

It's straightforward and simple, that's it.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Everything works smoothly.
  • Nothing, unless you don't know Facebook.