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Updated July 08, 2015

GreenLight Newbie

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Overall Satisfaction with GreenLight

GreenLight is used by the Corporate Training department to direct trainings to all employees. At this time, we use it for mostly compliance trainings, but are implementing other trainings in the near future. It helps to track the completion of compliance trainings for auditing purposes. The field employees like the ease of use.
  • Greenlight allows our field employees to have all the necessary instructional manuals and forms at an easy reach without having to print everything.
  • Greenlight keeps good track of annual re-certifications and sends them out on time.
  • The notifications make it easy to communicate with the field.
  • Greenlight allows detailed customization from the admin side.
  • Our company purchased GreenLight along with Red Carpet and Open Hire about a year ago. GreenLight went live for us January 2014. I have been making all student, org chart, and any other changes or additions manually as we have not had our payroll processing system integrated with GreenLight. This has been very difficult as we have over 3100 employees. UPDATE: The integration from our payroll system to Greenlight went live on September 17, 2014. I had to make some adjustments to the way some qualifications were assigned, but there were no issues with any training going out.
  • The integration team has been eager to help, but sometimes a little incompetent in the knowledge necessary to make the integration happen as quickly as possible.
  • I had only two weeks to learn GreenLight before we went live. I need a little extra help with things at times, and the support team is very slow to respond and slower in solving the issues. UPDATE: The support team is always there for me when I call now. They are very knowledgeable in helping me make things happen in Greenlight. My only issue is that they do not have full knowledge of the integration side and that causes some problems in advising me.
  • Overall, GreenLight has had a positive impact with employees in that it has helped us to consolidate forms, manuals and field instruction in one easy to use place.
  • The more I learn about GreenLight, the more uses I can see for the future.
  • Employees report that they love the ease of use on the student side.
I did not make any decisions in selecting Greenlight. It was acquired before I was hired.
Verify that all Silkroad products are compatible with your payroll processing program. We were assured our version of ADP was compatible for imports from Red Carpet and found out later down the road that it is not. This affects the Greenlight side in that the new hire files must be moved manually to ADP once entered into Red Carpet. This causes a delay (sometimes 3-5 days) in the creation of the Greenlight training account for the new hire. Our new field employees must have completed certain of our compliance training courses before they can make any transactions in the centers.

Using GreenLight

all functions within our corporation from Customer Service Representative to CEO.
1 - LMS Administrator
  • eLearning
  • reference materials
  • compliance reporting
  • tracking live training events
  • accurate training for field employees
  • we were delighted to discover we can use checklists to review employee progress.
  • training event self enrollment
Our training director has determined that the customer service and ease of use is too difficult. She intends to check into other LMS systems and end our contract with Silkroad.

Evaluating GreenLight and Competitors

Yes - Intellum was the previous LMS. I was not here at the time the decision to change was made and do not know why it was replaced.
I did not make the decision.
I would include IT, the LMS Admin, along with the sales persons representing the other systems.

GreenLight Implementation

Change management was a major issue with the implementation - our director has decided to stop the integration and have me do daily manual imports.

GreenLight Training

some are thorough and others are not. I like that they are available for review.

GreenLight Support

The questions regarding how to implement in the system are answered quickly and efficiently. If there is an issue with the technical side or integrations it takes forever to get results and after much escalating.
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
Slow Resolution
Poor followup
Escalation required
Yes - first time bug was never resolved. It ended up getting corrected as each employee tried to enter the site. The most recent "bug" took two months and much escalating and four of our IT techs showing their tech manager that is was not on our side of things.
they are exceptional for minor instructional support on a daily basis. the support problem comes in when it is something wrong in the system. this takes a long time to figure out and involves many people.

Using GreenLight

I have a better understanding of the system and so it is easier for me to use. The student side is very easy and simple for anyone to use.
Like to use
Technical support not required
Unnecessarily complex
Slow to learn
Lots to learn
  • adding users
  • adding reference maerials
  • assigning training
  • reports
  • adding new fields to the integration

GreenLight Reliability

The system went down/offline for 5 or 6 days in January. This is the month we have 3400 employees taking annual required training. It had several glitches afterwards that took months to correct.
There have been many times when the site was unavailable for a short time. Also, glitches and unexplained ed activity such as sending training notifications out to terminated employees.
It works well most of the time.