GCP hits the nail on the head. (Sometimes)
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Updated April 14, 2018

GCP hits the nail on the head. (Sometimes)

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Overall Satisfaction with Google App Engine

[It's being used for] Testing across various departments (Skunkworks. POCs, including Apigee API Gateway).
  • Client SDK and examples for integrating with services (Datastore/Storage/Pub/Sub).
  • Lightweight deployment code/config (lightweight YAML).
  • Autoscale (configuration and runtime).
  • Flexible runtimes.
  • Missing scheduler as a service. Has static cron, but no fault-tolerant, dynamic scheduling as a service. Azure has this.
  • Documentation. Documentation can be stale, to terse, cumbersome to navigate.
  • Deploy time and CI. Azure has Git hooks and auto update built in. So from commit to live can be under one minute. GCP more manual, and closer to 5+ min for same.
  • Save time
  • Save resources
  • Near effortless scaling
Azure - too Windows. Do not want IIS or Windows OS.

AWS - too much configuration for the tasks at hand.

Heroku - too simple and too expensive and lacking features.

Pythonanywhere - lacking features.
Well suited: Prototype. Test. App scale. Small team.

Less well suited. When higher (more granular) level of control is needed, AWS is still superior.

Google App Engine Feature Ratings

Platform management overhead
Platform access control
Services-enabled integration
Development environment creation
Development environment replication
Issue monitoring and notification
Issue recovery
Upgrades and platform fixes