A Hidden Gem among Enterprise Social Media Monitoring Services
Updated March 19, 2015

A Hidden Gem among Enterprise Social Media Monitoring Services

Derek DeVries | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Infegy Atlas

Infegy Atlas is used by the digital team of our public relations firm to support all of the other practices in the company.

We use its monitoring and analytical capabilities in a variety of ways for our clients, beginning with the new client pitch process where we frequently use it to demonstrate our awareness of the client and illustrate some of the ways we may serve them. Another application we frequently employ Atlas for is research to better understand how a topic is discussed online, as well as who the influencers in that space are. We also use Atlas for a variety of our clients on a regular basis to keep them informed about how they are viewed by the public, as well as how the public views their competitors. In addition, we use it to analyze the performance of campaigns we produce on behalf of our clients. We also use Atlas for the firm itself to monitor and measure our activities and perceptions.

The business problems Atlas addresses are many-fold (enumerated in these questions):

  • How do you measure digital public relations/marketing campaigns?
  • How do you measure the public's view of your client?
  • How much discussion is happening online about a particular company or topic?
  • Who are the influencers on a given topic?
  • What are the demographics of people commenting online about various subjects?
  • Where online do the most opportunities exist for us to engage on behalf of a client?
  • Historical reach is a major strength of Atlas; unlike other monitoring/analytics services, Atlas has nearly a decade of cached social media discussion which enables important retrospective comparisons and research.
  • The visualizations produced by Atlas of the various metrics it analyzes are attractive and easy to understand.
  • Atlas is very easy-to-use. Even a novice can quickly use the tool to gather information.
  • The support provided by Infegy for its customers is outstanding. I've seldom encountered a company that values its customers as much as Infegy does. They are highly-knowledgeable and responsive.
  • Atlas' database is far more timely than other social monitoring tools - they do not rely as heavily on purchasing caches of data second-hand from other providers.
  • One feature I would love to see is a more detailed exploration of individual digital influencers. The ability to assess the quality of a source or social media user is critical, and though Atlas does basic rankings for sources - more detail would be helpful. For example, the ability to parse out how many followers are fake/inactive for a Twitter user (like StatusPeople) would be helpful and a ranking system for social media users like Kred or Klout would also be valuable.
  • Better options for exporting results to print formats. Atlas is primarily meant to provide reports that are viewed online (and it does this fantastically-well; even updating them in real-time). However, many of our clients demand static documents (Word, Acrobat and PowerPoint) so it would be very helpful to be able to automatically export reports in a format that is attractive on the printed page.
  • A feature that would be helpful would be the ability to turn off the algorithms that extrapolate how much likely conversation exists about a client and simply measure the actual amount of data captured by Atlas' cache. This is particularly important for monitoring (in, for example, a crisis situation) where our clients are only concerned about the actual, verifiable instances in which they were mentioned.
  • Another aspect of Atlas that could use some improvement has to do with the classification of results by sentiment. The algorithms that measure sentiment aren't perfect and when they mistakenly categorize something as "positive," "negative," or "neutral" - we need to be able to correct them. Related to this feature, it would also be very helpful to be able to exclude results from a query altogether.
  • The visuals produced by Atlas have played an important role in several successful bids/pitches to new clients.
  • Atlas has provided critical intel that has shaped our decision-making process during several crises we have assisted clients with.
Infegy Atlas stacks up well against any other enterprise marketing/pr monitoring and analysis platform at measuring online conversation. In fact, it does this better than most other platforms because Infegy is focused primarily on the digital world, whereas most other platforms began with a focus on measuring the traditional media and only added a digital component later. Another advantage Atlas has over other platforms is that the bulk of the data in their database was collective by Infegy, whereas most all other platforms purchase their data second-hand - which can cause a critical delay in the time it takes to appear when searched for.
Infegy Atlas works best when analyzing large datasets - this means it is ideal for large clients, or topics upon which there is a significant volume of discussion. For smaller clients or niche topics, it can be challenging to produce a quantity of data that makes Atlas' analysis valuable. This challenge is common to all monitoring/analysis platforms, however; it's not exclusive to Atlas.

Using Infegy Atlas

Atlas is reasonably-priced and provides excellent value compared to other enterprise tools in the same space. Moreover, we have an excellent relationship with the Infegy team and are consistently impressed with the high quality of support they provide.