GoToAssist offers so many tools, and provides a one stop shop to IT Support. Although a little more expensive, Sometimes cheaper isn't better!
February 03, 2014

GoToAssist offers so many tools, and provides a one stop shop to IT Support. Although a little more expensive, Sometimes cheaper isn't better!

Karrie Reno | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Software Version

Version 1.6 Build 594

Modules Used

  • Reports, Inventory, GoToAssist® Remote Support Endpoint Installers, Session Recording, Start a session

Overall Satisfaction

I connect to users having issues with their printers and various other applications, and I work with users having problems with their cloud desktop. Installation of a new customer with the Citrix receiver, or updates to older customers with XenApp, and ICA Client software. I've also worked with colleagues by giving them a second support key and reversing their view in GoToAssist so they can see my screen or invite them to the session and work together on a customer's computer that I am remotely connected to. When a user have web issues, I have them login into safe mode with networking when they can't get to the webpage. If I create an unattended session with a user, I've also created unattended sessions with servers.
  • It's very simple to connect remotely to a user, you can send them a link through email. It's easy to get them connected, as opposed do say logmein.
  • I love their reports because when it comes to billing, the time you spent on a user/customer's computer is accurate. If there is any question about time spent, details are right there.
  • Service Desk is an all-in-one for knowledge Base, incoming requests, sharing of information, thorough communication between customer and IT Support. Ticket tracking accuracy.
  • I can tell when someone is online and when they aren't. So if they are having issues I can also set their computer to turn on.
  • You can make notes so that when you work on someone's computer, you can remind yourself everything you did, and it is included in that day's reports.
  • Most of all I can send files necessary to possibly remove a virus, or malware through "file transfer". I can send to myself error messages, or logs, or send them a tool, documentation.
  • The recording downloads don't always work, if it's under 7 minutes or over an hour, you can't download the recording of the session.
  • I'd like more customized reports.
  • Nothing else wrong with GoToAssist!!!
  • I take in about 20 calls a day working at home, and the quicker I get connected to someone's computer to resolve their issue, the faster I can go on to the next customer's issue. It makes my business look professional and reliable. I charge about $250.00 an hour and if you can quickly help a customers, they are happy to pay to resolve their crisis.
  • I've been able to connect to servers that other IT professionals couldn't. That saves them time and money. My business has grown by at least 20% this year.
I've used WebEx before, used to support Meeting Place from Cisco Systems. I have tried the freeware like, and they used to have free logmein accounts. WebEx is confusing and messy with customers in comparison to GoToAssist which is very straight-forward. Meeting Place is annoying and really just for meetings and not a remote solution. is annoying because if you lose the web address of the user, you have to call them again and get reconnected, makes an IT Professional look cheap when they don't have a good solution. I want my customers to realize they have the best. Logmein has to be installed on the customer, and doesn't offer you to save the customer's computer password in the past. They have started building and changing their tools to replicate GoToAssist. None of the solutions until just recently provides IT with a way to transfer files if necessary.
The only reason I rated it a 9 in regards to renewal, and my hesitation would be cost. The cost needs to be a tad bit more reasonable. But because this tool is so awesome I couldn't keep it at 9.
Is it cost effective? What is your overhead? Is there a contract and how long does it last? What tools are you getting for your cost? Is it a solution that is end user friendly? Customers can get frustrated trying to connect remotely with multiple steps. How easy is it to reach support for questions or issues with your remote support solution?