Greenrope is a Serious Tool for Business Development
Updated March 18, 2015

Greenrope is a Serious Tool for Business Development

Andrea Hill | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with GreenRope

I chose GreenRope for my organization to manage our marketing and sales activities and to coordinate business communications. My company employs a distributed workforce, so collaborative hosted tools are essential for us. It is used across the organization: CRM for everyone, marketing for each of our divisions AND for some of our clients, job tickets for our marketing support group, document hosting and management for our business education/mentor group. Each of our divisions uses the project management tools.
  • Email management: The tools in Greenrope provide a very broad range of both private email and mass/marketing email tools - broader than the standalone email marketing tools like Constant Contact and Mailchimp. I like how it integrates to our Gmail for corporate visibility to all customer communications. The ability to schedule drip campaigns, RSS feeds, and very targeted email strategies is also a huge plus.
  • CRM: The customer management tools give tremendous visibility to all our customer activities, facilitate assigning specific employees to specific tasks and activities, and allow us to see the number and value of the activities each customer is engaged in through lead scoring. Greenrope keeps us on top of customer needs and wants.
  • Social integration. I love that our customers' social activity with us across all our social channels is included in lead scoring and visible in the customer panel. Quantifying social media activity is critical, and the social integration in Greenrope helps us do a better job of that.
  • The project management software - while usable in its current form - can still benefit from further development. But I've noticed that they are working on it, so it seems they are aware of this area of opportunity.
  • This is a little thing, but I'd like the ability to drill into specific tasks from more areas, and mark them complete quickly or make notes on them.
  • I honestly don't have many suggestions. I use their ticket system to make suggestions when they occur to me, and they tend to incorporate suggestions very quickly into subsequent builds.
  • Increased employee efficiency. We were using Capsule CRM for customer management, Mail Chimp for email marketing, Wrike for project management, and Zendesk for our help desk. Getting all these software packages into one system cleaned up a lot of double-entry and allowed us to focus on the work instead of constant focus on tracking/managing the work.
  • Better visibility to opportunities. Lead scoring, consolidated customer data, and more visibility to customer interaction (email responses, social tracking, etc.) have given us much better insights about business opportunities to pursue.
  • Infusionsoft,HubSpot,Hatchbuck
At the time I selected GreenRope for our business, Hatchbuck wasn't an option but Infusionsoft and HubSpot were. Since then, I have included Hatchbuck in my analyses for customers who are selecting new CRM/Marketing Automation software. Greenrope has all the functionality that Infusionsoft has. Sure, there are minor differences where each offers some things the other doesn't, but those things are in the "what else does it do" category for each software. The big deliverables in the two software are the same. For me, it mattered that Greenrope did not require the upfront fees that Infusionsoft requires. Some organizations may need all the upfront support that's delivered in the Infusionsoft setup, but for those who can do their own data imports and setups, Infusionsoft didn't offer the "out" from that up-front cost. Greenrope was fast and easy to get into, there was extra support available for companies that needed to buy some hours, but you didn't have to spend that money if you didn't need it. Infusionsoft's GUI is 'sexier' than Greenrope's, but Greenrope keeps making improvements to the GUI, and I find it very easy to navigate and use. I also often train new employees or client employees how to use Greenrope. I find it very easy to teach and new users get up to speed quickly.
Greenrope is a terrific tool for any business that does a range of marketing tasks (email, drip campaigns, snail mail, social, direct marketing, online selling), lots of small projects, and shares and manages customer data among sales (both inside and outside) and marketing staff. In addition to using Greenrope across all my business groups, we have recommended Greenrope to quite a few of our clients, many of whom have implemented it. We always suggest that they compare to Infusionsoft and Salesforce/Hubspot, and Greenrope does very well in the comparison. For a small business where cash flow is critical, Greenrope makes more sense than its competitors (Infusionsoft, Salesforce +Hubspot) because the cost to implement is lower and there is a comparatively lower cost-of-ownership. If a company primarily deploys a large outside sales force and does little online marketing, then I'd recommend Salesforce over Greenrope. If a company is primarily engaged in large project management situations that involve outside parties in addition to employees, Greenrope would be less suited. But otherwise, Greenrope has been one of our most exciting software finds. I also have tremendous appreciation for the Greenrope team. They are supportive, engaging, and just plain smart. Inquiries are answered very quickly, suggestions are always welcomed. For small business owners, Greenrope's support is a big plus.

Using GreenRope

11 - Project coordination, sales, marketing, customer support.
We don't require an in-house support function for Greenrope. The skills required include an ability to import data on occasion. Otherwise, we don't spend time supporting Greenrope - we spend time using it for business activities.
  • Standardizing the way we record, manage, tag, and monitor customer data. As our customer database has become cleaner and more robust, our customer management has improved and we are able to draw better insights from it. As we brought all our disconnected or semi-connected systems into Greenrope, we dramatically improved the quality of our customer data. The user defined fields and flexible customer views were an important part of that, as were the tagging and grouping capabilities.
  • Quality of Service metrics. Using Greenrope and its functions related to assigning tasks and follow-ups to oneself or other members of the team enabled us to set goals for better customer support and to achieve those goals.
  • More granular marketing. The list segmentation capabilities of Greenrope were essential to our goal of sending out less 'mass' communications and more targeted and personalized communications.
  • Targeted RSS feeds (we have several websites and approximately 18 different interest feeds) via email to specific lists (in this case, as groups). I didn't expect this capability when we got into Greenrope, but we are busy implementing it now.
  • Integration of our live chat (Olark) with the CRM data was also something I didn't expect, but which we have definitely implemented and benefited from. There are so many ways we communicate with customers - private email, multiple social channels, live chat, etc. - and Greenrope does a really good job of keeping all that communication together so we can see the whole picture of our customer interactions.
  • We have one site that is an education site using Moodle. One of our next areas of exploration is to see how we can integrate customer data from that site into the Greenrope view of those customers.
  • I have one of my developers looking at how much integration we might be able to pursue between Greenrope and Joomla. We use all Joomla sites - for our businesses and also for client businesses - and it seems as though there might be some opportunity there to improve customer visibility from our website interactions.
Greenrope is part of the infrastructure of my company now, integrated into almost everything we do. I know that the Greenrope team is committed to continuing their development of this software and that this evolution will benefit us.

Using GreenRope