Shopify is wonderful in growing your e-Commerce business in a more productive and easy way.
July 01, 2022

Shopify is wonderful in growing your e-Commerce business in a more productive and easy way.

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Overall Satisfaction with Handshake B2B Commerce, from Shopify

We set up over 100 products on our Online Store and process Credit Card payments for physical products and hidden membership/sponsorship products to email URLS to customers. We are setting up products for all our budget items to allow variable credit card payment processing.
  • Selling Educational Materials to Schools
  • Receiving Vendor Sponsorships for Educational Events
  • Processing Payments for Educational Training Offerings
  • Allowing Schools to pay for services by Credit Card instead of by Purchase Orders
  • Refund processing would be very useful
  • More User Accounts allowed at a nominal cost
  • More choices of types of Credit Cards Allowed to choose, not just MC or V
  • Need easy ability to use Purchase Orders for payment processing
  • Easy to use for our Customers to make orders and payments
  • Easy to train on and administer the system and set up reps to farm out payment processing
  • Very thorough record keeping system and notification by email to all parties involved with a product and order
  • Easy to support and resolve questions and issues.
  • I found our reps are finding the system easy to learn and use
  • I have heard our reps are saving a lot of time using this system versus the prior paper based system
  • Our technical developer team can make changes easily
  • It was easy to test changes in a test system before moving to production
This was our first one and it was recommended to my boss by Region 13 ESC. We love how it is working extremely well with our e-commerce needs. As a result, we are expanding our uses for Shopify and integrating it with our financial commerce in all our Service Areas.

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My boss implemented Shopify with his Developer two years ago and handed off the support role to me. I manage user access, training, support, and product setup with our website. We are growing our use of this system by adding a variety of products and payment types for credit card processing.

Using Handshake B2B Commerce, from Shopify

16 - I have been training several new reps to use Shopify for their Credit Card payments for services/products ordered. The rest of the IDs are system support contacts for various support functions. We use the system for CC revenue.
4 - My boss, one of our Developers, and I provide the technical support. We also have a web tech who also supports new webpage category maintenance for grouping products displayed from our ONLINE STORE.
  • Selling Educational classroom materials
  • Selling Vendor sponsorships
  • Processing Credit Card payments
  • Growing our revenue while reducing the time involved to process orders
  • We are able to setup a product for each of our budget items to process payments electronically
  • Our staff are finding it very easy to use once I help them setup products and they start processing payments
  • We are able to use Draft Orders to easily apply variable payments to each budget
  • Payments received are coming in in seconds to very few minutes arter Customers are invoices electronically
  • We are able to create any new product in a few minutes for our Service Areas
  • Our Service Areas are able to come up with anything they need to setup as they think of something new to implement
  • All our existing products can be reused and we can change the prices on the spot any time in seconds if needed
We started using Shopify and we are growing its usefulness in our business. I am in the process of helping our reps we gave access and provided training to create all the products they need. We still have most of the new products to be setup.

Evaluating Handshake B2B Commerce, from Shopify and Competitors

Yes - Shopify replaced manual paper invoices to a totally electronic process with easy access to all the Orders and Draft Orders used. We are able to centralize and standardize the process instead of it being performed slower in various other ways. Revenue is now secure and more realtime in collecting the funds to provide the ordered service/item faster.
  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Prior Experience with the Product
My boee picked SHopify after checking other choices. Region 13 ESC currently is using Shopify and their successful experience convinced my boss to use SHopify.
My boss would do the same thing as he has done. Shopify is growing here as a successful product to use that saved us money and a lot of time.

Handshake B2B Commerce, from Shopify Implementation

Everything is working fine with each phase we implemented. More of our staff is aware of the system and are enjoying how user-friendly the system is for them.
Yes - We used it for our Online Store physical products. Then we added Contract membership products to advertise them. Currently, we implemented HIDDEN Products in all our Service Areas to email for Credit Card payments for services. So, we have had 3 phases so far, each expanding our use of the system.
Change management was minimal - There was just a team of 3 working this system and we handled the implementation, testing, and training of the users we setup.
  • We were able to shift off of a paper-based system to electronic paperless.
  • The system is easy to adapt to the different uses we needed to implement.

Handshake B2B Commerce, from Shopify Support

Shopify has been successfully implemented in a short period of time, and support has been easy to provide. THe system is very easy to adapt to our needs and I am able to train users quickly.

Using Handshake B2B Commerce, from Shopify

Extremely easy to use and very useful records available to verify payment processing.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • I am finding everything easy to use.
  • I have not found anything difficult in the 2 years of support I provide.